Hyaluronic Acid Penile Injection Cost

If you are researching the cost of hyaluronic acid penile injections, then you are most likely exploring the penile girth enhancement procedure. But quickly let's get to your answer, hyaluronic acid penile injections usually cost about $500 for 1cc. Most individuals who proceed with this procedure need anywhere between 6-8 injections (varies), with an average cost of around $5,000 - $12,000.NOTE: These cost vary per physician as with any other body enhancement procedures. If you are exploring the penile girth enhancement procedure and hyaluronic acid penile injections, please use our online community to educate yourself on this procedure!

As the penile girth enhancemnet or a phrase also used is penis girth enhancement, continues to grow (no pun intended), the market is starting to become more saturated with various "injection" types and brands trying to get in on the action. IE: There is money to be made. This is exactly the reason that PhalloBoards was created over 10 years ago. It has become the internets #1 resource for everything "girth enhancement" and "penile enhancement" procedures.

We have an online community of over 10,000 members who openly discuss the "do's and don'ts" of the procedure, what to watch out for, what to ask and much more. When exploring this procedure it is very important to be educated. There is a lot of marketing material in the industry today that is providing false advertising without letting males know proper expectations. Please check out our "General Forum" to begin your research.

Penile Enhancement Questions

You may have a lot of questions about this procedure. What does it mean, what does it entail, how much is hyaluronic acid, and what is it? Here is a tremendous resource on the topic of hyaluronic acid by one of our vetted and trusted physician clinics: "What is a Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) Dermal Filler and are they all the same?" And for general education submitted by our users, you can find this thread for more information:Hyaluronic Acid Injections

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Hyaluronic Acid Injections

You will not find another resource that will provide you the education you need when exploring your options and procedures. We can never stress enough, make sure you do your research and ask any questions before moving forward, this is a very important decision. Unlike any other site, we offer "Before & After" pictures that are user submitted.

As you explore physicians, just be careful which physician you choose. We do provide our own PhalloBoards vetted penile girth enhancement physicians that are trusted by the community. This by no means doesn't portray that other physicians are not capable of these procedures, we just want you to be careful. You can always ask our doctors questions in the "Doctors Forum" and if you are exploring physicians, you can also check out our "Physician's Directory", these practices have been qualifed and vetted by Phalloboards.