How much girth/circumference can you achieve with girth enhancement injections?

This is a common questions amongst individuals looking at phalloplasty and penis enhancement procedures.  Please see 2 of our respected doctors answers below!  To learn more or join in the conversation, please set up an account and participate in our forum!


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It depends on your baseline size, the goals of your treatment, and your budget. Most men can expect to gain anywhere from 0.75”, and up to 1.5” in girth in really large packages delivered over multiple sessions.


Generally speaking, for our fat transfer patients, we can put upwards of 50cc’s of fat at a time, and patients can expect a 15-25% increase in girth in a single session. For example, if you start with a flaccid circumference of 4 inches, you could reasonably expect to go to 5 inches in circumferential measurement (which can be visually significant).

For dermal fillers, we don’t want to put too much in at one time. I generally like to cap that out between 10-15cc’s per visit. You’re going to get a mild increase in girth in one session. When you build upon that over multiple sessions, I find that 50cc’s (in total) is the sweet spot for the average size penis to really see a significant girth enhancement.