Phallosan Penis Enhancement Technique

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When men search the web looking for penis enhancement information, you will get bombarded with ads for various techniques and supplements promising HUGE RESULTS FAST! One technique that is growing (no pun intended) in popularity is the Phallosan technique. While the PhalloBoards focuses its efforts on the penis enhancement procedure itself, there are discussions on the effectiveness of Phallosan and other techniques (bib hanger for example). This is a general forum discussion for men looking for reliable information on their available penis enhancement options and we hope you do your due diligence before proceeding with any technique, supplement, or procedure!

Phallosan Penis Enlargement Discussion

Are There Potential Side Effects?

Any time you hang something from your penis for extended periods of time, there is the potential for side effects. Remember, everyone is different so you may not experience any of these, but potential side effects include:

Damage to the Penile Tissue from Too Much Weight
Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage in the Penis
Peirones Disease (Plaque Built up in the Shaft Makes it Painful to Have Sex)

General Penis Enhancement Resource

We have a community of thousands of men who discuss penis enhancement options and procedures in our General Forum. You can find a wealth of information on a variety of topics, supplements, and procedures. The PhalloBoards is focused on the procedure itself, but there are also discussions amongst REAL men on other options in the industry.

If you are overwhelmed with the information, we recommend starting at our PhalloGuide which has the answers to frequently asked questions amongst other popular resources.

Lastly, we encourage you to join the community! Do your research, ask questions, share feedback and much more!

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