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TOPIC: Learn more about Fillers vs Dermal Graft Matrices used by PROUD Urology

Learn more about Fillers vs Dermal Graft Matrices used by PROUD Urology 3 months 2 weeks ago #1308715770

An excerpt from Proud Urology's website translated into English; Megaderm is a lot like their American counterparts (Alloderm and Surgimend), basically sheets of donated tissue/cadaver that is used to augment the penis. Megafill is taking that same product but converting it into an injectable filler. Each have their pros & cons, but both very effective for augmenting girth.

MegaDerm® is made by processing the donated human skin is derived from human skin which is processed using a AlloClean® technology.The Alloclean® process inactivates or removes cell debris, antigens and potential viruses while maintaining the structural integrity inherent in the pre-processed collagen. MegaDerm® is used not only in skin transplantation but also in soft-tissue reconstruction.

AlloClean® : Allograft tissue engineeringAs a unique technology of L&C BIO that processes the raw materials of safe human tissues selected through a pre-screening and testing process, its chemical and sterilization processes are devised to meet the features of each tissue so that it can effectively and safely remove unnecessary substances (foreign matter, microorganisms). Based on the AlloClean process, we have been safely processing human tissue grafts for tissue reconstruction and the survival and treatment of patients afflicted with various diseases.More detailed information:

MegaFill® is produced after pulverizing MegaDerm®, and is composed of the same extracellular matrix components (collagen, elastin, proteins, and proteoglycans) as that of MegaDerm®— Liquid material of MegaDerm. It is consisted with fat of humans thigh and buttocks. MegaFill is a product of the organ donor programs. It is a micronized format for tissue transplants. The smaller micronized particles of MegaFill reduces nodule size resulting in improved evenness and symmetry (Almost 0% deformation outcome). MegaFill is a specific allodermic brand of product, therefore; the procedure works so well. But other brands of similar products produce inferior and unacceptable results. Despite the good features of allogenic material in the past, the micronized format of all brands (except MegaFill) got unsatisfactory results — VERY unlike the allograft sheets being used worldwide which are comprised of the exact same type of allogenic dermal tissue.The manufacturers of MegaFill created a superior product and it is now the only brand of this type of product we use. Proud Urology Clinic does not use any other products which are consistent with Hyaluronic Acid.

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