What makes a good candidate for phalloplasty enhancement?

This is a common questions amongst individuals looking at phalloplasty and penis enhancement procedures. Please see 2 of our respected doctors answers below! To learn more or join in the conversation, please set up an account and participate in our forum!


Dr. Wall:

A good candidate is anyone wanting to inject confidence into this area of their lives. They should be above 18, be fit and well medically and have a goal to increase flaccid and erect girth, and increase flaccid length. Men experiencing retraction of the penis during sport/cold weather or just in general, notice a significant improvement in flaccid length after this procedure. They typically go from being a 'grower to a shower'. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation are excellent candidates for glans dermal fillers. This decreases sensation in the head of the penis resulting in significantly longer lasting performance without the need for medications.

Dr. Solomon:

Let me answer the last question first. I turn away almost one third of the men who seek my opinion. Most often, these are men who are either very unrealistic in their goals, or they have a very normal to large penis and I do not think the benefit of surgery outweighs the risks involved. The ideal candidate is a healthy male who wants to make his penis larger in one or more dimensions and has no issues with erectile dysfunction. The reality is that I see men of all types with variation in their health, so I do make exceptions for different medical conditions. I do not do girth procedures on smokers. I have found that smokers in particular have a high complication rate from girth procedures, so I will no longer treat them. The corollary of that is that men who have complications of fillers and are smokers are also at high risk of complications. I ask them to stop smoking for 3 weeks prior to surgery and 3 months after surgery. I have had men who start smoking after surgery and inevitably they need more surgery to get them healed.