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The PhalloBoards has become one of the internet's premier resources for everything related to the penis enlargement surgery procedure. One of the most common questions (and rightly so), is what does the penis enlargement surgery cost? To quickly get to the answer, a penis enlargement surgery typically ranges from $6500 - $10,000 depending on the physician or clinic.

As we always recommend, you need to make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that you have the right doctor that you are comfortable with. Just like any body enhancement procedure, costs vary from doctor to doctors, and part of those overall "costs" is the cost of the penile filler that particular doctor prefers.

This is also why we have our extremely popular penis enlargement forums that allows you to ask questions directly to the community to get the answers you need. You can get an idea of costs, what penile fillers were used, what physician or clinic they used, and what their overall experiences were.


If you would like to ask questions to a doctor without having to set up a consultation with your local physician just to get a few questions answered, you can always go to our Doctor's Forum and ask questions directly to the PhalloBoards approved and vetted physicians and clinics.

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Factors Influencing Surgery Costs

Type of Procedure

Penis enlargement surgeries include different techniques such as penile lengthening, girth enhancement, and penile implants. Each procedure has its unique complexities, impacting the overall cost. Penile lengthening typically involves releasing ligaments to extend the penis, while girth enhancement can involve fat transfer or dermal fillers. The type of surgery chosen significantly influences the pricing.

Surgeon's Expertise and Reputation

Experienced and reputable surgeons often charge higher fees due to their expertise, successful track record, and the quality of care provided. While choosing a skilled surgeon might increase costs, it often provides a safer procedure and more satisfactory results.

Facility and Location

The location and the facility where the surgery takes place play a role in determining costs. Urban centers or specialized clinics with state-of-the-art equipment and high-end facilities may charge more compared to smaller clinics or those in less populated areas.

Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

The total cost of the surgery includes pre-operative consultations, tests, medications, post-operative follow-ups, and potential complications. These additional expenses should be factored into the overall cost estimation.

Anesthesia and Operating Room Fees

Anesthesia and operating room fees contribute significantly to the overall expenses. Surgeons often work with anesthesiologists and have operating room charges that vary based on the duration and complexity of the surgery.

Important Considerations

Quality Over Cost

While cost is a crucial factor, prioritizing the quality of care and the surgeon's expertise is important. Choosing cheaper options without considering the surgeon's credentials might result in unsatisfactory outcomes or even complications.

Insurance Coverage

Penis enlargement surgery is usually considered an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Patients should plan for out-of-pocket expenses and explore financing options if needed.

Consultation and Research

Before proceeding with the surgery, thorough research and consultations with qualified surgeons are necessary. This maintains a clear understanding of the procedure, associated costs, and potential outcomes.

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