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Ageless MD Q&A

Description: PhalloBoards community-submitted questions for their newest Sponsor, Dr. Tsay! Great resource for prospective patients, as well as those who are continuing their research.

The Penis Podcast - Ep 18: Meet Dr Casavantes

Description: Meet the doctor that crosses the busiest border in the world everyday for work!Dr Casavantes, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Avanti Derma, is well known worldwide as one of the pioneers in injectable phalloplasty.Dr Oates and Dr Casavantes discuss the evolution of injectable phalloplasty, types of filler - including Dr C's experience with PMMA, patient selection criteria, retraction and much more.

PhalloFILL™ - Penile Girth Enhancement

Description: The PhalloFILL® enhancement is a proven medical treatment for enlarging penis girth safely. Results last up to several years. PhalloFILL™ can produce dramatic size increases while still looking natural. No other male enhancement technique is proven to produce the dramatic results that are possible with PhalloFILL®

Dr. TJ Tsay (Orange County, CA)

Description: Dr. TJ Tsay (Orange County, CA) Interview