Penis Enlargement Supplements

You've most likely searched the web for penis enlargement solutions and seen quite a few advertisements for penis enlargement supplements promising HUGE results. While we're sure these supplement providers have good intentions, you must realize they are simply just ads with marketing messages to try and get your attention to "buy". The PhalloBoards site works hard to help men exploring penis enlargement options to find the right information that is quality, and provided by REAL men who have explored their own options and tried various techniques, supplements and procedures. Creating a community in which we can all learn from each other.


Possible Side Effects

When it comes to the penis supplement industry, there aren't any medically proven supplements that have been tested and proven. Most are theories of certain ingredients and herbs that "may" be shown to have an increase in the genital region. But again, you wouldn't put something in your body that is unproven and untested and penis supplements should be the same way.

The real risk that comes with penis enlargement supplements or enlargement pills is that there are ingredients in them that are either hidden or not known, and they can potentially create a dangerous side effect if used with your current medications that aren't supposed to mix together. Our goal is not to deter you from using penis enlargement supplements if you wish to try, but more so educate you that there a risks involved.

Ingredients Used in Penis Enlargement Pills can cause side effects including:

Allergic reactions if interacting with other drugs
Low blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat
Potentially increased cancer risk

Some of the less risky side effects than the above include:

Reddening of the face
Persistent headaches
Vision changes
Nasal congestion
Back Pains

Remember, this is a very unregulated industry when it comes to penis enlargement and pills and supplements, the end risk will fall on you, the individual should something happen. Always do your research and educate yourself before moving forward with any penis enlargement pills, techniques and procedures.

Trusted Penis Enlargement Information

The PhalloBoards forum and website in general exist to allow for a place where men can discuss penis enlargement topics, share experiences, provide success stories, and warn others, with the goal to help educate each other so you don't feel like you are alone in your journey. Should you have questions that you'd like to talk directly to one of our trusted physicians, check out our Doctor's Forum if you would like to get an answer directly from a vetted clinic or physician.

If you aren't sure where to begin, check out our NEWBIE GUIDE with questions and answers to frequently asked questions. There is a lot of high quality information on this site and we encourage you to do your due diligence before trying to use supplements that haven't been vetted, or techniques that can easily injure your genitals.