How Long Do Penile Fillers Last

When males are research penile girth enhancment procedures and the various techniques, solutions, and injections, a common question that is asked is "How Long Do Penile Fillers Last?" Now this can vary greatly between individuals and fillers, but expectations are around1 - 2 years (12-24 months). Again, results may vary per doctor recommendation, expectations, and type of filler used. This is exactly why the PhalloBoards community was started, to educate men on not only the overall penile girth enhancement procedure, but also the types of fillers in the market, expectations, and all around education before an individual makes the decision to move forward. Time and time again we hear experiences from new members that after the procedure was completed, the doctor did a terrible job and they really didn't know what they were getting into.

With that said, with a physician who is well-trained and experienced in the industry, it is a very safe procedure that can have terrific results! But as with any body enhancement procedure, there are physicians who have recently jumped in to the industry to try and capitalize on a growing trend (no pun intended). This is where PhalloBoards has played a crucial role in educating males before they begin the procedure and many have decided to choose another physician after joining the community and realizing they may not have made the best choice. At which point they are extremely grateful to have found this awesome penile girth enhancment and penile filler resource.


Our trusted community has continued to grow because we have become the #1 resource on the internet for penile girth related procedures where individuals have the opportunity to ask questions, provide honest feedback, all while maintaing 100% privacy. There are no planted reviews or "sales tactics", we simply provide a resource to shed light on the industry and allow others to share their valuable experiences with other males. Another powerful addition to the site is that we provide "Before and After" pictures so individuals have a further idea of what to expect. These photos are submitted by members themselves who have gone through the procedures and are willing to share their results along with feedback in a very discrete setting.

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Penile Filler Girth Enhancement Questions

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