Granulomas and Penis Enhancement

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Dr. Oates:

I have seen granuloma in the face with Ellanse that has lasted 4 years. They were manageable with steroid/5FU injections and not too much of a problem because they sort of gave her the result she wanted. Would not be good in the penis. It is more getting thickening and irregularity that worries me.

Dr. Solomon:

Granulomas are microscopic foreign body reactions that are a normal response to a foreign body injected into any part of the body. For example, liquid silicone often gets injected into the buttocks and hips (especially outside of the US, but illegally in the US as well) and the response is the same as in the penis. It looks good for a while, but over time, granulomas form and get firmer and distort the appearance of the injection site.

Granulomas are balls of scar tissue. They can occur with any of the injectable materials if the material remains in place for a long enough amount of time. You can think of this like a snowball. Once the process of granuloma formation starts, it will continue as the body tries to “wall off” the foreign material. With time, these lumps will get larger.