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TOPIC: PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log

PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 6 months ago #1274837048

I have been an observer of this forum for a number of months and a \'seeker\' of the magical solution to having a penis that I could feel confident in for a number of years. Thanks to active members on this forum, I was able to decide PMMA with Dr. Casavantes as the Girth component of the solution.

I am happily married to an amazing woman so, will start my log with pre-procedure information; my and wife\'s thoughts/attitude with hope that some find it useful...or at least entertaining.

I have always felt a little less than when it comes to my penis which didn\'t help me when one time my wife and I were at an adult shop, she pointed at a monster of a dildo and said that her first time was with a Dick that big. For a few months, I had problems even getting Erect with her because all I could think about was what that monster-sized Dick could do for her that I couldn\'t.

Given my appalling lack of perspective (in many areas), I couldn\'t foresee anything good coming out of the knowledge that the woman I loved once had King Kong\'s Cock reaching depths and stretching walls that I would never come close to achieving. But, it opened the door to some gut honest conversation about our sex life and my penis which took us to a level of intimacy I had never experienced with another woman.

She shared with me that a large penis (rough estimate >8\" length and >6.5\" Girth) is not fun but a chore as oral sex has to be short due to \'lock-jaw\', certain vaginal positions hurt (not in a good way), and anal is out of the question (I told you my wife is awesome...she loves anal!). She said she was satisfied with the size of my penis as it did the job but not so large to the point it put limits on our sex. As we started discussing augmentation, we tried different size dildos to determine optimal Girth, and went so far as to blind folding her and inserting (oral, vaginal, anal) to be as objective as we had means. Results, length (lengths tested between 6\"-9.5\") was not as discernible or impacting to sensation as Girth. Surprisingly, firmness of the dildo was more significant than Girth (Girth range tested was 5\"-8\" [stopped at 8\" because immediately didn\'t like oral and threatened that I would have to try it anal if I tried to use it on her]). The dildo of choice was 6.5\" Girth and very firm. She also has had a few elective procedures to improve/perfect her image (at least in her own mind) so understood how I was feeling and supported me in pursuing a penis I could feel confident with. She also warned me that procedures can be addictive and that at some point it really gets down to acceptance or the realization that I will always be chasing the next procedure to achieve an illusive idea. BTW: she has had a breast enhancement and clearly gets the social stigma around gender parts but, she wanted me to pass along one key difference....the girls aren\'t putting their boobs inside us guys (well, i suspect most of us but there may be a few really kinky dudes out there )

We agreed that length of my penis is not of primary importance at this point and that I could get the PMMA procedure with goal prioritization as follows: Safety, Sensation (natural feeling and maintain/increase firmness), Natural (aesthetic), Size. So, on August 22, 2012, I had an appointment scheduled and paid for with Dr. Casavantes. My pre-procedure measurements (please forgive inaccurate placement as it was hard to hold penis, measuring device, and camera so take numbers with a grain of salt) - tried posting pics but getting storage limit exceeded msg (file sizes are ~1.8mb, will look to compress or render at lower quality). I will provide additional pre-trip/procedure information in my next post and then get to the procedure results.

length - 3 1/2\"-5\"
glans - 4 1/4\"
CS - 4\"
mid - 4 1/2\"
base - 5\"

length - 6\"
glans - 4 1/4\"-4/3/8\"
mid - 5\"
base - 5 3/4\"-5 7/8\"

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 6 months ago #1274842737

Good luck, I did mine about two weeks ago and am very happy. But I can\'t wait till Oct 5 for my next round

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 6 months ago #1274843366

I edited photos in photoshop to get down to about 50kb per image and tried .png and .jpg formats and still getting error message. Any advice?

Though, i do appreciate the ego booster that \'my size is to large\'

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 6 months ago #1274845854

The photo uploading has been down but good news: should be working early next week for sure!

Just wait till around then to post the photos. Thanks.

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275024192

This is installment contains the first 24 hours after PMMA procedure

The trip back across the boarder took about 20 minutes with no issues getting through customs and i was back at my hotel room within an hour, and was happy for this because the swelling had started and the bandaging was starting to hurt a little. I took the wrapping off and started the next 24 hour routine of messaging the PMMA to position and press out lumps, then wrap as instructed by Wade. I would message on 1.5 hour intervals which meant not a quality night of sleep but, a small price to pay to insure optimized results. Additionally, I slept on my back with penis pointing straight down (toward my feet) which wasn\'t overly comfortable, but again, a small price to pay. With every messaging, I would inspect the incision points and bandaging to get a sense of PMMA leakage and am happy to report that it did not appear to lose much as the bandaging was fairly dry other than the point right on top of the incision. Also, I was able to walk around with no issues and actually enjoyed feeling the size/weight in my pants. My chief concern at this point is that I was never able to reach an Erection with the Cialis and was nervous that i was not distributing PMMA material as needed or breaking down clumping material. So, to summarize, the experience to this point was great, not painful in any respect, and thanks to all of you that have gone before and shared experiences, i knew i was on track with recovery.

Attached are pictures taken within a few hours of the procedure, swelling continued a little more after this but, I did not take pictures/measurements because a number of you on this forum helped me understand that shape/size would vary as my body absorbed and made collagen- so, i elected to follow your advice and put the camera and tape away and focus on messaging and recovery.

below is the feedback i submitted to Wade and Dr. Casavantes.
FEEDBACK:From opening of email, you probably can guess that I don’t have significant complaints. I do offer the following in the spirit of continuous improvement –· Post procedure instruction – might be worth considering some short video clips on wrapping, taping, cleaning, etc. as the written instruction lacks without verbal while verbal instruction is compromised given patient may not be fully coherent. In addition, some pictures/video with comment/annotation on typical recovery vs. atypical along with actions to take· Option for a nurse – consider training a resource(s) to support patients the first night· If Erection or semi-Erection when messaging delivers optimal result, might be worth considering some additional Cialis/Viagra to support – I achieved semi-Erect once in the first 36-40 hours of recovery and was concerned at the time.· Shuttle crew to advise pick up vehicle (we talked about this one) as I was told to look for a white van and a blue SUV is what showed up.· Coach patients to get through customs – again, this might be a great candidate for some training video· Comprehensive planning – might be worth discussing patients overall goals i.e. length, Girth, glans, testicle, etc. and help patient get to a comprehensive plan· Pre-procedure pictures include tape measurements and or reference object to help patients better track results and insure consistent measuring technique – maybe suggest things like penis molds for objective measure· Procedure pictures – patient can ‘opt in’ for procedure pictures/video

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275024623

This installment is +24 hours from procedure to 1 month post procedure

Within the first 48 hours, the incision points were gone, swelling everywhere but at the CS reduced, and coloration returned to pre-procedure. I was given the green light to try my new friend out. After the ceremonial unveiling, my wife was more than anxious to experience the enhanced version. She started with oral and loved the Girth in her hands but, didn\'t find the soft tissue at the CS to be a turn on (at this point, it felt like a water balloon with a thick sheathing.) We moved to vaginal penetration and she absolutely loved it. The thickness added incredible sensation for her. As for me, I don\'t know if i lost sensation in the glans or if i gained so much additional sensation along the shaft but, can only say that it rivaled the thrill and sensation of the first time i ever had sex...and unfortunately, climaxed about as a fast . Oh, and another point, we took it real slow with easy back and forth motion as to not cause damage/pain and it was as incredible as i said.

About a week to 10 days post procedure, i began to lose size (just as you guys that have gone before said) but didn\'t worry...thank you phalloboard members that have posted. then the size started coming back and my penis felt thicker and a little more firm in the Flaccid state. from 10 days to about 30 days, the CS area seemed itchy and i regularly felt myself rubbing the area for relief (and not the big O relief). That has subsided and it appears that things are stabilizing. I am begining to notice a few spots where slight ridges exist and where fill is need in round #2.

As for sex with my wife, we are able to have more intense and rigorous intercourse and she loves it. we have sex 2-3 times more per week now than we did prior to procedure. Not sure if it is solely the size or more confidence on my part and honestly, don\'t care, just enjoying a new and invigorating sex life with my wife. This leads to my next post which is prepping for round #2 and hoping to get some of your thoughts and experiences.

Here are current pictures (~1 month post procedure)

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275026854

Thanks for such a comprehensive log of details Dingdong.Looking great!So seeing as you are uncircumsised, does the PMMA add quite a bit of volume to the Foreskin at the top or is that still swelling do you think?How is the length and swelling going while Erect?

All the best with healing

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275038737

Hello Hans - actually, I am Circumcised. The skin at the CS swelled up and after 1 month, still has a \'squishy\' (I wish I had proper words to describe) feeling. somedays more so than others so, I am not overly concerned as I don\'t think I have reached final outcome.

As for the swelling in the CS area, I can honestly say I did not expect it to be dis proportionally swollen to the shaft/base as the instruction was to push the PMA from the glans to the base when messaging over the first 48 hours, which i believe i did as instructed.

As for length, subjectively, it does not look as long but objectively (tape), it is the same length. I had 24cc\'s with very little material loss which gave me ~1/2\" gain in Girth - pretty substantial - so, optically it looks shorter. have you seen this one: look at object on left <---> now look at object on the right >---< the object on the right will appear longer when actually they are the same length - optical illusion....much like my penis

Where I notice the difference the most is how it feels in my pants (I actually can feel it once in awhile now,) when I am going to the bathroom and holding the Girth, and when i am with my wife - she absolutely loves it.

The only minor concern at this point is the skin at the CS as current state is no where near what i would want as an end state, and my wife will not have anal sex because of the increase in Girth (which this one her and I both knew might happen). Other than this, I am so happy that I did the procedure and only wish i would have done it years ago.

the question now is do I want to start a length procedure to accommodate the larger Girth (round 2 fill will increase Girth even more than current) and not have my unit look like a fire-plug or do i do round 2 and stretch later. I have a private message with M7 - maybe I should make it public in the event others have the same question and could benefit from the guys who have gone before.

Have you or are you considering a procedure?

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275038928

If it\'s squishy then I wouldn\'t be worried, as it must be swelling and will go down. One of our early pioneers at the old board was swollen for a couple of months. I\'d be concerned if it was hard, as that would suggest it\'s PMMA.

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275042227

Thanks Hoddle10 and thanks to the guys that have gone before and share their experience. If it wasn\'t for this forum and all of you guys talking about this, I am sure I would not feel so calm about it.

So, here are my thoughts and welcome others thoughts/ideas

My wife and I really didn\'t consider what a 6x6ish size would look like and knowing I am getting a 2nd round to fill and that it will increase Girth vs. Same/decrease, we both seek a proportional penis that is a turn on vs. A source of fire-plug jokes. I am currently scheduled for 2nd round of PMMA 7 weeks after round 1. And I am considering holding off to allow round1 time to heal and possibly start a stretch routine.

Thoughts that suggest waiting to do PMMA -
1. Let PMMA heal
2 stretch and get gains in length as stretching may neccesitste another filler round (3rounds instead of 2 rounds)
3. Received input (not clear on medical credibility) that stretching will break down round1 callogen and or PMMA

Thought that suggest doing round 2 at 7 weeks -
1. Cannula access will be easier because there will be less volume and hardness of callogen and improves opportunity for better outcome.
2. Blending of round1 and round2 will be more seamless
3. Input that stretching now or later won\'t change the PMMA and that long run the body is going to do what it will with callogen anyway so, no guarantee that round 3 will not be needed with or without stretching
4. Short term cleans up a few imperfections and in the overall scheme of my life, time is more important to me than money.

I know I am not unique and look fwd to guys sharing thought/ideas with me. Btw: doing this on iPad and not able to scrol up to spell/grammar check - apologies for errors.

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 5 months ago #1275042546

I failed to add that i am taking daily supplements that recommend to support collagen building + what my doctor suggested:
Men\'s mltivatim
Omega 3 - 600mg
D3 - 2000iu
Glucosamine 3000mg
Chondroitin 2500mg
Vitamin C - 2000mg
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) a 4000mg

I was also suggested to monitor my water intake (was surprised to learn how many people are dehydrated and don\'t even know it. An easy formula I was given is to cut your body weight in half and that is the number of ounces needed. Caution here is to track diuretic (I.e. Caffeine) intake as each ounce of diuretic needs to be replaced with an ounce of water. As I understood, the body will prioritize where the water intake is spent and that starts with critical organ function. So, if water intake is insufficient, we may not be supporting optimal red/white blood cell production/function which are important for the collagen process. I am not an M.D. and apologize if I did not adequately/accurately state what was given to me...lot of information shoveled at me quickly. Anyway, happy hunting and wishing all a great day

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 3 months ago #1275594027

First week in October, went in for round 2, this time with a little experience, greater excitement, and lower level of anxiety. I opted to fly in/out same day since my flight is a little over 1 hour, and had no troubles with the travel. One key learning from this trip is the need to be very clear with Christian about appointment time and confirm it upon entering the office - I sat in the waiting room for 4 hours and there was concern about border traffic and making it to airport in time because of appointment management. So, on to the main point, the actual procedure.

Had a good pre-meeting with Wade and Dr. Casavantes where they listened to my input, inspected the work area. They recommended 20% METACRILL and talked me off the edge of fear regarding lumps and achieving a natural looking/feeling penis.

I agreed and the prep work began. The area was cleaned/disinfected, anesthesia administered (again, no pain at any entry point), area marked out by Dr. Casavantes, and within 20 minutes, the PMMA was being pumped in.

In the first round, the key objective was to get the shape and add a little size, this round was about size, filling in the CS area as i had a significant gap between the CS and Glans. This by the way was the most anxiety inducing point of the whole experience as some of us have the skin that take the PMMA up to the Glans and others, not so much. Wade explained that if I could not take the PMMA up to the Glans because of my skin, that the overall volume would be reduced and that it would limit the Girth unless I was willing to accept a higher degree of tapering. Lucky for me, I took the PMMA fine.

Next part of the job, filling in a gaps behind the CS and at the base. Another point where I was a little concerned is I had 2 spots that felt hard. For guys that have not had the procedure the best i can explain is imagine running your finger down the length of your shaft and coming to a point where it feels like there is a ridge of harder material maybe like chicken cartilage. Wade explained the process of poking through the \'hard-spots\' to break them up and fill with 2nd round of PMMA. Happy to report that 4 weeks after round 2, the hard spots are gone.

We got to the point of 30cc and no material was leaking out of the incision points and though my penis could have taken more, Dr. Casavantes suggested we stop as his confidence in managing the results above 30cc\'s starts to diminish and, my idea/attitude is risk mitigation, much rather come back for another round then take the risk for a little extra gain. Wade found a few spots that needed a little more fill and additional 4cc\'s was injected bringing total procedure to 34cc\'s.


Within the first 24 hours, I was at 7 1/4\" with the swelling and after 48 hours, the swelling subsided and I ranged from 6 7/8\" to 7 1/8\" pending time of day, level of arousal, etc. I experienced no PMMA material loss and the entrance points were closed.

By day 3, no irregular coloration from bruising, and my wife and I were eager to try it out. we started with oral and she immediately commented on the size and that she felt a little constrained with what she could do to me orally as it was all she could do to get it in her mouth. Lucky for inner-monologue as I didn\'t say anything foolish about the size of her mouth that would end the session .

Then it came to vaginal sex which she found the size to be uncomfortably large but happy to report she is not a quitter and after slow warm up and lots of lube, she found it enjoyable but something she would have to get used to vs. round 1 where she was euphoric. We think that end state of 6 1/4\" to 6 1/2\" is the ideal Girth for her so now it is a matter of time to see where we actually end up.

Attached are some pictures and measurements below:

1 month post procedure:
Flaccid:length - 4\"-5\" glans - 4 1/4\"CS - 6 1/2\" to 6 7/8\"mid - 6 3/8\" to 6 1/2\"base - 6 3/8\" to 6 1/2\"Erect:length - 6\"glans - 4 1/4\"-4/3/8\"CS - 6 5/8\" to 7\"mid - 6 1/2\" to 6 5/8\"base - 6 1/2\" to 6 5/8\"

Wade suggested our next steps; give rounds 1 and 2 a little time to settle and in January 2013 decide if there is any additional work to be done. At this moment in time, I would opt to start enhancing the length as my Girth is now equal or larger than my length which makes it appear shorter. But, I am not making any decisions until January and just going to enjoy the results of round 1 and 2.

With that, I will leave you with a Halloween story. My wife and I attended a party at a swingers club and a lady approached me and asked me \'is that all you down there?\' - I have never been asked anything like that before. And later in the night, my wife took me up to one of the group play rooms and we went at it. She was happy to show off the goods and she let all of us at the party know it - that alone was worth the ~$5k spent so far. I\'ll check back in January and let you know where this goes. Until then, happy holidays to all of you.

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 3 months ago #1275596123

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What was their reason for wanting to use Metacril?

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 3 months ago #1275598242

Hey DD, thanks for the complete insight. I noticed that I have the same Pre-measurements as you and wanted to know what your ideal goal is. Also you indicated that you spent about $5K and I wanted to know if that included travel as I\'m from the east coast and trying to gage the cost for round 1 and 2.

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PMMA by Dr. Casavantes: DingDong's Log 11 years 3 months ago #1275693644

Very nice results!

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