Innovative New Protocol for Penile Enhancement

Presented at the International Society of Sexual Medicine Scientific Meeting

Leading Urologist Presents Clinical Research Study, The P-Long® Protocol, at ISSM’s Fall Scientific Meeting Revealing The First And Only Clinically Proven Protocol To Naturally Increase Penile Length, Girth, And Function

A groundbreaking medical first for penile enhancement was presented this past weekend by leading urologist and sexual medicine researcher Dr. Judson Brandeis at the ISSM Meeting in Miami. Dr. Brandeis reported the breakthrough results of his IRB-approved P-Long Study revealing the safety and efficacy of his pioneering penile enhancement protocol. The P-Long Protocol is the only minimally-invasive male penile enhancement treatment that naturally and safely increases the length, girth and function of the penis using a combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP) growth factors, traction, suction, and a Nitric Oxide boosting supplement.

“Studies show that a majority of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis,” says Dr. Brandeis.

“Thousands of men have undergone expensive penile augmentation procedures that did not meet their expectations or even made things worse. Prior to P-Long, there was no research supporting treatment to naturally increase the length, girth, and function of a healthy man’s penis.

I’m happy to provide a safe and effective option, so that men will no longer have to rely on risky synthetic implants or fillers to artificially increase the size of their manhood and potentially suffer unfortunate results.”


The P-Long Study tested a protocol of platelet rich plasma penile injections, daily traction and suction, and a Nitric Oxide circulation boosting supplement over a six-month period on a group of healthy men. The subjects experienced an average increase of almost an inch in length and a half inch increase in girth – with no adverse side effects.

Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma penile injections stimulate the growth of new tissues. The RestoreX Penile Traction Device has been previously shown to increase the length of the penis in other medical conditions. A Dr. Joel Kaplan vacuum device is incorporated to improve girth. The AFFIRM nitric oxide boosting supplement optimizes penile circulation to deliver growth factors and blood flow required for the enhancement of size and function.