Is Androfill Safe?

A common question on our forum that is discussed within the community, is whether Androfill is safe. The short answer is YES. At PhalloBoards, we have become the internet's top resource for penile girth enhancement, penile filler injections, and various treatment information for individuals looking to learn more about this procedure. You can always learn more about Androfill in our forum, and feel free to post your Androfill questions and allow our community to answer. You also have the ability to talk to our qualified and vetted Androfill physician. There are no sales tactics at PhalloBoards, we strive to provide quality, relevant user generated feedack on procedures and experiences. Many members of our community are ver open in discussing the penile growth procedure and experiences they have had, including the Androfill. If you would like to find a physician that specializes in Androfill, please learn more about Androfill Specialist.

PhalloBoards has over a decade of real discussion between real patients regarding the penile girth enhancement industry. While these procedures have grown steam in their relevance, it has also provided the opportunity for physicians to jump in to the procedure to try and capitalize on a (no pun intended) growing industry. We have a thriving community of males discussing their successes along with potential issues they are experiencing. It has become a terrific knowledge base of resources for males who are in need of honest feedback, education, and opinions. We encourage you to join the forum, we provide a discrete and welcoming environment. If you have questions, please post them up and our community will answer!


If you are wondering if Androfill is safe or not, check out the threads and make sure you do your education before you decide the direction and physician you would like to work with. We do have a small group of qualified and vetted physicians that have been welcome to the PhalloBoards community because they have earned the trust of their patients and the trust of the Phalloboards community. You can view our pre-qualified Physicans Directory. We understand there are great physicians out there and we have no problem with you choosin the one that you feel the most comfortable with. You are certainly welcome to share your story as well should you use a physician that is not on our site. There is no pressure, we just provided this resource because these physicians have passed the vetted procedures to be allowed to interact on the site.

You can also check out the "Androfill Filler Estimate" to get a better idea of what Androfill can do you for you.

Penile Girth Enhancement Questions

If you are new to the site, welcome to the community! If you aren't sure where to start or how to navigate the site, please check out our "NEWBIE GUIDE" that will provide further information on this resource. Any information you post, comments, questions, are all 100% discrete and private. Your information will not be shared with anyone and we DO NOT use your information for 3rd party resources. This goes against our ethics and what the community believes in. It is simply a resource to allow you to do more research from the privacy of your home.

The information can be overwhelming, if you need further help or get stuck, please use our "Contact Form" and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

We certainly believe that Androfill is safe and trusted but we also encourage you to look at other physicians and techniques to make sure the path you choose is right for you. This is a very important medical decision, and like any other body enhancement procedure, you need to be comfortable with the approach you are taking.