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For men exploring their options with the penis enlargement surgery it can be difficult to find quality and reliable information. With over 10,000 men in the PhalloBoards community and over 10 years of discussion, the PhalloBoards has become one of the internet's premier resources for penis enlargement information. When you search the web it can be difficult to sort out what is fact and what is fiction, our forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need as well as reviewing previous discussions not only on the surgery itself, but a variety of "techniques" and "supplements" you see when doing research.


Penis Enlargement Photos

Just like any body enhancement procedure, individuals want to see before and afters and understand what types of results they can expect to achieve. This is why our penis enlargement surgery photo gallery has become a very popular resource for men, these images aren't just stock images taken from a website, what makes them great is that they are provided by REAL men who have undergone the surgery and looking to share their results and experiences to help educate other men.

We understand you can find images on physician's websites on the web, but you must also realize these images are for marketing purposes and only show the "best of the best" results that doctor or clinic has achieved. Unfortunately, there are many cases where doctors put before and after photos from other doctors procedures, so again, it can be hard to decipher fact from fiction.

Enlargement Surgery Resources

There are a variety of resources on this site, though the information may seem overwhelming, we recommend starting at the PhalloGuide which is a resource that has the answers to frequently asked questions along with medical expert opinions to provide further education.

If you don't have a physician yet and exploring your options, you can always check out the PhalloBoards approved and vetted doctors in our Physician's Directory. This is simply to provide you further options if you want to find a physician that is trusted by the community.

And lastly, if you'd like to ask questions to a physician or clinic but don't want to have to set up a consultation with a local doctor just to get a few answers, check out our Doctor's Forum that the PhalloBoards doctors can answer all of your questions.

Again, we encourage you to join the community! Ask questions, get the answers you need, educate yourself, share experiences, provide feedback and much more!

Education Corner

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for You? Exploring Options and Risks

When it comes to the topic of penis enlargement surgery, there's often a mix of curiosity, desire, and uncertainty surrounding the idea. In a society where body image and self-confidence are significant factors, the pursuit of enhancement procedures is not uncommon. However, it's important to approach such decisions with caution, considering both the available options and potential risks. We highly recommend you enage with an experienced professional before your final decision is made.

The Psychology of Penile Enhancement: Impact on Self-Esteem and Relationships

In today's modern society, the quest for physical perfection often extends beyond fitness and skincare to include the world of penile enhancement (enlargement). The psychological implications of such pursuits go far beyond mere physical alterations. It dives into the intricacies of self-esteem, confidence, and the dynamics within intimate relationships.

How Does a Newly Girth Enhanced Penis Feel?

Non-Surgical Male Enhancement

Potential Benefits

Penis enlargement surgery can offer several potential benefits to individuals seeking to increase the size of their penis. One significant benefit is the improvement in self-esteem and confidence that often accompanies a more satisfying appearance. Many men may feel self-conscious or inadequate due to the size of their penis, which can impact their relationships and overall quality of life. By undergoing surgery to increase the size of their penis, individuals may experience a boost in confidence and feel more comfortable in intimate situations.

Penis enlargement surgery can potentially improve sexual satisfaction for both the individual and their partner. A larger penis may provide increased stimulation during sexual intercourse, leading to greater pleasure and improved sexual performance. This can contribute to a more fulfilling sex life and stronger emotional connections within relationships. Some men may experience a reduction in anxiety or performance-related stress, allowing them to fully enjoy and engage in sexual activity without worrying about the size of their penis. Penis enlargement surgery has the potential to positively impact various aspects of an individual's life, from their self-esteem to their sexual satisfaction.

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With over 10+ years of penis enlargement discussion amongst REAL men, the PhalloBoards has over 5000 members who share advice, answer questions, and discuss possible results.  We have a physician directory with the industries trusted penis enlargement surgeons along with a popular before and after photo gallery with results from men who have undergone the procedure.  If you are new to PhalloBoards, a great starting point is our PhalloGuide with answers to frequently asked questions and more.  We encourage you to join the community and get the answers you need in our penis enlargement forum!