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TOPIC: Pmma Aftercare (Tijuana)

Pmma Aftercare (Tijuana) 1 month 6 days ago #1308710310

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I am a shower and hang pretty good, retraction was not a problem last round, so I don’t wanna use it.
I think i will use Cialis to get more bloodflow and erections.
Hm. This was a thing i guess in former times, inducing many erections in the first 3 days after.
Don’t know if this is valid. I guess on first day it could be nice to have an erection and see where I should try to massage product towards.

there is some talk about that inflammation is good for gains actually, and ibuprofen reduces inflammation, so I guess I will not take it, I had no pain last time
Hm. I guess i made a post about this once:
I guess i am still undecided.

Infrared light:
i wonder if it's helpful to use it in the pmma process.. or against the swelling
"Red light therapy is usually anti-inflammatory"
There were theories that inflammation could be good for gains instead of anti-inflammation.
Ian said once that after heat of infrared light the pmma moves better – so if it’s heat perhaps let hot water run over it before the massage?

Weighted hanging:
You get a little weight from the Doc, to hang from penis.
I like to use the ESL stretcher instead and stretch slightly upward (stretch upward but use pillow so it’s more forward-upward instead of straight upward) – I think then the swelling can disappear quicker.
But on the other hand: could this make product migrate to the body and shaft? Don’t think so

- Let Ian do the massages, he knows his stuff
- As soon as day 2 there is massive swelling and the penis looks and feels ‘smooth’ – only when swelling is gone one can see and feel the imperfections I think? I think I will mostly use the roller and try to push stuff where it’s ‘too much’ towards where it’s ‘too little’.
- avantiderma say to massage daily for 4 weeks -> did anyone do that? I don’t think you can massage nodules away, can you?
- You cannot massage a dry penis, can you? Should I bring coconut oil for massaging?

- I think they told me after the procedure to get a certain skin-desinfect spray from pharmacy after the procedure (I am now thinking I guess I should get that before the procedure this time) – I wonder if I used that as ‘cream’ to massage with.. I think I was afraid to massage with hands and used the roller instead

Grain-sized nodules on entry points:
I have those from last time.
I guess I will also have them this time.
I don’t care much. No woman mentioned anything.
AvantiDerma says: if something leaks from entry points, put it away and then use tiny tiny roller they gave and roll towards all sides, I guess the entry point being in the middle. I am a bit afraid of making irregularities that way.
-> How did you do it?

Swelling at Frenulum:
- When swelling starts around the frenulum I will quickly compress it with a babysock or something similar
Cause I had this before and I think this worked pretty good
I think it’s good with the ESL stretcher that the vacuum grabber grabs = presses the penis in the frenulum area and presses that area together, which I think is good.

Stretching and preventing retraction:
- is it only for the first 3 days mainly (I think after 3 days pmma is set and cannot be moved again) -> I am pretty sure this is the time to take care of retraction and not the 30 days
- or first 30 days (there was day 21 where penis lost size compared to day 10, and regained size on day 30; so I guess on day 30 collagen procedure is complete)

Collagen supplements or stuff that stimulates collagen: Hm, I will not use it.

My journal:

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