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When exploring options and doing research on increasing penis size, we are sure you have come across a wide variety of techniques, pills, supplements, and procedures throughout the web. It can be hard to decipher truth from fiction, which is why the PhalloBoards was created over 10+ years ago.  Originally starting as a penis enlargement forum for men to discuss this subject from the privacy of their own homes, it has grown to include a wide variety of resources to help men get the information they need to make an informed decision. Increasing one's penis size has long been sought after for men throughout the world, which also created an entire industry of products promising a larger penis, but these can actually be dangerous and don't show you the potential side-effects.  We encourage you to join the PhalloBoards, ask questions, share recommendations, share experiences and more!

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Resources Available Overview

Penis Enlargement Forum

This particular resource has helped thousands of men over the course of a decade share information with each other and answer questions. Many men in this resource have tried various techniques and procedures and are here to help give advice to other men as to what has worked and hasn't worked. The community is dedicated to making sure you get quality information to make informed decisions about increasing your penis size.


With a list of frequently asked questions, medical expert opinions, and industry medical terminology, the PhalloGuide is a terrific starting point for men who are just starting to explore their options and deciding if penis enlargement surgery or penile girth enhancement is right for them. Within the general forum there are thousands of discussions and terminology that may become confusing regarding different procedures or fillers, this is the place where most men start their journey.

Before and After Pictures

While there are discussions throughout the site regarding increasing penis size, our before and after picture gallery has been a tremendous resource for me to know what types of results can be achieved. The PhalloBoards is focused primarily on penis enlargement surgery and penile girth enhancement, with the gallery becoming a great resource because the images provided in this resource are from REAL men who have undergone the procedure and graciously sharing their results and experiences with other men.

Penis Enlargement Surgery and Penis Size

Penis enlargement surgery, also known as penile augmentation or phalloplasty, is a medical procedure designed to increase the size of the penis. It's a topic that often generates curiosity and interest among men seeking to increase their genital appearance or address concerns about size. 

Understanding Penis Enlargement Surgery

Types of Procedures


This surgical approach primarily focuses on increasing the length of the penis by releasing the suspensory ligament, which attaches the penis to the pubic bone. By severing this ligament, more of the inner part of the penis becomes exposed, providing a slightly augmented flaccid length. It's important to note that this procedure primarily affects the visible length of the penis when flaccid and might not significantly impact its length during an erection. While not frequent, as with any procedure it's important to note the potential risks such as scarring, infection, and the possibility of decreased penile stability post-surgery which necessitate thorough consideration and consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon before pursuing this procedure.

Girth Enhancement

Girth enhancement is one of the various types of penis enlargement surgeries available, aimed at increasing the circumference or thickness of the penis. This procedure involves different techniques, such as penile fillers, implants, fat transfer, dermal grafts, or insertion of tissue flaps, all designed to increase the width of the penile shaft. Fat transfer, a common method, involves harvesting fat from the patient's body, typically the abdomen or thighs, and injecting it into the penis to increase its girth. Dermal grafts entail using tissue from the patient's own body or synthetic materials to add volume to the penile circumference.

Who Considers Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Men seeking these procedures typically have concerns about the size of their penis, impacting their self-confidence, sexual performance, or overall satisfaction. Increasing penis size has remained relevant for thousands of years, and with modern technology and procedures, is allowing men to achieve a larger penis size no matter if it's for self-confidence or to increase sexual pleasure with their partner.

Penis Enlargement Education

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for You? Exploring Options and Risks

When it comes to the topic of penis enlargement surgery, there's often a mix of curiosity, desire, and uncertainty surrounding the idea. In a society where body image and self-confidence are significant factors, the pursuit of enhancement procedures is not uncommon. However, it's important to approach such decisions with caution, considering both the available options and potential risks. We highly recommend you enage with an experienced professional before your final decision is made.

The Psychology of Penile Enhancement: Impact on Self-Esteem and Relationships

In today's modern society, the quest for physical perfection often extends beyond fitness and skincare to include the world of penile enhancement (enlargement). The psychological implications of such pursuits go far beyond mere physical alterations. It dives into the intricacies of self-esteem, confidence, and the dynamics within intimate relationships.

Navigating the Risks and Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery

In a world where societal pressures and unrealistic standards of physical appearance often dominate our perceptions of self-worth, it's no surprise that many individuals seek ways to alter their bodies. Penis enlargement surgery is one such avenue that has garnered attention, promising increased confidence and satisfaction. However, this elective procedure comes with its own set of risks and benefits, prompting the need for a careful consideration of all aspects before making such a significant decision.

About PhalloBoards

With over 10+ years of penis enlargement discussion amongst REAL men, the PhalloBoards has over 5000 members who share advice, answer questions, and discuss possible results. We have a physician directory with the industries trusted penis enlargement surgeons along with a popular before and after photo gallery with results from men who have undergone the procedure. If you are new to PhalloBoards, a great starting point is our PhalloGuide with answers to frequently asked questions and more. We encourage you to join the community and get the answers you need in our penis enlargement forum!