Jelqing Side Effects

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As you research the web for penis enlargement information, we are sure you've been inundated with ads for various supplements, pills, techniques and much more promising HUGE RESULTS FAST! If it were that easy we'd all be doing them! One technique that has continuous discussion on this site is "jelqing". Ultimately its a penis stretching technique that is done with the goal of increasing the penis size. The PhalloBoards is primarily focus on the penis enlargement surgery itself, but you can find discussions about jelqing amongst our communnity of over 5,000 men! Below you will see some potential side effects in regards to the jelqing technique but if you'd like to jump right in to the discussion about jelqing you can below

Jelqing Penis Enlargement Discussion

Side Effects

While jelqing is a rather safe "technique" in the big scheme of things, it can pose some side effects that we've heard about over our years throughout the general discussion forum from men including:

bruising on the penis.
pain or soreness along the shaft.
skin irritation from rubbing.
scar tissue resulting from rubbing too hard.
erectile dysfunction (ED)

As with any penis enlargement procedure (well any body enhancement procedure), we always recommend you do your due diligence and educate yourself on the possibilities before moving forward with something you may have seen. This forum is here to help you and the last thing we want is for anyone to have an adverse effect to something they found on the web and just simply decided to give it a try.

To learn more about PhalloBoards, you can head on over to our General Forum to discuss jelqing and other techniques, or you can start with our PhalloGuide which has the answers to frequently asked questions about the penis enlargement surgery and is a great starting point.