Penis Bib Hanger

The penis bib hanger is a technique for penile girth enlargement that you may have come across in your research. While there are no proven studies for the penis bib hanger success or not, it continues to be a research option for men. With that said, its very important that you do all your research before making a decision to move forward with this particular technique. PhalloBoards was created over a decade ago and has over 10,000 members that discuss the various penile girth enhancement and penile filler techniques. It is a community built to help men looking for quality information and learn from other men's experiences. When it comes to the penis bib hanger, it is important to weigh the risks of hanging heavy weight from your genital area. If you have questions, please join the community and ask away, our members will surely provide you much needed feedback, results, risks, warnings, successes and more!


Unlike any other resouorce on the web for penile girth enhancement procedures, we have a penile girth enhancement before and after gallery with pictures provided by REAL men who are graciously sharing their experiences or successes with other men looking to get more information.

Penis Bib Hanger Risks

We are certainly not here to dismiss the penis bib hanger technique, but more so want to make you aware of the risks that can occur using the bib hanger. The penile area is a very sensitive part of the body so its important that you have the education before trying this technique.

Penis Bib Hanger Risks Include:

Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage
Tissue Damage
Peirone's Disease - Plaque built up in the shaft, painful to have sex

If you would like to speak to a doctor directly, you can visit our Physician's Forum which allows you to ask questions to physicians and clinics who have been vetted and approved by the PhalloBoards community!

We encourage you to join the community and ask questions or share your experiences with others! Whether you've had successes, failures, or potential warnings you want to provide other men, this is what this site is all about.