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When it comes to a penis enlargement resource, the PhalloBoards has become one of the internet's premier resources on the various techniques that you see and read about throughout the web. While the site itself is primarily focused on the penis enlargement surgery, there are discussions throughout our general forum about the "jelqing" technique that many men often wonder about. With over 5,000 members in the PhalloBoards community, you will find jelqing information and if you want to ask questions about jelqing, we encourage you to join the community and get the answers you need!

Jelqing Discussions

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a traditional penis enlargement technique as a way to naturally increase penis size and improve sexual performance. Jelqing is a penis stretching exercise. It involves massaging your penis tissues, stretching the skin to create “micro-tears” that look engorged when they heal.

There are a lot of discussions amongst men as to where jelqing gets results! We are not here to dispel the jelqing technique but provide a resource in wich you can get REAL information from REAL men who have tried jelqing. This gives you the opportunity to ask them questions directly or learn more about their experiences (whether great or bad).

Benefits of Jelqing

Natural penis enlargement: Many men seek jelqing as a natural alternative to invasive surgeries or devices. This technique helps increase blood flow to the penis, promoting growth and lengthening over time.

Improved sexual performance: Jelqing can lead to stronger erections, as it helps improve blood circulation in the penis. This can result in better sexual stamina and more satisfying experiences for both partners.

Increased self-confidence: For some men, an increase in penis size can lead to a boost in self-esteem, resulting in greater confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

Any Side Effects to Consider?

While ED is rare, there are cases where it can happen. In comparison to other penis techniques such as supplements, pills, or the bib hangar for example, jelqing doesn't pose any major medical risks. Here are a few jelqing side effects men have reported and discussed on the PhalloBoards.

bruising on the penis.
pain or soreness along the shaft.
skin irritation from rubbing.
scar tissue resulting from rubbing too hard.
erectile dysfunction (ED)

Steps to Perform Jelqing Safely

It's essential to follow the correct procedure for the safety and effectiveness of jelqing. Here are the steps to perform this technique:

Warm-up: Begin with a warm-up session to promote blood flow and prevent injury. Soak a towel in warm water and wrap it around the penis for 3-5 minutes.

Lubricate: Apply a water-based lubricant on the penis to reduce friction during the jelqing process.

The "OK" grip: Make an "OK" sign with your thumb and index finger. Place this grip at the base of your semi-erect penis, ensuring you do not grip too tightly.

Milking motion: Gently and slowly slide the grip up towards the penis head. Stop just before reaching the glans, as jelqing this area may cause discomfort. This motion should take about 3-5 seconds.

Repeat: Perform 100-200 jelqing strokes per session, gradually increasing the intensity and number of repetitions over time.

Cool down: Conclude your jelqing session with a warm-down, similar to the warm-up, to help relax the penis and promote healing.

Safety Tips and Precautions

Jelqing should be performed on a semi-erect penis; an erect or flaccid penis may result in injury or ineffectiveness.
Avoid jelqing the glans, as this can cause discomfort and potential injury.
Start slowly and gradually increase intensity to prevent injury.
If you experience pain or discomfort, stop immediately and consult a medical professional.

We hope you find the PhalloBoards resourceful and if you are truly exploring ways to increase your penis size, try looking in to penis enlargement surgery as a viable alternative option that has shown to provide great results!

Jelqing Education

The Science Behind Jelqing: What You Need to Know

In the world of male enhancement techniques, one practice that has gained attention is jelqing. Jelqing, also known as "milking," is a method purportedly used to increase the size of the penis. However, amidst its popularity, questions about its effectiveness and safety have emerged. Exploring the science behind jelqing can shed light on this controversial practice.

The Art of Jelqing: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

For male enhancement techniques, the practice of jelqing has garnered attention and controversy alike. Jelqing, often touted as a method for increasing penis size, has been both praised as an ancient practice with potential benefits and criticized as a risky and unproven technique. Let's into the world of jelqing, examining its purported pros, cons, and the considerations one should bear in mind before exploring this practice.

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Jelqing Information

Jelqing penis enlargement is a controversial topic that has gained attention in recent years. This method involves manually stretching the penis in an attempt to increase its length and girth. While some proponents claim that jelqing can lead to significant gains, others argue that it is ineffective and may even be harmful.

One of the purported benefits of jelqing is its simplicity. It can be done without the need for expensive equipment or surgery, making it an attractive option for men seeking to enhance their size. Advocates of jelqing often recommend performing the exercises for several minutes each day, gradually increasing the intensity over time.

It's important to approach jelqing with caution. The technique involves applying pressure to the penis, which could potentially cause tissue damage if done incorrectly. There is limited scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of jelqing for penis enlargement. While some men may report experiencing gains, these results are often subjective and may not be reproducible in clinical studies.

Jelqing also carries the risk of side effects such as bruising, swelling, and discomfort. In rare cases, more serious complications such as erectile dysfunction or nerve damage may occur. Anyone considering jelqing should consult with a healthcare professional beforehand to discuss the potential risks and benefits.

Where did Jelqing Come From?

Origins of Jelqing

The origins of jelqing can be traced back to the Middle East, where it was reportedly practiced by Arabic men seeking to increase the size of their genitals. Some historical accounts suggest that jelqing was used by nomadic tribes in the Arabian Peninsula as a way to improve sexual prowess and virility. Over time, the practice spread to other regions, including parts of Asia and Africa.

Traditional Techniques

The traditional jelqing technique typically involves using a lubricant to massage the penis in a specific manner. The motion is often described as a gentle stretching or milking action, aimed at increasing blood flow to the erectile tissues and promoting growth over time. In some cultures, jelqing was accompanied by other rituals or exercises designed to enhance sexual performance.

Integration with Modern Practices

In recent years, jelqing has gained attention in the Western world as a potential method for penis enlargement. While scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is limited, some men swear by the practice and claim to have experienced noticeable gains in size and girth. As a result, jelqing has become a topic of interest in online forums and communities dedicated to male enhancement.

Controversy and Risks

Despite its popularity among certain groups, jelqing remains a controversial practice in the medical community. Critics argue that there is insufficient evidence to support its effectiveness, and that it may pose risks such as injury or damage to the penis. Some healthcare professionals caution against the use of jelqing without proper guidance, as improper technique could lead to complications.

There are plenty of discussions within our forum on the effectiveness of jelqing so please dive in and learn more from other men's experiences with this technique!