Oregon Penis Enhancement Procedure

As the penile girth enhancement procedure continues to grow (no pun intended) in popularity throughout Oregon and the U.S., there are still quite a few misconceptions in the industry. PhalloBoards was built to help separate fact from fiction, and to provide an honest resource for men to learn more about this procedure and what to expect. This is a community built by men for men. All discussions and questions on the forum are from real individuals looking to get more knowledgeable on the procedure before they make any decisions. Having right expectations is crucial before the process begins.

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The male aesthetic industry has really expanded over the past 10 years at a rapid pace, and with that, many cosmetic physicans have jumped in to the industry to try and capitalize on this influx of new male girth enhancement procedures. Which is why we created the "Doctor's Forum". This resource allows individuals to ask our qualified and vetted physicians any questions you may have without being "sold" or "marketed" to. It is a 100% discrete forum that allows you to gain more knowledge in your own private setting.

Oregon Penile Girth Enhancement Physicians

Finding the right physician may be one of the most important decisions that you can make. While there are many quality physicians that can do this procedure, there are also a wide array of physicians who got in to the industry for the money. But this can be said for any body enhancement clinic. We have created our "Physician's Directory" as an added feature if you don't have a particular physician in mind and want to have some ideas. These physicians are vetted by our community and have been approved to be a part of this site. You by no means have any pressure to go with our physicians its just an added feature if you are exporing your options.

Unlike most physician sites, we have a "penile girth enhancement before and after picture" gallery that is USER submitted. Member have been kind of enough to share their before and after pictures to share their experiences with the community and help others out. You can always ask a specific question to a user as well.

The PhalloBoards has a LOT of information on penile fillers and penile girth enhancements, so if you are just beginning you can check out our "NEWBIE GUIDE" which will answer some of the broader questions, provide a glossary of terminology in the industry, as well as general information as to navigating the site.

We hope you find this resource very positive in your journey and encourage you to sign up and start interacting with the group!