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TOPIC: My PMMA journal 6/7/16

My PMMA journal 6/7/16 3 years 1 month ago #1308502588

So about 5 months out from last touch-up, and all seems well. It\'s been 2 years and 11 months since I had my 1st round. I\'m very happy with my current size. Oddly enough, I gained .25\" from my last touch-up round, which is the same I gained from my FULL 2nd round.
At this point, I have a few imperfections that I can totally live with. I\'ve never had anyone ask me or point out those areas, so I think it\'s more in my head than anywhere else. So, here is, I hope, my final before and after....
Edit: I thought I should include final stats.
Start: June 2016
FL: 3.5-4\"
FG: 3.5-4\"
EL: 6\"
EG: 4.3\" at base to 4.5\" near glans
After 3 years, 3 full rounds and a touch-up:
May 2019:
FL: 4-4.5\"
FG: 5-5.25\"
EL: 6\"
EG: 5.75 to almost 6\" (6.25\" @ base, tapering up to 5.75 to 5 7/8\" behind glans, depending on EQ)

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My PMMA journal 6/7/16 1 month 1 week ago #1308707636

Hey guys, thought I'd check in & give an update. It's been almost exactly 6 years ago that I had my 1st round, and 3.5 years since the last. Although my Cock is not perfect, I can still say it was the best thing I've done for myself.
I followed the collagen/vitamin protcol and my pumping program religiously for a good year after my last procedure. Lots of exercise & a good diet helped. I still pump 2-3 x a week, three 10 minute rounds wrapped in a heating pad. Call me crazy, but my results speak for themselves.
Start June 2016:
FL: 3.5-4"
FG: 3.5-4"
EL: 6"
EG: 4.3" @ base to 4.5" @ glans
FL: 4.75-5"
FG: 5.75+"
EL: 6.25" (lost some weight)
EG: 6.25-6.5" (depending on EQ)
When I pump, I will hit 7.25"EG , but only lasts a couple hours. I will hold around 6.75" for about a day, then drop back to 6.5 for a day, then level about 6.25". And I never get a donut from pumping anymore, not since getting my 3rd round, which is awesome.
I have gone a month here & there w/o pumping due to work schedule, but have not dropped below 5.75"FG, and 6.25"EG. FL varies a lot, but my BEST pre-PMMA was 4". Now, I hover between 4.25 and 5"FL, but 4.5"FL sure looks a lot better with almost 6" FG!
As to lumps, I have 2. One on the left middle side, and a smaller one on top. No one has ever noticed them but me though, so I'm not trippin'.
The entry point nodules are barely noticeable anymore either.
So, as you can see, I had a great experience. Dr. C did offer to work on my lumps for free, but it'll still cost me around a grand to get there and back, so I think I'm good. Plus, if I went, I'd probably end up wanting some more done, and I don't want to go down that rabbit hole again!
I just wanted to share my story and some final photos, and encourage anybody that had it done and is not happy yet, to be patient. Problems usually work themselves out with time. If you are still on the fence, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Total cost for me was about $8K, including travel, but I'm from NorCal. So it's a short trip. Money well spent.
Feel free to PM me any questions. Good luck to all.

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