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TOPIC: Dr. Rupeka Questions & Answers

Dr. Rupeka Questions & Answers 2 months 1 week ago #1308708842

The following information are answers provided by Dr. Rupeka, to common questions about his Male Enhancement procedures.

(1) Do you have a preference for Bellafill (PMMA) or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for penile Girth enhancement? If you don't have a preference, could you describe the pros & cons of each?

In almost all of my Male Enhancement cases, I choose to use the Bio-stimulatory Dermal Filler Bellafill. I love that Bellafill provides immediate, long lasting results and seems to appear more “natural” over time. Bellafill is not hydrophilic, meaning it does not absorb water or swell post injection like an HA would. I was using both previously, but did not like the way that my patient’s penises looked and felt with only HA down the road. HAs also resorb and only allow for very temporary results, causing the patient to continue with regular treatments in order to maintain results. Bellafill allows me to provide patients with a predictable result that will last, with little to no down time.

(2) Do you use a blunt-tip cannula or needle for injections?

I inject all my make enhancement patients with a blunt tip micro-cannula, delicately placing the Bellafill along the entire shaft of the Flaccid penis painlessly with a patent-pending microcannula technique. I use this technique because it minimizes downtime, and allows for consistent ideal results. I do numb up 3 spots with a small TB needle prior to placing my cannula port.

(3) What, if any, are the risks of filler migration?

No. Once Bellafill is injected into the tissue, it can immediately be massaged an slightly manipulated as needed. Within an hour of injection, the PMMA microspheres will integrate into the tissue where it will remain in place.

(4) How many sessions can a patient expect to achieve an ideal result?

This varies per patient. A notable difference will be achieved after just one treatment. Additional treatments as needed may be necessary to achieve a larger, more desired result.

(5) What makes an ideal candidate?

Any patient looking to increase size with long term results. Each patient is assessed and consulted prior to treatment to ensure they good candidates.

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