Girth Surgery Cost Near Me

Of course if you are looking into the girth enhancement surgery procedure, you certainly would like to know the cost. Well the answer isn't so simple. As with any body enhancement procedure, with girth surgery being no different, it depends widely on the physician or clinic that you choose as well as the penile filler of choice. Take a rhinoplasty procedure as an example, you can get estimates from cosmetic surgeons from $2500 - $7000+. To get an idea of girth surgery costs, check out the PhalloBoards forum, a community of over 10,000 men who learn from each other about penile girth enhancement procedures.

You can ask our community of men who have been through the procedure what type of girth surgery costs to expect as well as physicians that may be near your location that are trusted. This website is a resource for you to educate yourself on the industry, learn from others, ask questions, share your experiences, answer questions for others and more!


For over a decade we have become the internet's most trusted source for everything related to the penile girth enhancement and penis enlargement procedure. There are a ton of gimmicks out in the industry with promises of "huge results" as well as physician's that tout experience in the industry when they really don't. Our community works hard to separate fact from fiction so you don't go down a pathway that could cause serious issues for yourself or side affects that you wouldn't otherwise be aware of.

Girth Surgery Physicians / Clinics Near You

While we certainly don't have your current location, there are physician's around the world that have jumped in to this industry. You can start by checking out our Physician's Directory to see what physician's have been vetted and trusted by the PhalloBoards community.

If you have found a physician that specializes in girth surgery near you and you would like to vet the information you are being told, you can ask your questions in our Physician's Forum which is a free resource to get you the information you need directly from qualified PhalloBoards doctors and clinics.

Not sure where to start? Check out our NEWBIE GUIDE which is a great resource with answers to frequently asked questions as well as a glossary of terms to help you understand the lingo in the industry.

We also have a before and after photo gallery with images provided by REAL MEN who have graciously shared their experiences with our community to help educate others.

Our team encourages you to join the community and get the information you need!