Surgical or Non-Surgical Options for Men with Micro-Penis

Dear Dr. Solomon, I have been asked on occasion about surgical or non-surgical options for men with micro-penis. Do you (or have you) ever performed surgery on patients with a micro-penis? What's your opinion on the condition, and what are some advice you can give to men with micro-penis?

I have performed surgery on men with true micropenis. The nature of the procedure is quite customized since there are often several components to the problem. The goal for these men is improvement. It is often impossible to get a true micropenis to be more than a modest penis, but for these men, that is often enough.

 Dr. Solomon, I've read you're a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. What other male enhancement services do you provide that aren't necessarily related to phalloplasty?

Answer: Men have a variety of issues that I treat. Specific to men are surgery for gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) and pectoral implants. These implants are used for men who want to add definition to their chest that exercise won’t provide. Calf augmentation and bicep augmentation can be performed as well. Other procedures for men include liposuction and facial surgery. Facial surgery includes eyelid surgery, nasal surgery, chin surgery, forehead lift (also known as browlift) and facelift.