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Finding quality information that you can trust regarding the penis enlargement surgery can be tough! If you've been searching the web looking for more information then you've surely come across a wide variety of sites promoting pills, supplements, techniques, etc, it can be hard to figure out what is true and what isn't. The PhalloBoards focuses primarily on the actual penis enlargement surgery, we aren't here to dispel other "stuff" on the web, but provide a resource for men exploring their options and looking for reliable information. With over 10,000 members, the PhalloBoards has become the premier resource for men looking to get information, and we encourage you to join the community and get the answers you need!


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The PhalloBoards has over 10 years of discussion amongst men regarding the penis enlargement surgery procedure and a wealth of resources to help you get the right information you need. We recommend starting at our NEWBIE GUIDE which has the answers to frequently asked questions along with medical expert opinions.

If you aren't sure what the terminology being used within the forum or within the medical field itself, check out our glossary of terms that can educate you on all the various "lingo" that's used.

Many men go to our Doctor's Forum as well where they can ask questions directly to the PhalloBoards approved and trusted physicians. This can save time from having to set up a consultation with a local doctor if you just have some questions you need answered!

Before and After Photos

Of course with any procedure, you want to know what kind of results can be achieved! The PhalloBoards penis enlargement surgery photo gallery is a very popular resource for men because the images within this gallery are provided by REAL men who have undergone the procedure and are sharing their results and experiences to help educate others.

We encourage you to join the community, ask questions, share your experiences, provide feedback, educate yourself and much more!

Education Corner

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for You? Exploring Options and Risks

When it comes to the topic of penis enlargement surgery, there's often a mix of curiosity, desire, and uncertainty surrounding the idea. In a society where body image and self-confidence are significant factors, the pursuit of enhancement procedures is not uncommon. However, it's important to approach such decisions with caution, considering both the available options and potential risks. We highly recommend you enage with an experienced professional before your final decision is made.

The Psychology of Penile Enhancement: Impact on Self-Esteem and Relationships

In today's modern society, the quest for physical perfection often extends beyond fitness and skincare to include the world of penile enhancement (enlargement). The psychological implications of such pursuits go far beyond mere physical alterations. It dives into the intricacies of self-esteem, confidence, and the dynamics within intimate relationships.

Navigating the Risks and Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery

In a world where societal pressures and unrealistic standards of physical appearance often dominate our perceptions of self-worth, it's no surprise that many individuals seek ways to alter their bodies. Penis enlargement surgery is one such avenue that has garnered attention, promising increased confidence and satisfaction. However, this elective procedure comes with its own set of risks and benefits, prompting the need for a careful consideration of all aspects before making such a significant decision.

Factors Influencing Surgery Costs

Type of Procedure

Penis enlargement surgeries encompass different techniques such as penile lengthening, girth enhancement, and penile implants. Each procedure has its unique complexities, impacting the overall cost. Penile lengthening typically involves releasing ligaments to extend the penis, while girth enhancement can involve fat transfer or dermal fillers. The type of surgery chosen significantly influences the pricing.

Surgeon's Expertise and Reputation

Experienced and reputable surgeons often charge higher fees due to their expertise, successful track record, and the quality of care provided. While opting for a skilled surgeon might increase costs, it often ensures a safer procedure and more satisfactory results.

Facility and Location

The location and the facility where the surgery takes place play a role in determining costs. Urban centers or specialized clinics with state-of-the-art equipment and high-end facilities may charge more compared to smaller clinics or those in less populated areas.

Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

The total cost of the surgery includes pre-operative consultations, tests, medications, post-operative follow-ups, and potential complications. These additional expenses should be factored into the overall cost estimation.

Anesthesia and Operating Room Fees

Anesthesia and operating room fees contribute significantly to the overall expenses. Surgeons often work with anesthesiologists and have operating room charges that vary based on the duration and complexity of the surgery.

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With over 10+ years of penis enlargement discussion amongst REAL men, the PhalloBoards has over 5000 members who share advice, answer questions, and discuss possible results.  We have a physician directory with the industries trusted penis enlargement surgeons along with a popular before and after photo gallery with results from men who have undergone the procedure.  If you are new to PhalloBoards, a great starting point is our PhalloGuide with answers to frequently asked questions and more.  We encourage you to join the community and get the answers you need in our penis enlargement forum!