How does a newly girth enhanced penis feel?

This is a common questions amongst individuals looking at phalloplasty and penis enhancement procedures. Please see 2 of our respected doctors answers below! To learn more or join in the conversation, please set up an account and participate in our forum!


Dr. Shafer:

Most patients describe the effect as if their penis gained weight. So imagine a thicker / fatter / heavier penis.

Dr. Wall:

Immediately after the procedure it will feel quite swollen and you may develop a full feeling in the area. It can also feel a tiny bit squishy for those that have large volumes placed; this is because you have a lot of swelling because of the trauma from the cannula during the procedure. This all resolves within 1 to 2 weeks to provide a really natural, realistic feel to the area.

Dr. Tsay:

We usually follow up with the procedure about 2-3 weeks afterwards, and at that time the swelling is gone, the bruising is gone, and you can really appreciate the final result from either the fat transfer or dermal filler placement.

Dr. Carney:

FFT is almost identical to the feel of Ellanse in subsequent texture for the first couple of years after your augmentation. In years later as the augmented subcutaneous tissue stretches, it gets a little softer – but never as soft as HA – unless a patients receives multiple surgeries of FFT over time. Patients who add 2-3 inches of FFT girth with multiple procedures will often end up with a “squishy” hand when erect.

I’m sure you’re already aware a female partner can’t detect a difference in the rigidity of the penile shaft – they only feel the variation in total measured girth. Most sex toys involving vaginal penetration in today's market have a softer outer finish for improved comfort.