The Procedures Videos

Preparing for the P-Shot

Description: Preparing for the P-Shot!

Interview with Mila

Description: Interview with Mila regarding male procedures at Jiva Med Spa!

Join us for an Q&A session with a patient sharing his experience. #penisenlargement #girthmatters

Description: Join us for an Q&A session with a patient sharing his experience. #penisenlargement #girthmatters

Non Surgical Girth Enhancement

Description: Ever heard of "The Curse?" It's something that affects millions of men and negatively impacts their intimate relationships, self-esteem, and motivation every day. Whether you're wondering if it's even possible to increase girth size, if girth enhancement is safe, or just looking for where to get girth enlargement injections near you, we'll answer your questions about non surgical penis girth enlargements in this video, as well as how you can safely cure The Curse in about an hour or less!

Aesthetics by Dr. Luis Lee - P-Shot

Description: Get ready for P-Shot by excellent Dr. Dr. Luis Lee

Ageless MD Visualizing Male Enhancement

Description: Dr. Tsay of Orange County demonstrates how a man can increase his girth, width, and flaccid length through the use of injectable fillers. This is a relatively safe outpatient procedure that requires no general anaesthesia. Visit for more information!.

Penile Girth Enhancement, PMMA Male Enhancement

Description: Avanti Derma’s nonsurgical PMMA PGE with soft tissue fillers has been designed to give the penis a beefier, heavier feel while reducing retraction during relaxation in the flaccid state.

S.W.A.G. Procedure - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Description: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shafer utilizes techniques learned through surgical training and applies them to girth enhancement in what is called the Shafer Width And Girth (S.W.A.G.) Procedure.

S.W.A.G. Procedure - Stress Free

Description: Patients often times are surprised by how smooth, easy, and relatively pain-free this procedure can be. It is non-surgical, meaning you will only need local anesthetics and not need to be put under general anesthesia. Sit in a comfortable world-class operating room with views of Manhattan NYC.

S.W.A.G. Procedure - Blunt Tip Cannula Technique

Description: Dr. Shafer employs the use of a rounded blunt-tip cannula instead of a sharp needle to dispense the dermal filler. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to nerves, vessels, and tissue during the procedure, making it a much safer technique.

Premature ejaculation is cured after receiving filler

Description: #filler #premature ejaculation #enlargement #urology Hello, this is Director Lee Ji-yong of Proud Urology.This time, continuing from the last time, it is about premature ejaculation treatment.

Overview of Surgical Penis Enlargement by Dr Liu

Description: A variety of topics dealing with the aesthetic (or corrective) improvements of the penis, scrotum & testicles, as well as the overall health of the penis, including matters like erectile dysfunction and so forth.