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TOPIC: Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?)

Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?) 1 year 2 weeks ago #1308712959

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Or: No more PMMA possible because of Tight Skin? - Pumping as a remedy?

Hi there!

I feel a bit ashamed saying this:
I am already wondering about next round.
I would like to have 0.3 inches more girth.
Seems not too much.

But: Last (recent) round Dr M only managed to put 10ml in.
Because of fibrosis and ‚tight skin‘ especially at the left side middle it seems.
I guess the ‚tight skin‘ is the limiting factor.
I heard pumping can help stretching the skin out over time in the months before the procedure – and i never heard concrete stories about it. Did this work for anyone? Like ‚Dr M couldn’t put much in anymore last round, but then i pumped for 5 months and then did another round and she managed to put more in‘?
Comments welcome

Anyway, for now i have to see how the last round turns out in 2 weeks.

Down there are all relevant posts of different threads in my search for answers, but my conclusion before it:

Lot’s of gold here.
My plan so far:
- start pumping only 3 months after the procedure (stop 8 days before next procedure)
- pump only 5hg for 5min, 1 time a day, 2 weeks later go to 2x a day
- after some time (a month?) you should reach pumping size of just a little bit over your erect girth – so the skin is stretched a bit every time
- stop for a while if you notice any discoloration (?)

- How to use heat for pumping? Guess i should go to thundersplace and research this

Ok, forum search for ‚pump‘ looked at first 10 pages, and also looked at first 11 pages in search of ‚pump‘ just in the title:
If I had to do it again, I would have been more consistent with my pumping. I only got 15cc's due to tight skin. They said if I want another full round or even touch ups, then I need to wait 6-12 months and pump every day, twice a day, 5 minutes each session for a minimum of 30 days prior to the next procedure. That's the only way to get the skin to grow and be more elastic to accommodate more filler.

-> Jackpot! Gold-Information from 6x5to6x7. But his next round will be in 5 months soonest, so results will be only seen there.

Ok, 9 months of pumping.. i guess it's so much about the time length but how far the skin is able to expand with pumping..
"Dr. M said my skin is currently too tight, hence the reduced volumes per procedure. So, before round four, I need to pump and stretch for 6-9 months.
I tried pumping at day 30. I pumped at 10 kPa for 5 minutes, saw no results and my dick turned purple. Scared me a bit. Sooooo, I waited another month and tried again last night. That was a much better experience. I did a light test again at first, saw no results but also saw no color change or sensitivity.

-> even more gold from 6x5to6x7. So after reading that i wanna wait 2 or 3 months before starting to pump.

Skeptical_One: Pre-pumping may help make your skin more compliant for the procedure but that's a BIG "may," and more speculative on my part
NewMember: EG 6 inches. Pumped to 6.25 normally. I hit 6.5 this time, a new record. I pumped medium pressure for 5x 2 min intervals too. Guess I'll keep up the low pressure gradual routine until I can hit 6.75 or 7 (if even possible) before I consider Round 3.
I still completely want a full round 4. My biggest limitation is how tight my skin is below my mid-shaft, so I’m going to do as much pumping as I can to loosen that area up before my next round.
I’m convinced there’s something going on immediately after treatment where it doesn’t matter what you do but your gains are pretty much set in forecast. In theory, that amount of carrier gel in rd 2 should have produced an immediate result greater than rd1 because the lift from the gel has nothing to do with collagen. That’s one of Sinclair’s selling points is that the gel gives instant lift and the collagen replaces it over the course of 3-4 months putting you at the same gain you started with. However, I noticed night two after my procedure that my erect girth was less than night two on my first trip. Even though I was less swollen I was only measuring 6.35. So I was measuring about a .7 inch gain, what I wanted to end up with after healing, while still being swollen a day after the procedure. I knew at that point I wasn't going to come close to the expected gain. It’s my belief that your dick can only hold so much. The collagen also needs rooms to grow but again, where was the gel after rd2? In rd3 I started oozing product out of entry points when I didn’t ooze product in the first two rounds. I’m going to try and start pumping in an attempt to loosen skin.

How to pump?
Big secret is to pump under light pressure. No more than 5hg to 7hg and even 7 should be done for a short time before returning to 5. You can pump longer that way. Pumping under too high a pressure can causing bruising and discoloration even if for a small amount of time, it could be seconds. Wait a few weeks for the discoloration to go away before starting again and try the low pressure for longer and see how it works out for you.

I decided to try my old regime which is dialed into my digital pump. It's 2 rounds of 20 minutes at 5 minute intervals of 20 kPa with 1 min breaks in between. It's quasi-aggressive, but the only way I actually move the needle on size for a night of fun with the wife.
I had not pumped for the week before my procedure as per Ian. Then waited 6 weeks. Bought a new automatic pump. The first setting was 10. That was way to strong. Hence the very bad reaction. I waited another 2 weeks post that negative side effect. Then I took my old hand pump and did it on very low pressure. No more than 5. I had no reaction whatsoever. It was too much pressure and after a long hiatus from pumping.

Ian told me the same thing not to pump for at least 30 days. I waited a bit longer to the 6 week mark. Then over pumped and he told me to wait another 2 weeks before I tried it again. It is like most other aspects of this penis enlargement journey we are all on here…. Slow and steady. Not a race but a marathon as they say.

I sent an e mail to Ian of Avanti Derma yesterday. He replied back that in terms of pumping it should be done at lower pressure. He said to make your penis slightly bigger than when erect naturally. Do not pump for more than 10 minutes. You can do this once per day. Their philosophy regarding pumping is twofold: one circulation and two if you are planning more pmma injections it helps to stretch the skin. He was very clear that the pumping needs to be only strong enough to stretch the skin…. NOT to damage the implant, your veins or the skin itself.
Can pumping allow you to stretch a bit more to add an extra CC or two for maximum gains? What I do know is that I've been pumping for a year now and my skin is stretched a bit. I'm circumcised and that extra skin is now looking like I'm also getting a bit of a hood covering my head. I think a lot of pumping over a few months could give you room to add a bit more PMMA or filler of choosing. Is like to know if anybody pumped for a while before going to get an implant. Is like to know if he felt he was able to get more CCs added as a result of stretching.
Then, around the 4th day, I had a date with my girlfriend and I used my penis pump before hand. Then I pumped up again the next morning and then again about a day later. I also used cock rings several times during these days which might have been like day 4 thru day 8 after my 3rd round.

Well at this point, i'm about 2 weeks or more out past the 3rd round and I think the Pumping and use of Cock Rings so soon after my injections may have caused some of the PMMA to migrate and pool at one side of the base of my penis where the flesh is usually sucked up in to the cylinder to make it air tight when pumping. There is a very noticeable lump of product there that I am trying to press back flat whenever I can. Also, I think the vacuum may have caused some of the PMMA to pull back along the incompletely healed injection tunnels towards my glans as I can feel some hard spikes there that weren't there before.
Many patients ask about pumping before and after the SWAG procedure. Pumping can be good prior to the procedure, but we recommend stopping at least one week prior to your injections. After the injections, we recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks before pumping and to keep the device on low settings. High negative pressure vacuum pumping has the potential to distort the filler and cause excess swelling.
Please don't use a Bathmate or any other pumps for at least 4 weeks after HA and 12 weeks after Ellanse. This will likely cause the filler to migrate.
Even after 4 weeks, HA can shift with excessive pumping.
I had this crazy idea, and I decided to try it out. I used colt stay hard cream as lube, and then I pumped for 15 mins. Once I\'m done I put on 3 silicone cock rings to trap the blood.

I wouldn\'t do it- because I did, and the result *seemingly* was the PMMA getting pulled from base to midshaft due to pressure.
When I pumped after round one, it was right after in the healing phase. From what I saw, I did move the product from the pressure- maybe I pumped too hard.
If I was a gambling man, I would say after 6 mo or so, when all the blood vessels can be seen created through the implant you would be ok for pumping. Someone who is a hard core pumper with multiple rounds would have a better idea. I threw my pump away after 2 weeks.
Agent5: this is about hyaluronic acid, which is different
Wanted to give an update. I would no longer recommend pumping after HA. One of the reasons given for why we get longer life of the product than other injection sites is the lack of lymphatic fluid in the penis versus say the face. Pumping greatly increases the amount of fluid moving through the tissue and I feel accelerates product loss.
I can't emphasize enough the use of the heating pad wrapped around the tube. The heat really makes a difference!
just some randoms:
I prefer air pumps to water . for many reasons. control pressure more.
leluvs are the best for the money. but the stickers will come off. etched cylinders are more expensive.
use lube in air pumps. and heat.
be sure to build up to your time GO SLOW.
sizing you pump could be challenging , read a lot.

This is BY FAR the best pump and easiest to use.
It has a digital readout. the base is VERY comfortable and you can forget any accidental scrotal incidentents because the base (pat. pending - so they say) is this very comfy gel thing. There's also a clock on the digi readout which is very handy
Most important it's EFFECTIVE AND MOST COMFY pump I've ever used

I recommend leluv since you can adjust pressure and it comes with the ruler on it to track your progress
With the leluv tube and hand pump I can control exactly the pressure I need.

You need to shave or at least trim really well. Use a lube also to help it seal. Don't get too much on your scrotum or you will have a better risk of it getting sucked inside.
I went down the pumping rabbit hole from 2013- 2017. I without a doubt lost sensation due to it along with EQ. It wasn't until I found Thunders place and researched injuries that I realized I was doing things wrong. Never the less I feel I lost approx 30% - 40% of sensation.
Too much pressure and incorrect technique. Didn't know how pertinent it was to take a break and heal after experiencing certain negative effects of pumping. I also pumped a minimum of 6 X's a week which doesn't give your Johnson enough time to recover even if you're using the correct technique / pressure

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Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?) 1 year 2 weeks ago #1308712961

Is the tight skin all over ? Do you have an idea of what part of the skin you are wanting to stretch ? Message me as well if you want talk more privately on somethings. I've literally had stretch marks , hahah.
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Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?) 1 year 2 weeks ago #1308712972

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You filled up so much that you had stretchmarks on penis? wow

I guess the tight skin is on the left side.. where she said she has trouble filling more PMMA into there.
When trying to feel - yes i think there is a difference left side and right side. right side seems to have more skin, while left side it feels like Nodule is pretty close to the skin. Hm(

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Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?) 1 year 2 weeks ago #1308712973

NO, lol, not from filling up. from all the PE. then the filler actually smoothed most of them out.

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Pumping as preparation for PMMA procedure? (What to do against ‚Tight Skin‘?) 11 months 1 day ago #1308713604

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I made a 'how to pump' Thread for all Questions and exchanging Experiences about Pumping:

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