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Yesterday 21:41

WE have promotion on SCROTAL ENHANCEMENT!!!!
“NEW” Scrotal enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid, introductory price of $2,500 for 10cc (5 per side)

also.. price of ELLANSE, duration is 5 years, price and duration is great compared versus other prices and other products!!!

PMMA UTMOST, package for permanent!!!

QUESTIONS? please send Ian your message
29 Feb 2024 15:16
I second Avanti Derma's take on Ellanse. Many recipients of the filler are reporting much longer retention than originally projected by the manufacturer, which is actually great news for penis enlargement patients. Of course, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a good starting point and it isn't unusual for some Clinics trial HA first to see how well your penis acclimates to fillers in general. You may also find you like HA and stick with it, especially given its healthy safety profile if you come across a version/brand with better overall retention.

Truthfully I'm not sure what brand of HA Moorgate uses, and depending on the nature of its cross-linking & quality, may not be the most ideal iteration of HA for penis enlargement (pure speculation on my part if you've seen such a dramatic loss in a month's time @Kara101349 ). Typically you don't start looking at topping off any reductions until about a year (give-or-take a few months) post-op, so either you're a rare outlier (someone who breaks down foreign bodies rapidly on the extreme end), or the quality of the HA isn't ideal for penile application. This is open speculation on my part because I have no knowledge of what brand of HA is being employed, how/where it's being sourced, etc.

Fat transfer is an option as well, but I cannot vouch for the efficacy or quality of Moorgate's FFT work, I've only heard/seen their dermal filler results.

If you wish to remain in Europe, Androfill of U.K. or Dr. Horn's own Independent Clinic in Brussels, Belgium can provide HA, and Ellanse is available in the U.K. (I am awaiting on word about Ellanse's availability in Belgium). The only other options for Ellanse that are trustworthy are the aforementioned Avanti Derma in North America, as well as a Clinic or two in Australia, but I haven't been in touch with the Aussies in a bit so don't know the current status there.
29 Feb 2024 13:54

bigboy1234 wrote: I am actually based in The Netherlands so Belgium is not that far away. But I searched in Europe since I think the prices in the Netherlands are to high (of course depends on quality) and found Hamburg which can put in a lot of filler for a good price but I had no idea how good they are

I will check out the Brussels office

No problem. Dr. Horn has an independent Office in Brussels (he otherwise is affiliated with Androfill in the U.K.) and does an array of Plastic Surgery, and is well versed/experienced in the injection of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Ellanse into the penis for enlargement. Although I'm not sure of the legal status of Ellanse in Belgium at present time (it is available in the UK regardless), but HA is a good starting point regardless.
27 Feb 2024 11:32
I am new here so please change the location if necessary

I am looking into penis girth enlargement using hyaluronic acid filler. I want about 20 ml injected

My current erect size is 7 to 7,5 long and 5,5 inch girth. I want my girth to be 6 inch to 6,5 inch.

I am looking for prices and found Hanseaticum in Hamburg able to inject 20 ml genefill HA for almost 2200 Euro and 30 ml for almost 2500 euro. And they inject that in one session.

Obviously I want a huge girth but not really much more then I think 6,5 inches because I am afraid that I won't fit into many women

Has anybody experience with Hanseaticum in Hamburg? Prices are good, filler brand is good so if I have the money I am like make me grow. But I don't know the clinic so any help is appreciated
21 Feb 2024 12:36
Yes. We use Revanesse Versa+ hyaluronic acid. They are 1.2 ml syringes rather than the standard 1.0 ml so you get 20% more dermal filler. It also has the best g prime, flexibility, and best safety record with the FDA.

All the best,
21 Feb 2024 01:31
Are your girth injections done with hyaluronic acid?
19 Feb 2024 21:54
Could Ellansé™ be the most advanced product for nonsurgical phalloplasty that we have now? (read this!!!!)

Key Advantages

1. Longevity (duration)

• The PCL implant lasts much longer than the hyaluronic acid implant. The microspheres of PCL enter phase II of degradation until the forth year after injection.

• The PCL implant is absorbed exceptionally slowly, and unlike PMMA, which persists for life, the former eventually disappears, allowing the tissues to return to their basal conditions; the advantage is that the patient is freed from the implant in the later stages of his life when his priorities change.

2. Consistency

• The hyaluronic acid gel retains water and it can be soft and spongy, mainly when used in high volume. We have reports of patients who left finger marks after handling the penis firmly.

• PCL and PMMA implants owe their volume to new collagen formation, so their consistency is natural and much firmer than hyaluronic acid.

In our practice, we have found that the effect of Ellansé™ on the penis lasts much longer than the 18-24 months that researchers have reported in patients who received it on the face. At Avanti Derma, we have Ellansé™ non-surgical phalloplasty patients who have had the implant for almost a decade, and its absorption has not been sufficient to justify a touch-up or an additional session.

So, the big question now is: could Ellansé™ be the most advanced product for nonsurgical phalloplasty that we have now?

Those readers interested in more knowledge of Ellansé™ will find intermediate/high-level technical information in the following attachment. Ellansé™ Monography

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Luis Casavantes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

or message us on this thread!!!! we will answer you!
19 Feb 2024 20:14
I'm confused. Isn't everyone's erect length much longer than their unstretched flaccid length? Unless he meant you are a big-time grower (like I am) where the contrast in size between limp & hard is so dramatic, I'm still not sure why that would disqualify you from circumcision. You should reach out to their office and ask for a more medical explanation on why this would pose a problem, especially given the potential obstacles created by getting dermal filler enhancement on an uncircumcised penis.

And I'll note as I've done many times before, being uncut (a.k.a. uncircumcised) doesn't necessarily disqualify you as a candidate for girth enhancement, but it does mean you are at higher odds of aesthetic irregularity than cut (a.k.a. circumcised men). I'm very confidence in this assertion because some of the highest volume penile injectors have all stated this as a matter of fact and not speculation. Sure, as an uncut guy you can end up with a satisfactory result, but if I were in the shoes of an uncut guy, I'd weigh which was more important: foreskin, or the trade-off for girth.

I know for some guys, getting circumcised is controversial and I'm in no way saying you MUST get this done, only that you ought to accept you are not going to be an ideal candidate for filler injections, and your most optimal alternative route would be to go for Hyaluronic Acid (HA) due to its reversible & temporary nature, and to do so in small volumes, building girth up incrementally.
19 Feb 2024 01:40
Through my clinical experience, I have found that both hyaluronic acid (HA) and PMMA fillerpolymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) fillers can be expertly and safely employed for penile augmentation, whether they are used together or in a sequential approach, to meet the diverse preferences and objectives of my patients.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are particularly valued for their temporary and reversible attributes, presenting a less risky proposition for individuals exploring penile girth enhancement without a long-term commitment. These fillers deliver instantaneous results in girth expansion and are generally well-accepted by the body, exhibiting a minimal likelihood of adverse reactions. One of the standout benefits of VolumaHA fillers is their adjustability, allowing for fine-tuning to achieve the desired aesthetic and tactile outcomes.

In contrast, PMMA fillers are recognized for their enduring results and are chosen by those who desire a more permanent augmentation. The robustness of PMMA is attributed to its microscopic spheres that maintain their position beneath the skin's surface, thus offering a sustained enhancement in penile circumference. However, given the non-reversible nature of PMMA fillers, it is imperative to engage in a comprehensive consultation to ensure that patients have a clear understanding of the long-term commitment and are well-informed of the potential risks and implications.

While each type of filler has distinct characteristics that might make one more suitable than the other depending on individual circumstances, there are no intrinsic contraindications to using them in a sequential manner. This flexibility allows for a customized treatment plan that can evolve over time to align with the changing desires or satisfaction levels of the patient.
17 Feb 2024 14:01

Chip2th wrote: What is P Long ?

By the way I went with HA / Volux got 13 ML looks like .9 inch increase but it’s only been 2 weeks not sure what the final result will be.
You think I’m settled in with the result at this point ?
So far I’m overall satisfied with the result and feeling during sex.
I think eventually I might just go with PMMA because it’s permanent and I won’t have to deal with top ups and logistics of avoiding sex for 2 weeks each time I get HA added.
Is PMMA a lot firmer as well? Biggest risk with. PMMA?
Any suggestions for getting top ups and a good recuse to avoid sex fir 2 weeks without being suspicious? I’ll need to go back and get my base filled in and probably a little more added in just can resist the temptation to add more.
I wet from 4.5 mid shaft to now 5.3 maybe 5.4 if I have a peak rager.
The doctor left a about a half inch gap between the filler and my gland I’m not thrilled with that aspect of it. They said that section is more prone having lumps.
Thoughts ?

More on P-Long

You will likely need subsequent rounds of PMMA to achieve whatever final girth you want, which will also have sexual abstinence of one to two weeks. Waiting two weeks is annually seems like a pretty small inconvenience, but to each their own. You can easily just say you strained your groin/back on a hike and were told to give it a week or two to heal before any strenuous activities that use those muscles, i.e. sex.

PMMA is relatively safe when injected by an experienced practitioner using approved, medical-grade product. However, due to its permanence, it is not easily/readily reversible or removable so if complications to arise (which are rare), and they can be tougher to manage. The advantage of course is that once you are done with all the rounds you need to achieve your goals (including aesthetic revision work), you're set for life. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) on the other hand is temporary (you're looking at an annual top-off for most people), but possesses arguably the highest safety profile in that: (1) it's naturally occurring in your body so it is seen far less as a foreign object thus likely being a less inflammatory substance; (2) much easier to reverse/remove, especially if done early; and (3) is offered by virtually every practitioner so that any urgent touch-ups or treatments to unforeseen (and exceedingly rare) complications can be done locally if necessary.

They both have their Pros & Cons, and if you are happy with what you already have, I'd recommend sticking to it.
17 Feb 2024 13:08
There is no such thing as the absolute best, many of the best Doctors are innovators in an otherwise experimental field. If you search the Physician Directory I linked above, you'll find that they are very capable in their methodologies. What you need to assess is logistics at this point if "money isn't an issue." Good luck.

PMMA is the the safest permanent non-surgical option, Alloderm (Surgimend is under recall at the moment) is the safest surgical method (under an experienced Surgeon), and the P-Long protocol is the safest means that don't involve injections (other than monthly PRP) or scalpels. Permanency in it of itself isn't necessarily superior to temporary fillers like Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as it is more recognizable to the body than foreign objects like PMMA, Ellanse, or Radiesse micro-spheres. Food for thought, but they are all viable options as iterated in my prior post.
16 Feb 2024 18:00
Viable options still in discussion, in a nutshell:

Non-Surgical (Injectable Dermal Fillers):
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • PMMA
  • Ellanse (not available in the U.S.)
  • Radiesse
  • Renuva

  • Fat Injections (FFT)
  • Dermal Grafts (e.g. Alloderm, Surgimend)
  • Ligamentolysis (lengthening surgery)

Protocols (neither surgery or filler injections; primarily relies on a prescribed enlargement routine and possible supplementation over a period of time:
  • P-Long
  • A soon-to-be-announced Rejuvall Protocol

Also worthy of note* -- rigid silicone implants for the purposes of augmentation are still just as bad as they were in 2011, and large volumes of silicone oil as dermal filler injections are arguably just as bad -- avoid both!

Check out the Phallo-Guide for a refresher, then hit up the Physician Directory to see which vetted & screened Practitioners are in your area who may provide the kind of services you are looking for.

And of course, there is a lot to catch up on, so find an hour(or more) every week and brush up on the last couple years of discussion and progress reporting. Good luck!
16 Feb 2024 15:17

Skeptical_One wrote: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and silicone are on the literal opposite ends of the spectrum; HA has arguably the best safety profile among dermal fillers whereas silicone oil has arguably the worst. I wouldn't write off HA in the hands of a quality injector (the Dallas PhalloFILL location has put out a lot of great work and satisfied patients --> click the Review Tab in addition to comments made around this forum about their Team).

Indeed, I think my wording may have been off? HA i absolutely will touch, and have (and have some bits still remaining in my junk still from a long while back). If I were down for more HA I'd be at Dr Clavell's office tomorrow, cash in hand.
What i will absolutely NOT touch (in large part thanks to reading here) is silicone, and if a doctor offers it he doesn't know dicks, and as such, I'll write them off entirely.

I just don't want to do HA any more - nothing against the outcome, but I'm ready for PMMA.It's just a whole ordeal getting scheduling sorted to get to TJ or Ohio or Florida, whereas a 4 hour drive is no biggie.
15 Feb 2024 23:18

itgoesthud wrote: a 10ml syringe is massive as well - any info on who the doc is? I googled extensively for PMMA docs in Texas because I hate flying, but everyone I've seen is either HA, or silicone, which i aint touching.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and silicone are on the literal opposite ends of the spectrum; HA has arguably the best safety profile among dermal fillers whereas silicone oil has arguably the worst. I wouldn't write off HA in the hands of a quality injector (the Dallas PhalloFILL location has put out a lot of great work and satisfied patients --> click the Review Tab in addition to comments made around this forum about their Team).
15 Feb 2024 06:49

Spuds1987 wrote: Has anyone here have any experience with Dr Carney. I believe I will have to get silicone removal done and was just wondering if any one has had this done. I unfortunately was ill informed and had what's was called "proprietary formula" injected... I later found out that it was silicone and some other unknown formulas. Was assured that it was safe. Long story short I developed an abscess and have been on antibiotics for about 40 days... I'm not draining anymore at the moment but I fear infection will come back. I still have a small hole in shaft that does not appear to be healing... My urologist has not been much help and referred me to another urologist.... Just looking for some advice.

Yes many have gone to Dr. Carney to have the silicone removed, I know this through both firsthand and secondhand information.

The issue is that most of those guys are almost certainly not logging in daily (most guys who have to deal with these matters usually rather not dwell on the subject post-removal), and you'd have to be lucky that both a former Carney-silicone-removal-patient happened to log in (or will log in the near future) AND come across this post.

Your best bet would be to reach out to Dr. Carney's office and ask if they have any former patients who have willingly provided their contact info in the event others needed to reach out for support/guidance.

Also, this is why Dr. Carney is so strongly recommended in this situation: (1) Most Urologists aren't necessarily versed in male phalloplasty (the field remains experimental, in other words, there is no Urological Textbook on how to properly enlarge the penis); (2) Dr. Carney is both a Reconstructive Urological Surgeon AND "phalloplastician" (as in, he's well versed in most medical penis enlargement methodologies); and (3) he's done these specific removals a number of times to make him as qualified as any to perform the procedure, so that should be some reassurance moving forward.

The Loria operation needs to be shut down. I just don't understand why he doesn't employ Hyaluronic Acid (HA), PMMA (Bellafill), Radiesse, Renuva, or Fat Transfer as his filler-of-choice; all those have been demonstrably efficacious, but for some unexplainable reason he (Loria) would prefer his silicone oil proprietary cocktail mix injections. I have some ideas as to why he still takes this asinine route, but I'd much prefer waiting to see what else comes down the pipeline first.

Best of luck.
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