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TOPIC: Major Changes Ahead

Major Changes Ahead 7 years 2 months ago #1294124888

Greetings members & lurkers of the forum.

It\'s been increasingly difficult for myself & Moderators to frequent & Moderate this forum with the passion & frequency we once had. The biggest reason in our drop in interest has largely come from the tone of the newer generation of forum visitors, and the overall psyche ward this forum has turned into.

I originally opened this forum for a couple reasons, namely two: an alternative to the MyNewSize forum (which at the time was a shill playground and no longer is in operation). The other hope was to create this as an exchange of news, methods, ideas, etc in hopes that the below-average male could find surgical alternatives to stretching & pumping.

For most of this forum\'s life it\'s had the privilege of bright minds, out-of-the-box thinkers, and insightful progress reports. But lately, especially in the last year or two, it\'s devolved into people\'s personal diaries, sharing every bit of neurotic & depressing thought in their mind and spilling it out into a forum that quite frankly does not care. And they aren\'t isolated cases. It\'s becoming all too common.

And in no way do I want to downplay a poor result from PMMA, but you\'d swear some of you had your dicks fall off when you go on & on. Many of you have no idea what men before you endured before the advent of PMMA on these forums. Complications were REAL, which included nerve-damage, impotence, permanent shortening, scarring, infections, and tissue Necrosis. This is all the more reason why I get a headache when I see someone treating a Nodule like it\'s life or death. Nodule!? A Nodule?? In years & methods past, a Nodule would have been a heaven-sent \"complication.\" It\'s crucial we get all the facts on any issue for any procedure, including nodules, but we don\'t want to read through how your life is over because of it.

Anyways, as for the \"coming changes ahead.\" I\'m now actively deleting threads & posts that are seemingly depressing, neurotic, or take away from the original tone of this forum. I will, however, keep up threads where I deem grief to be appropriate, much like when a patient once had a piece of silicone protruding from his penis. Otherwise, if I feel like I can\'t get through your posts because you bitch & moan too much, I\'m tossing it. It\'s my site, don\'t like it, go else where. This isn\'t your diary and if I\'m going to continue operating this site voluntarily, I\'m going to need to clean this site up. Too many headcases around here. I don\'t even think about my penis anymore, life goes on. Too many of you are needlessly obsessed. There are, quite frankly, too few of us who justifiably have any reason being here.

In closing, thanks to all previous forum donors, forum veterans, and Moderators.


p.s. this isn\'t just my opinion. When I ask certain Moderators and/or other forum veterans why they no longer visit, they almost always cite this as the reason: too many crazies & weirdos making the site depressing and un-enjoyable. Wasn\'t always like this.

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Major Changes Ahead 7 years 2 months ago #1294125284

I agree on this.. Was getting tierd of filtering trough endless unrelated crap.. If i can say so.. ;p

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Major Changes Ahead 7 years 2 months ago #1294143110

I no longer update my progress report, and typically no longer come on here because of it. Absolutely exhausting it has become.

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Major Changes Ahead 7 years 1 month ago #1294629738

Well as some one who has been doing a ton of research since just before New Years, I want to thank you all for your hard work and collective knowledge. There really is no place else on the internet with this much experience in one place. Mostly all I have been able to find out there are testimonials from Dr\'s and Clinic\'s websites and who is gonna believe that crap??? I appreciate that support and candid conversations the members provide on here. Cheers!

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Major Changes Ahead 7 years 4 weeks ago #1294640302

Skeptical, I greatly appreciate all of the work that you and the other mods have put into making this site what it is. I know I\'m not the only one that the knowledge of this amazing group of guys has helped. Edit it as you see fit brother. Thank you JTB

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Major Changes Ahead 7 years 3 weeks ago #1294667508

Interesting. I have mixed feelings about this. I get what you\'re saying... but that\'s kinda the result of running an honest site right? People feel safe, they come out with their stories... and the reality is not so pretty all the time. After reading this, I personally will have less faith in the integrity of the site. I don\'t think you need to delete sad stuff. There are groups in the forum right, could move them all there so we could avoid them. That said I do understand, the same sad stuff has made me pull away quite a bit, it\'s a lot to handle and doesn\'t really encourage activity. Like I said: mixed feelings.

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