Supplements for Penis Enlargement

Note: The PhalloBoards site is created for the penis enlargement surgery procedure. Because of the "industry" there are discussions on various penis enlargement techniques, pills, and supplements in this forum. We are not here to dispel or dismiss any particular option but provide REAL information. This site does not sell supplements nor promote the use of any supplements.

If you are looking for penis enlargement options, then you've most likely come across sites with ads for penis supplements promising HUGE RESULTS FAST! While this may seem like an amazing opportunity to get a larger penis simply by taking some supplements, this just simply isn't the case. There are some potential serious side-effects because of the ingredients in supplements that can be hidden in these products.

While the PhalloBoards is focused on the penis enlargement procedure, there are many men who end up on our site asking questions about supplements, if they work, etc. We are not here to dismiss penis supplements, but to provide you the opportunity to join our community of over 10,000 men who discuss various topics of the penis enlargement industry, and allow you to get HONEST feedback from others in the community.

Be Careful!

Remember, if it were as easy as taking supplements to increase penis size, we're pretty sure millions of men would be using them. But the biggest warning is simply that the ingredients in the supplements aren't fully approved, and some are NOT supposed to be mixed with normal medications you could be taking, such as blood pressure medicine.

Ingredients Used in Penis Enlargement Pills can cause side effects including:

Allergic reactions if interacting with other drugs
Low blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat
Potentially increased cancer risk

Some of the less risky side effects than the above include:

Reddening of the face
Persistent headaches
Vision changes
Nasal congestion
Back Pains

So again, we just wanted to send you a warning but of course we always recommend you do what you feel is best for your body. But our community is always here to answer any questions should you be exploring the supplement penis enlargement option!