Penis Enlargement Surgery Before and After

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As with any body enhancement procedure, the penis enlargement surgery being no different, men want to see before and after results, pictures, and experiences to fully understand what can be achieved with this particular procedure. The PhalloBoards has become one of the internet's premier resources for men looking to obtain penis enlargement through the surgery process that has become extremely popular over the past few years.

The PhalloBoards has a penis enlargement surgery before and after pictures section that is a terrific resource for men to actually see results. These images are provided by REAL men who have graciously shared their before and after pictures not only to show the results, but share their experiences as well.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Before and After Photos

What Else Can I Expect?

There are so many discussions within the PhalloBoards about the penis enlargement surgery, with men joining the community to ask questions about stuff they've seen around the web and want to know what's true and what isn't. With over 10,000 members in our community, this group of men helps each other out by answering questions, sharing experiences and more!

How Soon Can I Have Sex After the Procedure?

While there is no set timeline, most men are able to have sex after the procedure in about a week. Most doctors and clinics will recommend 14 days to be on the ultimate safe side, but this will vary in opinion from doctor to doctor. So we always recommend you listen to your physician but safely, let's say on average about 10 days after the procedure.

How Much does the Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

On average, the cost of the penis enlargement surgery ranges between $6500 - $10,000. There is no "fixed" price when it comes to the procedure, and just like any other body enhancement industry, it depends on the physician's experience, the location they are in, what kind of penile fillers they use, whether they are running a promotion, or simply that's just what their fees are. But you can expect the numbers above to be comfortably accurate.

There are so many more questions of course, which is why we encourage you to join the community and ask questions directly in our forum! There are thousands of men out there who can answer your questions from personal experience or in some cases, personal expertise!

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