Penis Enlargement Exercises

Do you believe there is any validity to the claim that penis enlargement devices (example: pumps, hangers, etc.) and penis enlargement exercises (example: jelqing, stretching, etc.) can increase the size of the penis?

There is no objective evidence that these methods do very much good. I am aware that they are very popular and that men would like to avoid surgery, but these devices do not have a great track record for most men. One exception is the use of a stretching device for penile curvatures. This does sometimes work and is worth a try, especially for mild curvatures that are not associated with a thick Peyronnie's plaque.

Do you believe there is any validity to the claim that supplements (example: male enhancement pills, topical creams, etc.) can work in increasing the size of the penis? If they are indeed scams, how have they been able to remain prevalent?

Supplements provide no long term benefit. Yohimbine, which is one type of supplement, can provide some short term benefit, but does not create a permanent change. Of greater importance regarding supplements is that they are not regulated by any agency in the US. Therefore, the makers of supplements can make any claims they want with little or no downside. An interesting study performed at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia examined the content of supplements and found that many of them had little or none of the product claimed to be present. This included some vitamin supplements. I actively encourage my patients to stop taking supplements before surgery since they can create problems such as bleeding after surgery.

(8c) Do you see any benefit in employing the use of growth factors (like Platelet Rich Plasma treatment) to achieve size? Also, do you believe there is any merit to the idea of PRP-therapies improving the result of a penis enlargement procedure?

This is a hotly debated topic. Like the other topics in this thread, there is little evidence to support the use of PRP. I am aware of anecdotal evidence for PRP, especially with hair restoration. As for its use in penis enlargement, there is, at present, no evidence that supports its use.

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