Renuva Penile Girth Enhancement Filler

Renuva is the safe alternative to autologous fat fillers, these injections can provide satisfactor girth with a solid safety profile and lasts up to 5 years. There are a few very popular penile fillers on the market that physician's use for the penile girth enhancement procedure and Renuva is a very popular choice. PhalloBoards is a wonderful resource for men exploring the penile girth enhancement procedure and process with over a decade of information and interaction between real patients who have undergone the process. It has quickly become the internet's #1 resource for everything "penile enhancement" and "penile filler" education and information. We have a community of over 10,000 men discussing their real experiences and providing information for other men that will be valuable in educating them before the process begins.


Unlike any other site, we have a "penile girth enhancement before and after photos" gallery that has pictures that are submitted by REAL patients. These men have graciously provided their results and experiences to help educate others. You can find before and after pictures on many doctors websites, but they are only going to show the BEST results they have achieved. You also have the ability to interact with these users and ask any questions to them regarding their experience.

Renuva Penile Filler Information

You can join the community, share your experiences, learn from others and ask any questions you have! This forum is 100% private and fully discrete. You can browse, learn, and interact from the privacy of your own choosing. Check out the General Forum. This is where you can start to search for "Renuva" related posts if this is the filler you are exploring or if this is the penile filler your physician is recommending. As we always like to say, knowledge is key.

As with any body enhancement procedure, you need to do your due diligence in educating yourself on the outcomes, possible side affects, expectations and much more. There are a wide array of physicians' jumping in to this market because it is growing rapidly (no pun intended). If you do not have a physician in mind but would like to find one, we have our "Physician's Directory", these physicians have been vetted and qualified by the PhalloBoards community. You do not have to use our chosen physicians, this is an extra resource should you not know where to start.

We also have a "Doctor's Forum" where you can ask questions directly to our qualified physicians without being "sold" to. They will answer your questions along with members in the PhalloBoards community.

There is a lot of information on this site. If you don't know where to start, please check out our "NEWBIE GUIDE" that will provide the more common frequently asked questions and you can also view our Penile Girth Enhancement Glossary to help you understand the medical terms and abbreviations used in this industry.

We look forward to having you join! Share your experiences and interact with others.