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TOPIC: Welcome - Few Notes (especially for long-time members & forum Veterans)

Welcome - Few Notes (especially for long-time members & forum Veterans) 4 years 6 months ago #1308695765

I hope this transition is a smooth one and I'm considering this a soft launch in anticipation of potential (minor) growing pains. PhalloBoards 2.0 will be on limited-access till the new year, where it will become locked and read-only. This means the site can still be viewed just not posted to.

As you can see, the message board is basically the same idea, same light blue color scheme, but starting fresh. Now it's simpler, way less categories, and will be much easier to navigate because it'll take a few years before it gets content-heavy. Even then, I'll be on daily pruning redundant and unnecessary posts/topics, while keeping other topics (even if they are old) bumped and active to keep all the information in one place. Also, a separate forum for Phalloplasty candidates to submit inquiries to prospective Physicians at no cost to that person. It'll take some time to get all the Sponsors acclimated to the new program but rest assured that if you are going to get Dick work done, you'll want to come here.

As for Premium Membership upgrades- it works the same way it worked on PhalloBoards 2.0, except now it's fully automated. If your membership was active on PB 2.0 by the time the site locks (January 1st, 2020), you'll retain membership for a lifetime there (you'll be able to view attachments & photos on PB 2.0 forever). It will not transfer here so if you intend on upgrading membership for attachment-viewing or donating, you'll have to purchase separately for this site. If you had a Lifetime membership on PB 2.0, that will carry over to this site, you'll simply need to message me to remind me so I can make the necessary adjustment. And like with the former site, members who post thorough progress reports with at least one Before & After will obtain Lifetime membership.

Private Messaging is going to get a major overhaul. The inbox page you see now is a placeholder. Also, the "@" feature where you can notify a member they've been mentioned will be implemented in short time. I'll create a Feedback area to report bugs, design flaws, and suggestions (you can also use this thread to discuss). I wouldn't say this site is 100% yet but we're inching ever so closely and I expect this to be a well-oiled machine in due time.

I feel that this site's core functionality and aesthetic design is adequate enough to begin opening the doors. One of the biggest reasons I moved over to this final iteration of PhalloBoards was to have 100% total creative & administrative control in order to improve the user-experience through a simpler, smaller forum, condensed content, daily moderation, and educational graphics (coming soon). The community will also benefit (at no charge) by having access to some of the most renowned experts in the field in a designated area of the site.

The same desire to uphold forum rules, professionalism, impartiality, and insightful discussion remains as strong here as it did since this site's inception. With the help of Forum Donors, Premium Memberships, and Sponsors, I'm pleased to welcome you all to the new site!

Best of luck,

-Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
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