Introducing the P-Hanger

While the PhalloBoards is focused on the penis enlargement surgery itself, there are numerous discussions within the forum along with emails we receive inquiring about the bib hanger and p-hanger penis enlargement solution so we couldn't ignore the interest in this technique.  After evaluating the various options in the industry, we received more information from the P-Hanger brand and decided we would post it up to our members who may be interested in this technique.

You can certainly still contact us if you would like further information on this technique. Here is some more information below that we have been able to gather.

If you are interested in exploring this option more, you can learn more about the P-Hanger Technique by going to their website

P-Hanger Technique

About the P-Hanger

NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT: Our PHanger helps in gentle penis enlargement with the help of weights, making it a painless alternative to surgical penis enlargements

EFFECTIVE BAND DENSION: The Penis Hanger assists in stretching the ligamentum suspensorium through a progressive increase in weight and helps to strengthen blood vessels and blood circulation

INNOVATIVE PENIS ENLARGEMENT PRINCIPLE: The penile exit angle is an indicator of the potential for length gain. Over time, the ligament straightens and the angle of emergence shifts downward

EASY TO USE: On a cloth and theraband, the penis extender is installed with the adjustment screws and weight. Then hang straight down from the edge of a chair in the supine position

SCOPE OF DELIVERY: PHanger with adjustment screws for fastening | Including detailed instructions & Theraband | Recommended use: Daily 6 sets of 20 minutes (+10% weight increase per week

Natural effective method to penis enlargement without surgery

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