Tijuana Penile Girth Enhancement Procedure

While the penile girth enhancement procedure continues to gain steam in the United States, as with many medical industries, men are increasingly research various body enhancement procedures down in Tijuana and Baja California. Often times these costs are a fraction of the the U.S. costs and highly sought after, but at the same time there are always precautions when going to Tijuana for your penile girth enhancement procedure. If you do plan to go to Tijuana for this procedure, its crucial that you educate yourself properly and find a physician you can trust. We do have a clinic in Mexico that we have vetted and qualified should you be exploring options down there.Avanti Derma has become a trusted PhalloBoards community physician performing penile girth enhancement procedures in Tijuana, this is just a recommendation for you, if you have another physician you'd like to try, definitely utilize the PhalloBoards community to get the information you need!


Girth Enhancement Information

If you are exploring your options on this procedure, you're sure to have come across a wide array of marketing around the web "promising" amazing results and various techniques (bib hanger penile girth enhancement technique for example). The PhalloBoards community works hard to help you separate fact from fiction, providing REAL information from REAL men who have undergone the procedure and would like to share their experiences with others.

We have become the most trusted resource on the web for penile girth enhancement information because we work hard to educate men on the pros and cons, and also allow you to join the community and ask the questions you need!

If you aren't sure where to start, check out our NEWBIE GUIDE with answers to frequently asked questions along with a glossary of terms commonly used within the medical community as well as this forum that can help you understand the "lingo" being used.

Before and After Results

Sure there are before and after photos throughout the web, but often these are the "best of the best" results achieved. Unfortunately, many physicians websites also have photos but these are taken from other physicians sites (or even PhalloBoards).

We are the only website with penile girth enhancement before and after photos that are provided by REAL Men who have undergone the procedure and would like to share their experiences and results to help educate other men with expectations and feedback. This has become a very popular resource because it shows REAL results.

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The PhalloBoards team encourages you to join the community! Ask the questions you need answers to, provide feedback on physicians, share your results and more! This is also commonly referred to as a Tijuana penis enlargement procedure as well!