San Francisco Bib Hanger Technique

If you are in San Francisco and researching the various penile girth enhancement techniques around the web. You've most likely across various penile girth enhancement procedures and surgeries and we're sure you have come across the bib hanger technique. It is has become a very commonly discussed technique in the male enhancement industry. While there is no proven data to the effectiveness of the technique, there are some serious issues that can go wrong with this particular strategy. This forum is about discussion of various techniques, there are men who have tried bib hangers on the forum and can share further insight, we encourage you to learn more about it before you try it just so you are aware of potential serious side effects.


San Francisco Bib Hanger Warnings

To reiterate are thoughts, PhalloBoards has no stance on the effectiveness of the bib hanger technique, but after discussing with various physicians and with members on the site, there are some potential warnings. Any time you are hanging weight from your genital area, there are risks, these can include:

Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage
Tissue Damage
Peirone's Disease - Plaque built up in the shaft, painful to have sex

PhalloBoards a robust community of over 10,000 real users that discuss the various procedures in the industry. As the penile girth enhancement continues to grow (no pun intended), there are a lot of techniques and pills on the market claiming extraordinary results. This forum exists for you to ask questions and get the right information from the community so that you can make the right decision for your self.

If you have tried the bib hanger technique and would like to share your thoughts on the forum, you are welcome to do so! We encourage an open environment. If you have tried a penile girth enhancement surgery and would like to share those results, we are all ears on the effectiveness you achieved!