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TOPIC: Strange chronic penis injury

Strange chronic penis injury 8 years 8 months ago #1289347365

The day after a furious dry masturbation session I noticed a bump on the shaft right under the circ scar which was tender, and also what my current Urologist thinks is a vein which runs the length of the shaft and under (as in lower level of tissue) the bump...and some lymph swelling below the coronal sulcus . All at once these seemingly separate issues came about. None of it healed.
I saw a Urologist but in a Flaccid state there wasn\'t much to see so that was that.March 2013 is when my life descended into utter hell. I came upon the term \"Sclerosing Lymphangitis\", which matches exactly the swelling under the glans. There were some people online unfortunately advocating pressing on/massaging the swelling to make it go away. Rather than massaging the lymph swelling I chose to press down on the lump under the circ. scar and hold pressure, and not gently multiple times. This was a huge mistake, though the outcome was extremely more severe than makes sense.
The hard bump I was pressing on swelled up over a couple days , and my penis became unbelievably inflamed, hot, tender, slightly swollen, skin peeled off. I was putting it in ice water at points throughout the day to give an idea of what I\'m saying.
The spot I pressed on/injured, for literally several months could not be pressed even with the gentlest touch without pain. Any movement whatsoever would aggravate the inflammation. I felt all sorts of strange sensations like pain, tingling, itching. Even riding in vehicles was uncomfortable from the vibrations. Wearing jeans for more than was necessary was out of the question because of the contact, even the seams of my boxers would aggravate it. Touching it at all is completely out of the question, I urinate sitting down as shaking it would hurt, still. My erections became completely strange, and painful.

Nothing I write here can illustrate how insane the situation and symptoms really were. I wanted to see a Urologist but they can be rough and my Dick was so fragile I was terrified to have one touch it, but I was also not in my right mind. It took me about 9 months to see my GP and he said he could feel the lump and gave me some topical steroid which helped slightly and said a biopsy should be taken. I\'m in Canada and here it takes about 8 months to see a Urologist....that\'s right. I saw one and he was old and was frankly no good.I waited about that amount of time again and saw my current one in march of this year who is a good guy and at least recognizes the \"inflamed vein\", unfortunately the lump which the GP (who has since moved away) recognized and gives the brunt of my symptoms had slowly but steadily decreased in size over the two year period to where now I can understand a Urologist saying there ain\'t a damn thing there.I\'m 99% sure the swelling and injury is to the Dartos fascia, as the swollen tissue moves with the skin somewhat, so therefor even if a Urologist can\'t see the problem, could I not just get one to excise the problematic skin/dartos area and stitch it back up, Since they would not have a problem circumcising someone which is more invasive than what I am asking for?

NOT MY Dick:

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Strange chronic penis injury 8 years 1 month ago #1291794334

I have a swelling on my Dick exactly on the orange line which u show in pic... its look like a swelling vein when i touch it ...
my doctor said just dnt do sex for next couple of weeks and everything going to be alright ... but it almost a week nothing happen i still got the same.level of swellling which is painful..

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