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As the penis enlargement industry continues to grow in popularity for men throughout the United States (well the entire world), finding reliable and trusted information can be difficult. The PhalloBoards has become one of the premier resources for men looking to get honest and reliable information, and with over 10 years of discusson you can find quality information, and one topic that continuously is asked is "how much is penis enlargement surgery?" There are a variety of factors with no "fixed" price but:

Average Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery: $6500 - $10,000

The price can vary so much because of the doctor's experience, their location, what kind of penile fillers they use, and if they are running a promotion for a period of time. So unfortunately there is no set price but this can give you a ballpark idea.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Picture Results

As with any body enhancement procedure, men want to be able to see what kind of results they can achieve and what to expect. This is why our penis enlargement before and after gallery has grown in popularity (no pun intended). The images provided in this resource are from REAL men who have gone through the procedure and are graciously sharing their results and experiences to help educate other men.

Physicians do have pictures on their websites but these are often only there for marketing purposes and only show the best of the best results they've achieved. As the industry has grown, there are many physician's jumping in to capitalize on this trend and sometimes clinics take pictures they've found around the web and put them on their own sites, so be careful!

What Other Educational Resources?

We always recommend to men who are overwhelmed research the web to start at our PhalloGuide which has the answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary of terms to help you understand the "lingo" used in this forum and the medical community, as well as a medical expert opinions page to help you get further opinions from the PhalloBoards physicians.

Don't want to set up a consultation with your local doctor just to get a few questions answered? No problem! Check out our Doctor's Forum where you can ask questions directly to the PhalloBoards physician's from the privacy of your home, saving you time and money.

We also recommend you join the community and ask questions directly within our general forum and our community will help you get the answers you need. There is a wealth of information in the forum that you can read previous discussions and questions as well!

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