Phallosan Penis Enlargement Side Effects

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If you are looking for penis enlargement information on the web, then we are sure you've been inundated with advertisements promoting the latest technique or supplements that will make you get HUGE FAST. Always keep in mind, these are just ads and don't disclose the full accuracy of what actual results may be achieved. PhalloBoards is not here to dismiss these techniques, but provide a resource for men exploring the Phallosan penis enlargement technique along with other techniques (bib hanger for example). While this site is focused on the penis enlargement procedure, you can ask questions and get reliable information from other men.


Possible Side Effects Phallosan

Anytime you hang something from your penis, or use a device on your penis, there are possible side effects that may occur. We encourage you to do your due diligence before proceeding with any technique or procedure on the web, including the Phallosan technique. Possible side effects include:

Damage to the Penile Tissue from Too Much Weight
Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage in the Penis
Peirones Disease (Plaque Built up in the Shaft Makes it Painful to Have Sex)

Penis Enlargement Procedure

The Phalloboards primarily focuses on the penis enlargement procedure itself. There are a wealth of resources available on this site to help men understand other options on the web and to understand the penis enlargement industry in general. With over 10 years of discussion from REAL men, you have the ability to ask questions, share your experiences, help others and more.

If you are new to the penis enlargement procedure, we recommend starting at our PhalloGuide with answers to frequently asked questions. The General Forum is also a terrific place to ask other men questions and see if the Phallosan technique is recommended or has worked for them!