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TOPIC: How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be

How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308709921

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Sometimes i read something interesting about this Topic (which is an interest of mine), and i want to share that in this thread here.

4 trans-man (women who became men and had artificial penisses) with girthes from 6.4 to 7.4 inches went back in to make the penisses smaller (revision surgery) cause people they wanted sex with were unable to do it with that size
"Index patients had an average length of 16.3 ± 3.2 cm and an average girth of 17.6 ± 1.3 cm. Index patient girth was 4 to 5 SD wider than the average natal erect girth."

(ps wtf Trans-women can get as big cocks as they wish? How do they make them?)

Then scientists looked for information on what is a good size to get:
"The average insertive length of the compiled bestsellers (for the top 5 online adult retailers in the United States and for dildos (16.7 ± 1.6 cm) was 1 SD longer than natal functional erect penile length as reported in the literature (15.7 ± 2.6 cm); however, their average circumference (12.7 ± 0.8 cm) mirrored natal erect penile girth (12.3 ± 1.3)."
-> so the average bestselling Dildos in america had average girth of 5 inches (larger than the average girth of males with 4.65 inches)

Women always say girth is more important - but this means they only buy a little bit girthier - 11.8cm girth is supposed western average i think, the women buy 12.7cm girth average - which is above average but not supercracy pornstar level of eg girthiest pornstar manuel ferrora or something with 16.5cm.

"The average girth of vendors' top 3 largest-girth dildos was 15.1 ± 0.9 cm" -> this are not the bestsellers but the largest girth dildos these shops have in their shops it seems
"Based on our data, we suggest that a surgically created neophallus should have a girth no wider than 15.1 cm after implantation of an inflatable penile prosthesis. This corresponds to 2 SD wider than the average natal man's erect girth."
"A conservative recommendation for neophallus girth is 13 to 14 cm, or 0.5 to 1.5 SD wider than natal erect penile girth."

11.8cm = 4.65 inches
12.7cm = 5 inches
13cm = 5.1 inches
14cm = 5.5 inches
15cm = 5.9 inches
15.1cm = 5.94 inches
15.24cm = 6 inches
16.3cm = 6.4 inches
17.6cm = 6.9 inches

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308709922

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some pics:


6 inches girth (=15.25 centimetres) is in the 98% percentile or more. ( western average)

Porn is extreme sport. It's like looking at the NBA to see how tall men are.
I did not find this out - but if there would be 10 000 male pornstars (my bad guess), then pornstars are 0.0000003% of the male population.
You don't see small dicks because small dicks are hardly shown in public, in porn, in amateur porn, saunas, hardly shown anywhere.

- Study 2001, 142 men from 18-68 age (no statistic difference really between old and young in size), measured not by themselves but from doctors (studies where people measure themselves show bigger penisses)
Penisses ranged length 10-19cm (4-7.5 inches); average of 14.5cm (5.7 inches)
Girth was 9.4cm (3.7inch) – 15.7cm (6.2inch), average 12.4cm (4.9inch)
( )
Drawing upon the results of 12 relevant studies, the review, detailed in the British Journal of Urology (BJU) International, finds that the average erect penis is about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long and about 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference.( )
Greatest size thread on thundersplace: (overview of studies)

- I guess it's clear Nobody likes 1cm or 40cm, so there is a range.

- Best study i found so far: They let 75 Women choose between 33 3d-printed penis models:

"Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm) sexual partners."
-> interestingly the 12.7cm preferred girth for one night stands is same 12.7cm average of girth of bestselling dildos above
The average of what women want in penis-bigness seems to be 'slightly over average' (see what average is above).

Great site also talking about this:

Survey 970 women (50% usa, 25% great britain, 25% rest of europe; most under 45)
1100 men (same ratios)
"Women estimated the average penis length to be 13.8 cm, and for men, this was only 0.3 cm greater. Compare this to the results of a 2015 review of studies on penis size that included over 15,000 men from around the world: the average penis length when erect was found to be 13.12 cm – almost one whole centimeter less than the average estimate given by men in our study."
-> people slightly overestimate how big penisses are on average

- Study
"An important observation also comes from Lever et al. [38] who found in a large internet survey of 52 031 heterosexual men and women, 85% of women were satisfied with their partner's penis size, but only 55% of the men were satisfied with their own penis size. Thus, only 15% of women say that erect penis size is important and erect girth is generally more important than length [39]."
The following user(s) said Thank You: Den-SG

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308709923

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710017

Great contribution @dream .

how does the whole trans penis thing work??

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710022

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Some thoughts

- Even if only a small fraction of women like very big dicks - if you have a very big dick you are in an even smaller fraction than women liking very big dicks, and therefore you are more in demand. Especially now in modern times i think, where you can 'market' your special dick to eg 1 million women if you live in a supercity. So even if you are McShorty or what's his name pornstar, where perhaps perhaps even 90% don't enjoy this cracy fatness, he will never have problem not wanting women (super sizequeens) to have sex with him.

- I am butthurt that my dick is not very big (at least 18cm = 7inch) - i imagine if i had a very big one (one company told me i need at least 7inch, so mine is too small) then i could do porn = young hot women do nastiest stuff with me.
Otoh hardly anyone gets money anymore doing porn since free streaming sites.

- old experiences with thin cock (surprisingly good reactions):

- Theory that hot girls have sex with taller more handsome more muscular guys (tall muscular probably correlates with big dick) more confident guys + bigger dick guys have more chance being womanizers cause they want to show off their dicks, while tiny dick guys more only want to show their dicks to girls they have emotional connection with = women see less small dicks than statistically are there

- Neverendingjourney writes:
"I have had numerous experiences now with my PMMA filled penis that is 7.5in length and 6.5in girth.. more than half find it uncomfortable, blow jobs are teethy, and anal is out of the question... I think 5.75 girth would be perfect. Still very above average but easier to work with."
Jacks writes: it's not until you get into the 6.5" range that you start risking being too big. However, this isn't usually that much of a problem. I'm over 7" and have only had a few women where it was too thick. One started crying and another made me stop. Some complained about being sore afterwards and had no intention of meeting again ... but, overall, the experience has been positive. However, anal really starts becoming out of the question for most women once you get into this size range. Most women are like no fucking way ... although some have taken it as a challenge.
I know one guy who had a very big one (didn't ask how big it was measured) - he said some women just told him 'no way' and never tried it with him. I wouldn't want to be that big.

- Most women masturbate by rubbing their clit, not pushing giant dildos into their pussies
Lesbians and bisexual women - they don't even have any dick (but well, i guess they take dildos)

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710024

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Good site: Tricks of porn to make big look big.
Eg: small framed men with big dicks, tiny women + tiny women hands and big dicks, camera tricks

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710025

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Very good site imo, some talk about penis size
Great calculator size (how much % are bigger / smaller; I guess take ‘western average’)
Site to compare your stats visually to others
Calculator how much % you are her biggest and stuff
In there it's all clickable with links
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710026

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Relative Importance of Penis Size To Females study
Original is with links clickable

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 7 months ago #1308710029

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Measurements of Pornstars
Most are 5-6 inches girth even though it's basically only about the bigger the better.
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Visual evidence:

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710326

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I read many many many pages in new and old forum about guy’s experiences with different sizes with women.
Now I think this girth is best for women vaginally on Average (nr of women enjoying the thickness vs unpleasantness because of thickness; with anal it’s smaller):
5.7 inches (5.5 inches – 5.9 inches)

I read a lot in the forum to get more of a feel at what point being too girthy can have bad effects and
collected probably all of the relevant quotes regarding experiences of guys with different sizes / women's reactions in the 'lust love vanity' forum:
I also read the phalloboards v2 forum.
being VERY thick isn't really all that necessary or special, and tends to experience diminishing returns post 5.25" (obviously everyone's mileage will vary). What I mean is, those who are extra thick will enjoy its novelty, but women aren't nearly as obsessed/critical with our cocks as we are.

I'm someone who started at Snugger Fit condoms, to Regular condoms, to Magnum condoms, to Magnum XL+. (3.5 to 6.3 girth). With that experience, I've learned that with the EXCEPTION of multiple-birth moms and the uncommon size queens (one's actually born with a large canal), the vast majority of sane, healthy women need around the 5.25-5.5 range to provide adequate tightness (and subsequent pleasure for both parties).
Post-filler, I've had women who were so tight that sex hurt me (even with lubrication), and others who I barely filled up because they've had multiple births. Women born with abnormally large "canals" or those with multiple children tend to especially notice & remark on the Girth.
Obviously mileage may vary, but the idea that you need a 6"+ girth (which is exceedingly rare in the general population) to satisfy most women is rooted in fantasy and our own obsessions.
One good reaction was in dark she grabs my already erect shaft then exclaims "what the fuck!" repeatedly, as if she hasn't grabbed something this thick before.

I'm not saying one should stop at 5.5", but that anything in excess of that seems more like our own obsession with size than the demands of our partners. 6" + is certifiably thick even to size queens.

If that's what you want, that's fine -- but it doesn't change the reality that excessive girths are more novelty than practical, and this CAN create diminishing returns with respect to (current and future) partners. Yes, there are some who can handle it all, but I've also read many instances of "no quickies, no anal, teared vaginas, etc."
believe that going far north to 5.5 can be "almost" useless or even counter-productive in same cases with some women, and generally speaking it doesn't help to have a better sex-life, unless maybe with few selected women.
I am 5.7in MEG natural and I don't think this is the end of the line for what is vaginally accepted.
from my experience, it's not until you get into the 6.5" range that you start risking being too big. However, this isn't usually that much of a problem. I'm over 7" and have only had a few women where it was too thick. One started crying and another made me stop. Some complained about being sore afterwards and had no intention of meeting again ... but, overall, the experience has been positive. However, anal really starts becoming out of the question for most women once you get into this size range. Most women are like no fucking way ... although some have taken it as a challenge.
I've had a decent range of experiences with other women at swingers clubs, etc. After going to these places pre-PMMA and after, I'd say that the difference isn't quite as extreme as you might expect. The women who are truly after big dicks are in the minority. In fact, I'd say that there are just as many -- and perhaps more -- who try to avoid them. Most women truly don't seem to care about dick size. I rarely seen them gravitating to the big ones and avoiding the small ones.

That said, I have had some experiences where an increased size has been a factor. I've been complimented about it several times. After sex with one woman she exclaimed, "Oh my god he's big!" That felt kind of good to hear -- especially since she said it in front of a bunch of dudes who laughed and joked about it.

But then there's the flip side of legitimately being too big. In one situation it was clear that I was causing a considerable amount of discomfort. This isn't nearly as cool as you may think it would be before it happens. It's kind of unpleasent, actually, and makes you want to stop.

All that said, a bigger dick does physically feels better for me and I'd guess that it ultimately does feels better for most other women as well. But I may be a little biased here haha.
Noxcuse: (probably from 5 inches to 5.7 inches)
There are certain positions that allow her to orgasm more easily as before

I’m not as big as many guys here (about 5.75” with a Cock ring) and women I sleep with routinely tell me now that I’m “massive” and they are sore the next day. So to put in perspective anything over 5.5” I think is quite large to most women.

Going from 5.7 to 6.4 with HA, my gf at that time was able to compare it, she felt the difference and gave me this "uuf that's big" at the first time but she kinda got used to it. I tried it with other women and the difference I noticed is that the moans got more quiet and deeply, less loud, which is a super turn on for me because, hands down, those loud moans always sounded fake to me.
Conclusion I get from speaking to many patients is that 6 inches is probably an ideal goal all factors considered.
Playing the field you will start to encounter women who will not enjoy 6.0+.
Beyond 6.5 inches and you are probably putting off 30% of women or more.
The penis feels too big, it hurts during or after sex with puts them off having further sex, you may need to use artificial lubrication to help with penetration, anal sex is out of the question for perhaps 50%, and quickie sex is not as easy... more foreplay is required before penetration than when the penis was smaller.
It is common for me to hear that it is easier for the female partner to climax from vaginal intercourse after thickening the penis, and the climax is more intense.

One guy got 7.5 x 7.5 and his wife kinda stopped having sex with him.
One 7.25 guy wrote him he has sex out of his league cause of his big penis (me: I guess he goes on sexdating website and finds sizequeens)
However, I am also certain that many women would not enjoy it, I have heard as much from many patients and their partners.

anything at 5.5 Girth is big. That's probably where a lot of those big Dick stories you hear of come from. 6" Girth is very large, that's where those huge guy stories are. 6.0-6.5 inches in circumference is very large. It'll generate comments and some will find it mildly uncomfortable after in the odd instance.
Once you hit like 6.5 that's extremely rare... and while I'm convinced most women will gladly give that a go and love it if they're into you, if it's just a casual one time thing they might be close to their mental comfort limit/physical limit. 7" is almost not even heard of and I'd say you're past the realm of normal for sure lol.

Everything I've seen is most for casual hook ups, 5.5-6.5 is if you want to be their 'big' guy but not cause discomfort (or too much)
I’m at 15.4cm Girth now and I wouldn’t go bigger than that for sure

Happily married here and at 6" EG now. I feel like my wife could easily take a lot more. After my second round, she told me "if you have plans to do more, cancel them" but since then, she has pretty easily accepted the new size, and while she is obviously stimulated more with my larger Girth, I still haven't gotten the "eyes roll back in the head" with penetration that I'm hoping for.
if you're single and fucking other women, especially childless ones, I would guess there is an exponentially increasing risk of having fitment issues above 6"

I started at 8.25 BPEL and 5.5 mseg
I’m now at about 7.0 mseg

My experience has been with a wide range of ages and sizes. Some couldn’t take it Balls deep and oral was not fun in a few cases . The sex feels great and their vaginsl orgasms are much more intense and frequent . All have experienced orgasms from penetration ... you need to move slowly and carefully . When they are stretched out that much , very little stimulation is needed

Lube is needed generally and it can be problematic with some to go more than 1/night . All get ripped and are very sore ( in a good way ) the next day or two . But they all want it again badly , so my guess is that 6-6.5 is a non issue for most .

7.5-7.75 (I guess length) is uncomfortable during aggressive thrusting for 50 percent of women ( large sample size )
7 inches of Girth is extasy and soreness ( compared to 5.5 ) for everyone ( small sample size ). Provisio: lube and extensive fore play and slow gentle penetration

Just my personal experience , but 7 is much lot better than 5.5 . Haven't had any problems with the 5-6 partners some of whom were quite petite . In some sense it's less painful for them as I sometimes can't go Balls deep but the Girth still gives immense pleasure . The Girth doesn't give pain ...

I've seen reactions after pumping up to 8in Girth then sliding a Cock ring on, then putting in work. 75% of the women I've been with loved it.. Lots have said it's more pleasure to be stretched out. Just have to slowly work it until the juices start to flow

one has to be mindful that not everyone who "squirms" or "has a hard time accommodating" your size is actually enjoying it.
I can only suggest where I think "diminishing returns" begin...and that's probably as you close in on the 6" EG mark. Sure there are those who can handle more, but this number tends to trend more often as it pertains to accounts of requiring a partner to warm up prior to sex.

I know women who flat out love and prefer average or just slightly under and will walk from larger guys now just because they simply don't like how it feels if they're really large. Two in particular have a pretty big... sample size of men to go off of too lol.

There's women that actually seek out extremely big men, but they're also extremely rare. Anything to an almost unnaturally large Girth of 7" is definitely do-able, and a lot will actually love it initially or love it after some trials.

I think in the real world and casual dating, 5.5-6 is very, very big and probably about the most you'd ideally want.
Teeth definitely are a thing. I'm two sessions in and it's definitely a lot.

After round 1 and hitting 6" EG... I've noticed TEETH wayy more

My wife has only previously achieved an orgasm once or twice ever from just penetration. I was probably around 6.5" EG as I had pumped a bit earlier (and I've been using a shockwave machine and Trimix injections in an effort to get bigger via chemical PE, but that's for another thread), and I struggled to get all the way in there and she climaxed again just from me getting it all the way in.

6.5 Girth here for 4 years and have experienced lots of western & asian women in that time.. For half the women it was great & the other half I wish I had .5 less Girth. Quickies & anal was out of the question for the majority of those women.
I'm 6.5 mid Girth & wish I could get back to 6. That's my experience sleeping with multible women with both 6 & 6.5 Girth. And if you like anal then going above 6 is a no go for the majority of women.

Briceb: over 7 girth
Quickies are out.
Sex was always doable with: Lube, lube, lube and prep work. Have to take it slow starting out. And yes, anal is doable, too.
each woman is built differently. Some can handle just about any size, while others have trouble with my original 7.4 EL x 5.25. Some are deep and some shallow.
hovering between 5.9" and 6.0. I was with a woman last night who said nothing about my size, and accepted that my dick could only go into her about 3-4 inches..I tried to get deeper, but she kept squirming every time I tried. I was amazed how much she was stretched during doggy. Something about seeing a woman's pussy stretched out.. the view was amazing!

No issues with any women. One out of the last 10, one mentioned she was a little ripped down there the first time we screwed, and was sore the following day. Duration of intercourse, shortest 20min, longest about two hours. Age varied from 26-48. I was sore after the marathon session, but wasn’t any different before PMMA. Extensive friction equals a raw and slightly swollen cock!

My dick would not go in -, 6.5 girth toward the middle and 7" toward the base - a lot of guys can take that easily but not this one

Everytime i got more ha and i had sex with with my wife she felt tighter and tighter. She reacted more and moaned much louder. When i was at 5.9 eg she said the my girth felt too big and i literally couldnt get inside her i had to wiggle my way through taking about 2 mins to get inside her even with lube on compared the normal 5-10 seconds. She felt very tight, it was like she was gripping me then i suppose after she got use to it she wasnt as tight but she still gripped me.
I'm about 7.5x 5.75 . No problem gettings girls and the majority of girls tell me that I'm the biggest they've ever had

I have been with over 300 women and my wife 300+ men... and never never never is penis size discussed.. rather...was he able to stay hard, was he able to get the women wet, was he able to hold on until she came first..??... that is ... man.. nothing else.. and especially NOT size... BTW... I am just over 6 and 1/2 inches thick mid... which I can tell you from from being around LOTS of naked men is thee largest!!! But guys at 5 inches that can WOW a women.. have me beat all day long... let me repeat... all day long....

You want a bigger dick.. go for it!!!! But know if not now.. at some time... it takes way way way more to get a women to roll her eyes backwards and go into screaming la la land... than the size of YOUR dick......

Been there.. done it.... and here I am telling you how it is brother...size don't matter... YOU matter..

What I can tell is that there is a size that she likes best and that is around 7' long and 6' thick. She would pass, or go trough swiftly out of kindness with a much smaller dick and she would straight up refuse or only suck a bigger dick than 8 inches (there are only so few of these, maybe one in 100 we've seen). because it hurts too much and there is no pleasure for her in that.
And that is one of the aspects. Hardness is just as important as size and technique/intensity is the third important part.

one guy: I am 5.7-6 girth depending on mood and condition, he was probably 5.4-5.5.
That guy was ferocious, rocking the bed with the four of us on it and kept going super intensively 30 min, 60 min, 2 hours, 2.15 min .... Had a big towel on his neck and just wiped sweat from time to time and there was no sign of fatigue.
She came a total of 44 times. 41 vaginally and 3 anally. And earlier that day she already had something like 13-14 orgasms from me, one other guy and one girl And she asked for it to be over. For the first time in her life she said "I cant go on"
Was his dick bigger? - No. Same length, a little bit thinner because she had no problem with anal and with me she always has. But that guy had a rock solid erection for more than 2 hours and pounded her with energy of 10 suns. And that to her was the winning combination.
Wife: Went from long drawn out sex to orgasm to 10 seconds or less when she’s hot if you have a specific ??? I’d ask her for you. We’ve never had big sex issues but 6.5 girth changes the game entirely.

had sex with 40 women since my second round. I promise you their faces and their moans and their breath you took away with a big dick
EG 4.8 to 6.5

my wife can take 6.75 just fine and yes the moans that come from it are much different than regular 5.85.
Dance with dragons:
As the owner of a 6.75 x 6.25, I can tell you that no one on Fetlife gives a flying fuck about guys, and ain’t nothin coming your way from there.
Big dick, smaller dick, it really doesn’t change all that much. It’s all about your hustle. Nothing ever replaces or tops game. It is everything.

The big changes that I’ve experienced are all between my ears. I talk shit like I have a big dick, I believe I have a big dick, and I live like I have a big dick.
After my first PMMA with 6.10 inch mid shaft hard and having sex with 8 women in the alternative life style (swingers) everyone women mentioned i was thick or called me big. I felt the tightness around my penis which felt GREAT! Some women would literally come when I first entered but these were women who could orgasm easily to begin with. Overall I am harder and can last longer which I think is more a mental confidence thing rather than the PMMA itself. I look forward to round two but cannot image getting any larger than 6.5 inches.

With larger penis it is about the same no noticeable difference in reaction in swingerclub. Other than maybe faster orgasm for her. End of it all it comes down to how well you perform not size in my opinion.

thehulk: from 5.7 to 6.6 girth
They love the size, takes a bit of warming up. No reduction in intercourse length. Depending on the woman, the soreness doesn't stop intercourse the following day. But that varies.

At 6x6 I'm not in a position to comment too much, but I will tell you about the reaction of a woman who I was fooling around with last night.
This was a woman who I had sexual relations with about 10 years earlier, (before PMMA).

She grabbed me from outside the pants, started to play, and then she immediately decided to put her hand down my pants. She then let out a huge almost "orgasm" sound just by grabbing it with her hand.

I could tell she was pretty excited and no more work was really required on my part. I just had to make sure that she got/gets properly done when it comes time to seal the deal.
This was/is a different experience to my starting stats, which were 6x5.1
I used to get a "Hmm... this could be interesting" and a smile or a sexy eye contact - you get the picture.
Now its more like shes already made her mind up that its going to be epic and I have not even done anything.
So, psychologically it definitely impacts some (but not all) women.
I have had maybe 10-20 out of 50 woman pine for it. Pre PMMA I think it was maybe like 2-3 out of 50 that would pine for it. I'm guessing if my starting stats were lower, the number of those who would pine for it might be 1 or none out of 50. I just don't know. But don't forget, its definitely possible that the extra size has just made me more confident, and because of THAT, I get a better reaction. Hard to say. Definitely a tighter fit though.

one woman: When I whipped out the business she outright refused. She looked genuinely scared. I think she will eventually come around, however this was the first time I've encountered this issue. I'm currently 5.8 EG - 5.9 EG. She looked like a dear caught in the headlights.
chester: 6.2 girth
I'd say I've gone on dates with over 300 women (I'm 42). By now I've banged over 200. I used to think size, and the mentioning of it, was important, as to positively differentiate myself from the rest. In fact, for the overwhelming majority of women, it's a huge turn-off. Sure, there are some pussy-lip dragging size queens for whom knowing size is important, but the majority aren't interested in hearing about it. There's a simple explanation. The majority of women are looking for relationships. Men are looking for sex. Dick size, by definition, would be more important to the latter.

The only thing I'd say is that I've definitely heard "too big" and "go easy, you're hurting me." I wouldn't say frequently, but certainly often enough to satisfy the old ego. On a couple of occasions, only with Asian girls, sex wasn't even possible. But I hold similar sentiments about "hot dog down a hall" with a few too. I remember 3 different occasions where I banged tall Northern European women (6'+), who I felt pretty loose in) and I was a bit unsettled by it. Yet all 3 came; very strongly. The only thing I can fathom is that, like you pointed out, the extra-curricular stuff really helped out.

I'm around the 6in mark in Girth. Before Ellanse the wife occasionally allowed anal now we've tried once unsuccessfully. Bj's aren't as enjoyable either due to teeth rubbage. But my personal opinion the sight of her pussy gripping my Dick is worth the loss of anal.

I've been 6.25 el by 5.85 eg since puberty I'm 47 and I've never been told im big, thick or anything. I've never been turned down, its fit in every pussy I've taken for a test drive or two in. That's well over 250. Its been a tight fit into some and the proverbial hotdog down the hallway in others. Most have been on the snug side until they are worked up a bit then its easy going. Just gotta use the tongue and fingers nibble on the nipples to get the juices flowin a bit....
I went from 5.5” Girth to 6.5” (7” toward the base) and it has dramatically effected my sex life. Huge confidence boost for me in terms of a Flaccid hang and overall feel of it in hand, but sex has diminished in frequency and quality. Mainly due to the discomfort it causes my wife. Previously, we were having sex daily, sometimes twice a day. She loved it and wanted it all the time. Now, it takes a tremendous amount of foreplay (not a bad thing) and lube, but it still causes discomfort for her about 50% of the time. We are now once or twice a week. Spontaneously bending her over the kitchen counter is definitely a no-go now. If you’re at 6” now, I’d say seriously consider the impact it could have on your partner.

Listen to this guy and Skep. I’m 6 1/4 Girth and I’d go back to 5.75 - 6 if I could. Spontaneous sex was great before and it’s very problematic now and even during regular sex worrying about hurting your partner isn’t what you want to be thinking about. Then there’s lube, not a huge deal but it’s frustrating to need it at times. A half Inch is more than you think it is.

I'm at 5.75 now and been pumping to get up to 6.25-6.5, Wife always comments that I feel "extra hard" on those nights and it felt amazing, which I attribute to the added Girth. I'm going back for Round 2 in a few weeks and I think if I end up anywhere over 6.0 I will be done, except for maybe a touch up. I will note my wife has had three natural births so I think that is a factor here. She def loves where I'm at now and I think will be able to tolerate another half Inch or so pretty easily based on the nights when I pump. If you are with a long term partner and thinking about adding more, it might make sense to try pumping and see what kind of reaction you get.

I did the same exact thing, pumped up to 6 1/4, tried it a couple of times and she loved it so went forward with it. Whenever I pump, my Dick is a lot bigger obviously but it’s also softer/ squishier than when I’m normally Erect and I think that helped her accommodate the larger size at the time.

My Girth went from 5 to 6 and I didn’t think it would made a difference however my wife has a very difficult time with it and it looks like a tank going in. She’s getting use to it.

Wifey and I both ultimately adjusted to the new size but it did/does not make sex better (like some guys on here gushed over), it's almost the same as before. She's adjusted now too. I think part of it is her having to deal with her overall health/libido. Ultimately - for my confidence, it was definitely a boost.
My experiences with 4.5" girth was the majority of my life before PMMA - I never had any complaints, but definitely no "WOW" comments either lol. I always have treated sex as making sure the other woman was taken care of - so I concentrated (and still do) on foreplay especially myself going down first. But I always wanted to be bigger - mostly for my own self esteem
Fast forward to 5.5" girth and even 5.75" with cock ring this last year - I definitely have had a lot more "You're thick" "You fill me up" "Your dick is perfect" and this is when the trouble with oral sex came into play - way less deep throating and anal never being a thing - not that it's something I've particularly cared for. But overall, the sex is definitely been better and women absolutely love it. It's 100% been a self esteem booster
When I pump to 6.25", I have had comments such as, "It's so big" "You were born like this?" "That's a tree trunk" "You're going to need to be gentle" "You're going to destroy me" Just to name several lol.. The sex is still great and no one has had any issues besides maybe only being able to go one round, but I find this to be rare. What I think actually matters more than size most of the time is EQ. The P Shot given to me at Avanti is so beneficial for my erection quality that I may ask for 2 this time or I may just get them twice a year.
Having had sex at both 5.5” and 6.25” - and you made a great point in regard to diminishing returns especially when it comes to oral sex; however, having that Girth of 6.25” is a great feeling.
HunkChunk: 7girth at base
In the USA I had no qualms being fetted for my features. Two girls even said "I love you, but I don't know which I love more, you or your dick".

In the Dominican Republic it was a bit less of a winning situation, as the girls there found me somewhat too large and complained. I think that this is possibly because they weren't "taken with me" as a person, but more interesting in "taking me" and weren't as disposed to dilating to welcome the boy home? Therefore it became a daunting task to take on a guy whose size is compelling when his presence inside isn't 100% deeply desired.

In the Philippines a girl saw me undress and ran out of my room to never again be seen! In Thailand, the Land of Smiles, I actually had 5 runners who refused altogether and walked. One was nice but afterwards showed me her anatomy bitching how I'd injured her. Another one gave it her best shot, acting pained throughout until the very end, when she apparently became quite happy. Even in Pattaya on Soi 6, I have to wear loose pants that hide the bulge or none of the girls heckle me like they do others, even the old and ugly.
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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710334

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More anecdotes from phalloplasty board v1

at 5.5 inches:
I have had sex with 3 different women now since my opperation and so far 2 have bled and 1 I could only fit 1/3 of my penis inside her (I should note their ages are 18, 19, and 23)... I know 5.5" girth isn't over the top... but this worries me that 6.5"+ will be too much to even have sex! Even though they bled... they REALLY enjoyed it so perhaps they are just used to smaller? Please if there are members here that size that have had sex with more than one women at that size... please respond and let us know if it has ever been a problem being that big. I am young and do not have a stabble girlfriend...

Even since before I did this my flaccid size was quite "showy" at ~6" x 4.25" ... now its ~6.5" x 5.5" ... after round 2 it could very well be 6.5"+ x 6.25"+ ... is that not a bit much? I mean realistically... will people consider that freakish?? I can just imagine swimming at the beach or in a pool with friends...

Personally I fall under the wanting to be huge category... I am just a little bit worried that I will fall in love with someone only to have them struggle with me in bed. Now that would be terrible.

Skeptical One
I personally would caution on incredibly high gains as of now. You already know that sex is pushing the envelope with your new size, and added girth will make things even more trickier for some ladies. Granted, some other ladies can take added size but you have to keep in mind that you yourself wanted "quality sex."

You can always add girth in the future if you really feel like it's required (for example, dating a woman who has had multiple children), but honestly, breaking the 6" marker is larger than most..

I should note, I'm not saying that it would be wrong to reach 6.5" or even 7", but you have to ask yourself how important aesthetics become and how important the quality of your sex is. It is easy for us to be girth-obsessed (and I'm one who can attest), but I think most normal women can be adequately satisfied with a 5" girth (even 4.5"+). For us guys, the added girth is an added assurance that we will be able to please.

Once I was over a friends house, and she had other girls and guys over. Before I knew it there were 8 of us in the hot tub, and everyone started getting naked, except me. This guy whipped his shit out, and you heard gasps from everyone. Every girl in that hot tub asked to touch it! Guess who took two of those girls upstairs within 20 minutes that night? Not me that's for sure!

6inch midshaft
Wife always have to use a lot of lube, and she loves it dont get me wrong, but we have to start slow or else it will hurt her and she is really worried about tearing.

I had a few very small girls and they all liked sex with a 7" at the base but mine tapered to 5.5" so it worked well for me.

If I go with pmma in the future, I will want the same girth, it worked well even with young Asian women. Older ones with children also had a good time with this size.

I have been good in bed and I had an average penis size. I had this girl who I would see every few weeks and we would have great sex and she would come every time. This was before my implant. After the implant, months passed away since I was overseas on business. I then saw her again and when we had sex, she kept saying how big it was and asking what did I do to it, while we were having sex. I never told her and she did not ask any more. Here is the thing: she would come 2-3 times now and I did not even work as hard as before. She is a small girl with no children. My, notice I said "my", conclusion is that if you keep everything the same and increase the size of your penis, then you will have more fun so will your girl. I went from about 5" girth to 7-6.5-5.5" girth. All other girls had fun with it but for one girl where we just did not get the chemistry right.

This site has an odd and worrying culture in that our members talk about what a girl can "take" or "handle." Shouldn't we be more interested in what actually gives them the most pleasure? Obviously there is no magic number, but we need to forget this crazy idea that the optimum size is what they can fit in their vagina's and still manage to have sex. Most girls don't have a clue when is comes ti guessing size etc, but at PeGym their are quite few female members and they really do know size. There are a few threads in which the female members are asked what their ideal girth is and it is most commonly 5.5".

Here are some interesting posts from our members who have had PMMA:

"There was one experience (with another) where she kept her hands by my waist, and pushed me back on several occasions during intercourse." EvilPnievel

" I cannot get it all the way into my girlfriend at this point. I have to warm her up for a long time and use a lot of lube to even penetrate. once we are going she does good though and she expands to accept it, just cant get all the way in there yet." GSXR

"sometimes its frustrating trying to warm some ladies up because the girth is really hard to fit in to females! I had this Asian girl I slept with and she always scream and pushes me of her which is a downfall for being so girthy and so far I slept with about 5 different females and only one can really take it." BigBizo

Now whilst we know all of these guys are delighted with their results and GSX I assume can now enter his wife easily, this information isn't something that should simply be ignored. I've said before, for married guys or those in long term relationships, being really big is less of an issue, as given time your partner can adapt. But those who plan on sleeping around a bit, or like anal sex, should consider being more conservative. I'm sure most women like a thick girth, but there is a difference between being thick ie 5.5"-6" and being enormous ie 6"+.

My point is that what girl can "take" or "handle" usually isn't the same as what gives her the most pleasure. This forum is full of stories that confirm are illusion that bigger is better, but to sustain this belief we need to ignore the evidence that shows this isn't always the case. I think it's fair to say in the majority of cases 5.5" is better than 4.5", but there is no reason to think 6.5" is better than 5.5". I think there will be a higher perecentage of women who find 6.5" uncomfortable, than there are which find it pleasurable. I also think a far higher percentage of women will be more than happy with a 5.5" girth than find it insufficient.

Having had a penis circumference over the years that has ranged from about 5 inches to 7.5 inches, I think I am in a good position to add my 2 cents on this matter…
I would like to preface though by saying that erection quality and overall confidence is more important than having a thick penis…Having a thick penis gave me the confidence which resulted in a stronger erection…
That being said,
With my original 5 inch (in girth) penis …If you read my accounts in “Messageman’s Journey”, I lacked self confidence, had poor erection quality, and had zero technique…I had no game at all and that was reflected in the underwhelming reaction I received with most of my partners…One of them even mentioned she “couldn’t feel me in her at all…Boy, did that crush me….
After the dermal surgery, I was a little over 7 inches in girth and the response was almost always positive…I probably slept with over 30 to 40 to women (from all ethnicities) and (the huge) girth was generally never a problem…On the contrary, more often than not, women loved it…I was in high demand….
As my length increased (from stretching and an ADS), length at times became an issue…with women pushing me back and requesting I don’t go so ‘deep’…I had loads of confidence and I believe this was also major factor …I could last longer and get hard on cue. A long, thick penis is also a visually stimulating thing for a woman…
After a few years, my dermal graft shrunk down a bit to 6.25 inches (in girth)….This was a nice size to have and always was well received…Still, I always remembered what it was like to have that ‘ 7 inch’ monster girth….
So…. I stupidly got the Elist implant…The implant girth was ridiculous (over 7.5 inches) girth, but (and I swear on my life) women loved it…with proper lubrication (which was a must)…
My penis retracted to a little over 6 inches in length (due to the implant)…but even with that, the 7.5 inch girth was visually stunning to these women and they and they all would talk about how “powerful” the feeling was….
After the damn implant basically exploded (2 years ago), I had it removed….The capsule of the implant remained and gave me an added half inch…leaving me with a 6.75 inch (base) girth….This is a great girth to have….Women usually don’t have an issue and it’s visually (and physically) stimulating
In summary, for me, EQ and confidence is more important than girth…However, I do believe (from my experience) there are many women out there that can appreciate a penis with a girth from 6 inches to 7.5 inches…

at 7” girth “the response was almost always positive”, “more often than not women loved it”. At 6.75” base girth after implant removal “women usually don’t have an issue”.

Do I believe a 7-inch girth provides a better overall sexual experience than a 5 or 6-inch girth penis? That’s a very good question. My answer is:
a) It definitely depends on the woman to some extent. Some women get really turned on by the sight of a monster girth….and love the feeling of feeling full… I know this from considerable experience. Other women don’t consider it such an attribute. That being said, I never had a woman turn me down for sex after seeing the size of my penis.…
Also, because I am a rather physically large man (6, 1’), perhaps I attract the size queens… Maybe that’s why women appeared so underwhelmed when I was sporting my pre surgery, more than sufficient 6.3 inch (length) X 5 inch (girth penis).

b) I admit that I am neurotic with regards to penis size; this obsession has plagued me since my teenage days. Perhaps this has skewed my perception of my experiences with these women. I know that after I was able to increase the size of my penis (almost 15 years ago) …my confidence and eq shyrocketed…I know this is one of the keys to my positive experiences.

I truly believe though that a 6-inch girth would more favored by the majority of women than a 5-inch girth penis….
How about a 7-inch girth over a 6-inch girth? I would say that it’s probably dicier, but maybe. Some women may just run screaming while other women might think that they hit the motherload…
IMHO I got the best reactions / sex sessions between my rounds where I was 5.75" girth to 6.75" girth. (now 8)
Sure I've met a few size queens who go mad over the thick girth I have now... but they are so few and far between... and usually they aren't as hot as the chicks I can get normally anyway.
Even though I was only 4.5"EG before PMMA, I never had complaints about my girth and I wasn't desperate or anything like that (I wasn't doing it because I felt like I had to in order to live a normal life or satisfy my partner better in some way). I had very regular sex with multiple women before PMMA and I'm not so sure me getting more size has ever been for my partner's enjoyment. I've always been drawn to big dick porn and for me I think this is likely somewhat of a fetish for me.
Here's a brief breakdown of my experiences at various sizes:

4.5" EG: I've always maintained that sex was great even at 4.5" girth. I never really had negative or positive comments about my girth at that size. Maybe I was lucky... but I've always been long (after 5+ years of manual PE ) so that could have helped.

5.4" & 5.75" EG: I started getting the "omg you are so big" type reactions as early as after my first round at 5.4" EG. Keep in mind, I was only 21 after my first round... so the girls I was with were age 18 - 25 or so.

6.25" & 6.75" EG: This was the "sweet spot" I feel. Well more like 5.75" - 6.5" would be I bet, where most women will find sex at this size very hot (as you are 99.9% likely to be the biggest girth she's been with at this size, but not SO big that you are too oversized).

7+" EG: Still very enjoyable, but a lot more foreplay seemed to be needed. A lot more wincing of the eyes (ie, slight pain mixed with pleasure etc.) Most girls seemed to enjoy it during the act, but I also started getting texts the next day saying they were sore... one even went to the hospital the next day due to her pain/soreness. I also noticed a big drop off of girls wanting to "hang out again" starting at this size... perhaps they had their big dick experience to cross off the bucket list, then decided to go back to normal... I'm not sure here... I also have been busy with the webcam stuff so I haven't really pursued second "hang outs" very hard.

7.75"+ EG: I can echo the drop off of girls wanting to hang out again, BUT I have also hooked up with more size queens at this size (thanks to things like the Feeld app). I made one girl cum recently off the Feeld app who said she'd (up to this point) never been able to cum during sex. Though, like I said, she was a true size queen. I also tried to date a small 4'11" indian girl... she was so incredibly hot... but sadly, after we had sex the first time she actually texted me the next day saying that she doesn't think it'll physically work to be together... so it doesn't sound like she was very into it.

Conclusion: Women can accommodate pretty much any size (within reason), at least in my experience. The most positive reactions I had with random women were between 5.4" - 6.75" EG. The true size queens tend to like the real large girth, but they are few and far between compared to all the other women out there. I had a pretty steep drop in girls wanting to hang out again after I went above 7" EG.

Based on my experience, I still feel dudes starting at 5.25"+ girths really shouldn't worry about being bigger, if their motivation is that they feel small I mean, girls will love that size and think you are big. At that starting size it honestly isn't worth the risk I'd say... Maybe try HA and get to 5.75" and see what it's like I guess... It seems the majority of women can handle quite a bit, but that doesn't mean they need to, or want to. Some will like it while its happening but will be quick to say goodbye and cross that experience off their list and move on. Some will think it's great. Some will simply not enjoy it all that much.

Went from 4.5 to 8, think 5.75 to 6inch is best

naginati wrote:
Interesting what you say about 5.75 to 6 inch being best. It makes sense.
Always had in my mind a goal between 5.5 to 6. With a taper. If she wants bigger than that it's her problem.
Why did you keep going? You presumably got to upper 6ish and found it wasn't any better. Why did you go to....7.5? Whatever you are now.

It's hard to say, it's not like you one day just reach a size where it's no longer as good, you don't really notice it as it's happening. It's more I've noticed over the years that the average enjoyment level has gone down the bigger I got. There's still people that absolutely go bananas over it and think it's the best thing they've ever felt... buttt now there's more people that just want to try it and then say see ya later, I don't want to be permanently stretched out. Which is bullshit to think anyway, but women do legit think that their pussies somehow get stretched out and our society looks poorly on a not-tight vagina.

(looked also at threads on thundersplace, but found nothing good
edit: ok only one thing, and unfortunately i lost the link:
question on thundersplace forum was 'Women, what penis size would you give yourself if you would become a man?'
And 2 women answered 5.5 inches girth (and 7 or 7.5 length i think) - saying they would want a versatile dick that fits in many partners and also anal)

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710422

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Some Thoughts

As said right now i guess the average of the 'most joyful girth for vaginal sex' for women is 5.7 inches.
And even if that would be the true perfect average most joy-giving cock - this would mean that approximately half would prefer it to be 1mm thinner, the other half would prefer it to be 1mm fatter.
Cause there is variance in women.

I think 5.7 inches is on one hand very big (top 6% of western average regarding ), on the other hand not 'omg, what the fuck is that!?' big. Which i think makes sense - i mean i think it makes sense that the average 'best' size for a woman is not totally outlandish. I mean actually the idea that the best size for women is what only the top 6% of men have seems already totally outlandish to me.
5 inches girth (average girth of the bestselling dildos i think in western countries) would be top 34% of men having that - that seems actually more 'logical' to me.
5.5 inches girth is top 10% girth. ( western average)
I think the size women would prefer to look at and touch with their hand is much bigger than their ideal size they want in their vagina (and even more anal).

'I want to impress women' - fantasies of being super-sexually attractive
Omg, i remember being 15 and super super shy, real bad social anxiety, and being as tall as the smallest girl in class. And i thought if i just would have a giant penis, i would be self-confident.
And then the idea 'the bigger the better'. Is a pretty simple idea / daydream. That the bigger my penis would be, the more women would be pleasently surprised and in awe and the more joy i could give the women - basically like porn shows. And in my daydream they would be insanely attracted to the penis + struggle with a bit of pain to get it in + somehow then super-enjoying it. And i think them having pain but also enjoying it maximally already doesn't make sense.
And now with the next round i guess i can achieve what i think is 'ideal size'. So i will have that maxed out. So there will be one less 'i wish i had... then i would be more self-confident' i guess. Or will it?

Pain and me noticing:
My ex told me that i was actually too big for her since last round, it hurt her. And she is a bit masochistic so it was also ok for her.
And when i got it done and asked her then she told me she was afraid before she couldn't take it anymore, but it's nice. And she had fantasies of taking that big cock (while we still had to wait for it to heal).
It made me wonder a bit
Mostly when a woman moans, i interpret it as 'good'. While actually i guess pain moan is hard for me to tell apart from joy moan.
I put my penis full of great sliding silicone lube and slid it inside pussies - and whenever it went in physically without much problem and her face was not full of pain and she did not stop me with hand i thought 'my penis should be bigger'.

There is also this cracy phenomenon - penis size (bigger is better) seems to be important to me besides female pleasure:
A woman telling me 'you have the perfect dick, not to small and not too big' (i remember two women saying that) - i interpret as a kind of a diss. I make it mean that i should be bigger. Or that i am not big. Or that i should be bigger or want to be bigger. Which seems kinda.. insane.
Perhaps one part of it is not trusting women. And in these 2 situations i have no reason at all to not trust them cause they said it unprompted and super-easily just could not have said it.
The other part is - i want to be bigger than they prefer? I want my penis bigger even if it makes them fell less good? I guess that's wanting to be dominant.
And logically i want maximal pleasure for the women who have sex with me.

I think there is some animal bullshit going on
Eg out of these 2 sentenences it's clear what i like to hear more:
'Your penis is smaller than my ex, and this is great cause it feels better'
'Your penis is bigger than my ex, and this is great cause it feels better'
or these 2:
'Your penis is bigger than my ex, and this is bad cause it hurts'
'Your penis is smaller than my ex, and this is bad cause it doesn't feel as good'
made a thread about that:
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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710460

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"My massive Cock"
Documentary from 2022

Documentary about like 10 guys with very big dicks and their problems
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710462

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Threads from reddit
What are problems with big dicks?
Have you ever been refused sex because of your big dick?
Have you had problems with your big girth?
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

More experience reports with different big sizes:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

More threads:
- big dick problems in sex
- What girth do women prefer? 7 inch?
- she cried
- What did you first think when you found a woman who could take it all?
- Girls bleeding after sex
- How much girth is too much
- Sex can be frustrating with a big d
- Women are very curious about big Dicks
-Is having a massive cock great?
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Have you ever been unable to completely fit in a woman?
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Experience of guy with 7.5 x 6 inch
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Reasons i hate haveing a large penis
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

6 inches of girth - bless or curse?
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How big Penisses are + how big Women like them to be 1 year 6 months ago #1308710544

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In my fantasy in youth or something i imagined having a giant Cock - and whooping it out and women being absolutely positively amazed by it.
Now i think: This effect happens when there is a sizequeen and i have an enourmous penis. I think this would be a penis that is far bigger than the ideal penis of the average women for how it feels vaginal. I think giant penisses are especially pleasing to look at.

I think the average of the ideal penis (best feeling) for women for vaginal sex is not super impressively big visually. As written in the first posts, the average of the bestselling dildos is 12.7cm Girth (5 inches), and the study with 75 women choosing out of 33 wooden models also had their ideal Girth at 12.7cm (5 inches). The top 34% of men have 5 inches Girth or more. Women ideally wanting what the top 1/3rd of men have seems kinda reasonable evolutionary.
And 'average of ideal' still means about 50% women would like it smaller, 50% would like it bigger, just that theoretically i would be most in the 'goldilocks' zone.
5.5 inches is top 10% Girth, and reading many experiences of men, that's where bad effects of size start to happen more and more. (Many report problems, some say they hardly ever have problems, you can read the reddit threads)

Problems i read of that bigger men have:
- Having to be careful when putting it in first (no quickies), *always* having to warm up.. imagine having to warm up 30min every single time.. and if i don't she has painful face on and kind of stops me with hand
I imagine loving a girl and she is in uncomfortable pain whenever i put my Dick in her. And i have to warmup and then 'hope' it works now.. sounds bad.

- Cannot enter fully: I don't have this problem, i can always push in full now with my length 6.1 inches, and i like that

- Rough sex (fast pounding) is not welcome: I like fucking hard.. and i am ok if she taps out for a pause after 10min
- She can only take a certain amount of time of penetration and i would like to do it longer: I think i can handle her tapping out after 10minutes for a pause (in fact i think i like that), when we can do two other rounds later, i guess that's the perfect amount of 'too big Dick'. And i imagine it's tedious if i can do only a little penetration.

- She bleeds when i penetrate vaginally:
That sounds bad, wondering about if i hurt her, wondering about 'will it happen again this time', also mess for the bedsheets

- Vagina felt so tight, that it was uncomfortable for you: I never had that, i like tightness.. my gf complained about pain but i could still have her pussy tighter, hm

- She is sore in days after vaginal penetration: I think i could handle that, especially me being not monogamous, and i heard there is a little danger long term her being out of honeymoon phase her not being soo motivated to have sex anyway, and then her remembering that her pussy hurts for 3 days if she does sex again

- She refused to try vaginal penetration:
Never had that, and that is like the opposite what i would want - i would want women lusting after me mooore me having a bigger Dick, not losing cute tiny girls saying 'nah, you don't even put that in me'. I am thankful of never having 'lost' out of penetration that way.

- Oral doesn't work properly: I don't care so much about oral

- Anal (not trying because of size, stopping it, hurting..): I like anal a lot, i guess i like the fact that i feel 'big' there, cause it's harder to entry, it feels tighter, i have to be slower first, she stops.. and at the end in the best case i can still fuck her reasonably fast and hard
And i lost a girl's anal access in the last round. So that's where my 'bad effects' start now. Edit: lost a second woman doing anal. The anal was sooo good for me. And she said later she really hurt for a while. Third girl taps out sooner at anal now.
And i guess i could have that same effect vaginally if i would be bigger - needing to warmup more, needing to be slower, hopefully being able to speed up later
And i guess that's practical about having a 'larger hole' and a 'smaller hole'

- (Not a problem) she made some comment implying that it's big: That is just great and fantastic, and i guess that's great about having a bigger Dick, and the bigger i would be the more i would get it

Comments to everything in this thread welcome

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