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TOPIC: How BIG should we go? Honestly...

How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1290176505

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Yeah this is the truth. Many of us are warped and think that we need 7in Girth. I also got denied sex 2 times, straight up, not even an attempt was allowed and I\'m 6.5in mid shaft. It\'s like they have already tried the big one and didn\'t like it. The ones I did have sex with, all complained and didn\'t really enjoy it except 2 girls. So since my last procedure, I have had 2 out of 9 woman enjoyed my penis. I included the girls that denied me in the 9. I think 5.5-6 is the sweet spot.

edit.. I am not an amateur in the bedroom either. I know how to warm them up and get them off before hand and all that jazz. It was just uncomfortable for them. Granted the 2 girls that enjoyed had given vaginal birth already... so there\'s that. However one another had given birth and she still found it uncomfortable. Looks like finding a wife is going to be a process..

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277622697

I think you should go as large as you feel compelled to. Hell its a life we only get to live once, and if enlarging your penis makes you happy then do it. I have been in manual penis enlargement for 8 months and gained one Inch in that time. Now looking at surgery as well. I love it!

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277558971

I would love to go 8+ Girth. But it should be noted my long term wife can easily take my fist no lube or 2X 6-7+ Inch dildos at same time. No bullshit.
She would put the girls on BrutalDildos to shame. But it did take a lot of time and effort to get like this. Yes we like it kinkier than most.
I would think most girls would see 6 inches of Girth and go \"wow holy shit, got any lube\"
I think most child bearing woman would see 6.5-7 Inch Girth and go \"fuck, that is really thick, got any lube\"
Just my thoughts from an old man who\'s been on the dancefloor many times
Hope all my PMMA brothers are well

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277506552

@jlmb especially if they also escort on the side. One big D will put them out of commission for the day likely.

I have had friends with benefits who told me they are always sore the next morning. Even after 2 or 3 months of being FWB. Mind you FWB sex is still not \"loving sex\"

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277506520

I think another thing worth mentioning that soreness from sex isn\'t just due to size, but the type and ferocity of sex performed. I think in a ongoing relationship and less \"showy\" sex, a larger Girth is okay, while with one-night stands and hookups where there\'s less familiarity and perhaps more ferocity, you might get complaints or lack of pure positive feedback. I\'m not saying regular monogamous sex can\'t be ferocious, I just think its more mutually considerate.

Female porn actors have to deal with a lot of rough sex, for long periods of time, in weird positions, its not really natural and they\'re obviously going to not look forward for massive guys.

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277506329

Hmm yeah the new car thing is cool, I almost look at it like using steroids. (keep in mind I know 3 cycles of steroids wouldn\'t have this effect but its interesting to take the word PMMA and replace it with steroids and replace penis with muscles... it paints a pretty clear picture)...

PMMA is like STEROIDS...

Ie. You are a small dude who uses one cycle of steroids to bulk up a bit. You did it super fast, and without the same effort of someone who did it naturally. Suddenly everyone notices you are above average and fit and confident, most people can\'t tell you did a cycle.

You then get used to the size you are, the strength is the same and suddenly the attention you get from people (though it hasn\'t gone away) you notice doesn\'t excite you as much.

You want to do another cycle... hell if you got such good results from the first cycle, after a second you should be killer! Everyone will notice and you will look like a muscle model!

So you do a second steroid cycle. Suddenly you are BIG and people definitely notice you everywhere you go. You like the atttention. You hear whispers that some people think you are on roids but you don\'t care.. you a strong, muscly beast. You notice the odd girl though won\'t pay attention to you anymore... almost as if she isn\'t interested in you at all... kind of like the way things used to be when you were skinny... people didn\'t even consider you as a potential partner.

Meh fuck them, TONS of other chicks notice you and think your huge muscles are dope. You are pushing the lines where it comes to a natural physique though... one more round and there will be no hiding that you are on steriods... but you are addicted to the size, addicted to the strength and the thought of more muscle really really excites you.

You do another steroid cycle... the result is SUPER HUMAN... I mean out of every 10,000 guys you see there is only 1 of you for sure. I am talking MASSIVE Jay Culter or Ronny Coleman size muscle freak.

It is now rare for a girl to find you attractive... but the ones who do are absolutely amazed by you. Other girls are scared and wont go near though... your potential partners are seriously limited. BUT you are happy... so thats all that matters right?

Who do the girls typically want most? - guy after once cycle of steroids (lets say 5.25\" - 5.75\" Girth).

We just all need to realize that once you pass that 6\" line, you are walking a thin line... one more step and you kind of jump outside of normal reality and into uncharted lands. Do I still want to? Yeah... are we weird or kind of not thinking clearly?.... yeah.

There is a reason 6\" Girth is the common end goal at (manual PE forums)... because anything over that is so so so rare and pretty much impossible to achieve through manual PE (unless you start close to 6\" Girth already).

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277498719

I think size is going to be determined by the individual. Even if it is not logical , we tend to act on what we feel. I know that with some, this will be the new car syndrome , where you just have to have the new car, can\'t live without, and then after you buy it..... Oh crap this is a heavy burden, I shouldn\'t have done it thing! As far as not settling down because you just want to keep sharing the new tool! Everyone is different, but the only advice I give people is will you look back while on your death bed and be able to say I was a good man and be proud of who you were. Because there is only two things you leave behind that really matter , one is family and the other is your reputation ! I think this discussion is great and I think it is going to be what each person wants in the end, hopefully it is what is right for them also!

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277497765

Wow DWD sounds like we have a lot in common... A couple of months ago I was having sex with around 3 different partners a week... I have since cut that down to around 3 or 4 different partners a month but like you... I have a problem with it and my friends have noticed. I am quite impulsive when it comes to sex.

Guys I am loving the discussion so far!

Hulk, thats great your wife likes the 6.8\" Girth... But don\'t forget she loves you, trusts you and she is your life long partner so she could be a lot more open and comfortable with this where as I am not sure you would be 100% successful with every partner in the open market (especially with 1st time hook-ups). I am not saying its bad that you went so big, if you and your wife love it, that is awesome!

I have had some legitimate problems (at first) with my Girth. I have had a few girls really struggle to get things going smoothly without pain. BUT, I have yet to have completely unsuccessful sex, the girl always warms up to it and likes it.

Why if I am riding the line so close... why do I want more?

Like Messageman... I find it a HUGE turn-on. For some reason the thought of being the biggest she will ever have ever is a very powerful thought.

Will I personally get another round? -- probably.
Should I? -- probably not.
Will it affect my future potential to find a loving partner? -- maybe.

That\'s another point worth discussing... perhaps in a new thread?

- The act of getting an \"enlargement\" has led to thoughts of: \"Why settle down? I want to experience as many women as possible with this thing! Not only that, I want as many wowen as possible to experience it!\"

' Not only do I notice these thoughts in myself... I have seen a few members who are married post that they do sometimes think of what it would be like to \"test it out\" on another girl.

' Could a penis enlargement lead to cheating?

' I had an ex who got a boob job... it led to her cheating... (that and other things, but the added attention was definitely part of it).

' Because I have had this procedure done... I don\'t \"want\" to settle down on a sexual sense... but I miss the love and affection of having one partner who really connects with you. I have found that having this penis has quickly led to thoughts of withdrawl as soon as I have had sex with a girl.

' Will the fact that I have an enhanced penis now prevent me from settling down with only one girl? Will I live the single life untill late in my life?

Getting a penis enlargement changes A LOT of things mentally.

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277493086

Quite the topic. Well, it\'s never ever going to be big enough to make you feel big enough, that is my answer. I have been with more women than anyone I know. This is not a point of pride, my friends are way past the point of listening to my shit with jumping from woman to woman. They all agree I have serious issues and all think I need to just stop, but I don\'t know how to at this point. I average 2-3 a month. I say this because I have had a 4.25 Inch Girth and a 5.75 Inch MSEG. I have always been 6\" nbpel. I have noticed a difference, but not an overwhelming one. The bottom line is I don\'t trust women at all, and until I was so big that I could literally not fit inside her, I would assume she\'s had bigger and that she loved it way more than me and she\'s just lying to protect my feelings. Well, the problem with that is that I\'m not going to think I\'m big until I don\'t fit, and if I don\'t fit then what\'s the point. Now I don\'t get to connect with anyone, my chances for love go away. I can\'t give women orgasms except by means other than my penis... In other words, being too big is worse than being too small. At lease small I can get some pleasure, if I\'m too big, nobody wins.

Here is a fun experiment that I did prior to having a touch up session instead of a full session for round 2. I googled the phrases \"my husband\'s penis is too small\" and \"my boyfriend\'s penis is too small\".
40 million hits. Then I googled \"my husband/boyfriends penis is too big\". Over 100 million hits. Guess what, too big is a bigger problem, because it makes sex hurt. Too small makes it not feel as good, too big makes it hurt which is pain in addition to not feeling good. It makes logical sense that a person would rather not experience as much pleasure than to experience great pain. So it seems from this research that you can indeed be too big, and PMMA can get you there without too much trouble.

This leads to a major problem. I will never feel big enough until I\'m too big. If I\'m too big then this was all a waste. I can always go bigger, but getting smaller is not so easy. We all seem to want to be \" as big as my partner can handle without going over\". That, my friends, is fucked, because you can\'t know where that line is in the future. I have seen women come and go, and what might be great for one is not so great for another. I have known two women that can take fisting (out of well over 100), and probably 40 or 50 that complain of real pain at 4 fingers. Do the math.

There is a happy medium to be reached here. Use the size charts like Mr. Average, size survey, Kinsey report, etc. Talk to women, talk to your partner. Use some common sense and self restraint, and for crying out loud, try to remember why you\'re doing this, hopefully not just to cure your insecurity because it won\'t work.

I no longer feel insecure about my penis, but now I obsess about being too short. It\'s getting bad. In fact, it\'s just like it was obsessing over my Dick was, because it\'s never been about anything physical, it\'s about something inside me that I don\'t like that I want to fix, and you can\'t fix that with injections of anything, be it PMMA or heroin.

I am grateful beyond measure for my new penis, I love it dearly. Is it big enough? Nope. Can it be big enough? Nope. Can it be too big? Yes. There is your problem. What is your answer going to be? Do you want to be big enough or do you want to have sex regularly? It\'s 2013, and you have a choice.

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277492833

Good topic, I think its also psychological issues...

I still remember my first girlfriend --- she was 16 I was 18 ... she had cheated on me before we started having sex, with my friend Jay.

While I was having sex with her -- she started to laugh.

I asked her \"what\'s so funny\".

She responded \'Jay\'s Dick is so big\'.

That was burnt into my brain...

Then fast forward 15 years ... I\'m fooling around with this girl I really like... after 3 separate encouters of fooling around, I pull my pants off... she kinda of pull away from me. I asked her to put her hand on me, she wouldn\'t ... I put it on for her... no excitement... that was the last time we fooled around.

Then fast forward 3 years from that... I goto a friends house who has a pool.. everyone gets naked... so do I ... it ends with one of my friends laughing and pointing at my penis in front all of all these new people I just met.

This is only a few of the many stories of how small I am -- burnt into my brain..
Yes, I\'ve been there ...

Only makes the recent crap I\'m going through that much harder to deal with... cause now I know I\'m smallest I\'ve ever been.

Oh well, keeping a positive outlook...

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277491139

I think the reason ave size guys feel they are small when with women is that the guys that are huge don\'t hold back and tap a lot of pussy, so even though one is ave, women see more of the bigger dicks because they are not holding back. So the fact that Big john\'s experience was what it was, although he was truly ave. women are getting exposed to bigger dicks disproportionately because they are out tapping ass and not holding back while the ave or smaller guys are missing out on opportunities because they are self conscious about their size! I do agree that most women prefer a bigger Dick, but I do question if it is as important as we men make it out to be. Little off topic but just a thought.

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277490918

Great topic for a thread .

I believe that most my motivation stems from psychological issues . Back when I was just starting out sexually I was at least average but somehow convinced that I just didn\'t measure up. Coincidentally, that\'s how I was in most other avenues in my life at the time...academics, sports, popularity , etc. In retrospect, I was above average in most areas but I had an overwhelming sense of inferiority. I believe that most of this had to do with my father who, though loving in many ways, made it clear that He didn\'t feel I measure up to the rest of the family (or society in general).

Somehow I equated (with the help of porn and social pressures) that a good male lover was equated with the size of his Dick. As a young man in his late teens and early twenties my sexual performance (technique and EQ) were negatively affected by these pressures, and as a result I embarked on my \"PE journey\"....Something that would become an obsession over the following two decades.

I have gone from 6.3 inches (length) by 5 inches (Girth) to 8 inches (length) by 7.5 inches (Girth) and everywhere in between. I have slept with scores of women (well over 50) , and believe I am in a very suitable role to voice an opinion on whether size matters and how big is \"too big\".

First of all though, for me, having a large penis size has always been a huge turn-on and confidence booster for me. This has in turn improved my confidence and excitement with sex immeasurably. This point (for me) cannot be underestimated because much (most) of sex is in the brain. And when I am turned on and excited, so is my partner...and magical things do happen.

Regarding the ideal length... This reminds me of the old saying, \"how long is the ideal piece of string?\" It really depends on the case, and in this case, it\'s your partner.
Currently I am 8 inches Erect. I actually measured it the other day when I had a full hard-on while watching porn). I usually (obsessively) measure \"stretched length\", but thought, \"why not do a conventional measuring, for ol\' time\'s sake?\" Just looking at the 8 Inch increment aligned with my penis head made me feel like I did when I graduated from college. An immense feeling of accomplishment, with sporadic images of all the highs and lows of my PE journey dancing around my head.
Well, how do the women like my 8 Inch penis? Well, judging from the only partner I have now...She loves it.
She is in her early 30s and has a child, and she could probably classified as a \"size queen\". One thing I think is interesting to note. A few months ago, my length increased (suddenly) about 1/4 of an Inch. I have always continued to do manual stretching and have worn an all-day-stretcher about 4 hours a day. For the longest time I had no increase in length, but then suddenly...presto, there was an increase. This just goes to show you guys that perseverance pays off! Anyway, after I had hit about 8 inches, I was (suddenly) able to easily hit her cul-de-sac, giving her the ability to have tremendously strong (squirting) orgasms. I am not saying that this would be the same for all women, but in the case of my current lover, she definitely appreciates the extra length. And even 1/4 of an Inch can make a difference.
On the opposite end, back when I was in my twenties (when I was around 6.75 inches in length , a few of the girls found my penis too long....So I guess, it really all depends on how your lover is built and what turns her o.

And regarding ideal Girth. When I started out, I was 5 inches in Girth. A very respectable Girth to be sure, and definitely sufficient to give most women women satisfaction. However, when I was in my \'heyday\', back in my twenties, my 6+ Inch gave a \"wow\" factor that definitely enhanced the sex physically and psychologically.
My current 7.5 Inch Girth (base) is basically guaranteed to be the thickest a woman has ever experienced. My present lover loves it, but (again) she is rather an exception., I really don\'t know how other women would react to it. I am guessing some women would have the \" I just hit the jackpot) reaction, while others might just shake their heads and say \"no way\".

Anyway... This is just my 2 cents....

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277489612

When I started down the PE road more than a decade ago, I knew I was small. Regardless that most claims show I was average, every girl I had ever been with had likely been with someone bigger- that\'s probably a very true statement. I then did the experiment with the cyberskin extenders and found out with a small number of girls, that YES it fits!, and they love it. PMMA is dangerous mentally as almost all of us will see an enormous Girth caused by swelling and then the eventual shrinkage that leaves us less than the biggest we\'ve been. I remember after my first procedure I was thinking, Holy S***!, this thing is huge and it wasn\'t even at 6\" Girth. After my second procedure I had a girl tell me I was gargantuan and I\'m still smiling from that comment. At close to 6.5\" now I still look at myself and think I\'m not very big even though I\'m def in the top 20% of all men and maybe even more. I guess for me it\'s the fastest gun syndrome. I don\'t ever want a woman to see me and not be the biggest she\'s ever seen. Ego? Perhaps but I think more of a culmination of my sexual experiences in the past and a desire to never go back to those days again. Brothers, I actually steered away from some beautiful women because I didn\'t want to pull out my little shooter when push came to shove. Those days are long gone - too bad I\'m so old now!!! lol

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277489486

The society we live in gives all of us pressures of some sort!! Women want to be desired, skinnier , bigger tits ( perfect tits), the perfect ass etc. Men , strongest , best build, money , success and then the trump card of a huge Cock!! This is all pushed by tv, movies , Internet !! And most of the time there is really not anyone that fits the bill so the change camera angles, lighting , makeup, cut the un flattering parts, digitally alter you name it! But then we see the altered version of these perfect people and start to think that is what we need to be! I never thought one bad thing about my Cock until I saw bigger on tv or heard someone talking about it. So I know it is more complicated than this but I think it is a big part of it and I think It was brought up once before, 50 yrs ago all this was not an issue, because we were not bombarded with it!! And I personally think porn is bad , not only from a christian side but from men and women getting this stuff, or garbage in their head! And I admire you Sizemic for recognizing that an removing yourself from it! I still want to do it, because the genie is out of the bottle now, but I am being cautious about moving to fast to make sure it makes sense for me! I am on my phone as usual and it is hard to type a lot and or review so I hope this makes sense! And btw good thread!

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How BIG should we go? Honestly... 11 years 1 month ago #1277489370

When I first started Dr Guinta put it in my head that I could have a 7.5\" Girth so I took that and ran with it. I eventually reduced my goal to 6.75 and sat on that till I had my procedure. Once I reached 6.7 with swelling I quickly realized that it was too big. During my lowest measurement I recorded a 6.45\" Girth and was very pleased. Since I have gained even more than post swelling. I have measured 6.8 (current) but my other measurements have increased making it proportionate which has helped with aesthetics. My wife actually loves the new size, and while she admits to being sore she says its perfect. I tend to agree as the sex is more enjoyable for both parties. This isn\'t a one size fits all argument, life is diverse and will only continue getting more so. The size that was once desireable is no longer the max. Because only those patients who viewed it as a last resort werr getting the virtually unknown procedure. More and more patients with larger starting sizes are starting to skew the lines. I included myself in this category. But its those numbers that make new members feel like they have to have the 6\"+.

Perception is reality. Just because one man views another as having a large penis does not mean he perceives his self as being large. We are different. That makes us great!

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