Question of Filler Migration

During the PhalloFILL Enhancement, even and symmetrical columns of filler will be laid from the base to the head of your penis for an overall increase in girth. The columns can be laid thicker or thinner in different areas if your goal is to correct irregularities in your natural anatomy. Once the filler has been placed, you will be fitted for a compression sleeve that will be placed to keep the penis extended and the filler in place while the encapsulation and bonding process takes place with the existing collagen and elastin in your natural tissue. Once bonded, the filler will remain in place offering patients long lasting, natural, and durable results. Limited lymphatics in the space the filler is placed allows it to last considerably longer than other areas of your body. While Hyaluronic Acid and other fillers bond to your natural tissue, they are not indestructible and can shift over time depending on the care, sexual lifestyle, and metabolism of filler which varies by patient. A significant benefit of PhalloFILL and the utilization of Hyaluronic Acid filler as opposed to more permanent options such as PMMA or fat transfers is that we can dissolve and correct almost any irregularity that may arise as opposed to surgery which is often necessary to correct the migration, nodules, and granulomas associated with more permanent fillers. With Hyaluronic acid, a simple injection of Hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve any unwanted area of filler and touch ups of additional filler can be added at any time to fill in areas that may have shifted or absorbed over time. Unlike other treatments, PhalloFILL is highly customizable, and the non-surgical approach involves no downtime and a minimal recovery aside from the post-treatment responsibility of wearing your sleeve.