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TOPIC: 21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis

21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716241

Hello all,

Hours away from flying to Avantis. I’m very nervous and anxious about the journey, the procedure, the aftercare, and the results. Just about everything.

I am a 21 year old college student from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been practicing PE on and off since 14, with a mix of manuals at first (Jelqing, yikes!) to vac extending and pumping now. Obviously I’m not sure how much it’s helped as there’s no way to differentiate its impact, but I do attribute some of my starting size to this history. Here are my starting stats now:

BPEL: 6.3”
MSEG: 4”

Length is satisfactory for me, but I’d definitely want a 7” if I could get there. However, that’s not been my primary concern. Girth has always been a heavy insecurity of mine, and one that I've had no progress with. I’ve tried manual, pumping, and Clamping routines for Girth but have had no results, partly due to how unrealistic and unsustainable the practice is and how little my lifestyle allows for it. I thought all hope was lost. Until I came across this community.

I learned about fillers and PhalloBoards from r/GettingBigger, funnily enough they’re not very fond of this at all, but it’s what drew me to this community. I fell into the rabbit hole, did weeks to months of obsessive research with hours on end, and finally settled on Avantis for my first appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to serve as a trial to see if fillers in general is something I'd like to pursue more in the future, as I am quite young and uncircumcised, thus we're starting with only 10cc's of Ellanse. I did get the PRP package as well.

I understand most of the members here are in their 30s and 40s, and it's unusual to see a younger patient's journal posted on the boards. But I'll say with confidence that I understand wholeheartedly the risks and rewards of the decisions I am making, and I entirely accept this with a clear and level head. I'd be more than happy to elaborate further on my background and journey here, and would love to answer any questions you guys may have about anything!

That's all for now, boarding in just over an hour!

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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716242

Good luck!! You're in good hands. You'll be fine. They make the experience super easy too, from the shuttle to the procedure.

We may have talked on Reddit... Lol
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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716247

excited to see you!!! you'll see that our shuttle service is great you never have to do any handwork, we pick you up at SD airport, transport to straight to your hotel(right next to our clinic) and take you back to the airport!

Safe trip <3

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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716248

Best of luck. Looking forward to reading about the results and progress.

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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716279

Hello all,

Today is 2 days (~48 hours) post-operation. I will detail absolutely everything from departure to now as of writing this post below, all relevant pictures are attached:

March 5th: Appointment scheduled for 12pm PST. Missed the initial flight by just a minute due to faulty TSA logistics. Called Ian to update the shuttle company and the clinic on my delay, he informed me I'll be charged double for the shuttle service as they've already sent a drive over the border. $240 total now, I still don't mind as it takes so much of the guesswork and headache out of the equation. Caught the second flight, arrived in SD on time, picked up by shuttle driver (basically just an Uber), had a lovely conversation with the lad (very sweet guy, been driving for the company for >20 yrs), arrived to the clinic just on time.

Location is two tall towers with the base of each encased in a long, shopping-mall esque building. One tower is a hotel (Grand Hotel Tijuana), other is the business and medical tower which hosts many clinics, including Avanti. I took the lift to the 11th floor, found Avanti's clinic (see pics). Inside is modern and furnished, the actual clinic itself is quite small with ~5 rooms, checked-in with receptionist and it took less than a minute's wait to be received by Ian. He took me to a waiting room with a gorgeous background view of a golf course. Coffee, water, and snacks were laid out on the table. He gave me some paperwork to fill out, then asked me if I'd like to take this one pill (I forgot the name, but he said it was basically one step down from a Xanax). It's meant to relax you and calm your anxiety, akin to about 2-3 glasses of wine, which I definitely needed as I was internally tweaking the f*** out at this point (questioning myself, feeling anxious about the procedure, letting others see my penis when I've only had one sexual encounter in my life, etc..)

Took the pill (actually just half of a pill that they split), filled out some more paperwork, then proceeded to the operating room. Laid my stuff out, Ian gave me an open gown and two feet covering wraps for me to change into. Went into the bathroom with my hands shaking, internally screaming, and came out with the gown on and everything else off other than my underwear. Ian saw me and immediately said "you'll need to take your underwear off as well", I'm blushing beet red at this point like yeah the hell am I thinking f*** else am I here for.. went back and took it off reluctantly, then came out with it off and scared as sh**, mind you again I've only had one sexual partner, and never been in locker rooms or whatever situations where my cock was out for others to see.

Ian got a camera out and began detailing my profile, taking a pic of my face for identification and then 3 of my dick at different angles (you can sign a waiver to release these pics for Avantis to use, I did not sign that waiver but these pics were still taken for identification and tracking purposes). I was then instructed to sit on the operating chair as Dr. Morales came in and introduced herself. She then proceeded to draw blood from my left arm for the PRP. Afterwards, Dr. Morales left to spin the blood, while Ian laid the chair down to a laying-down position, then began to clean and sanitize the area.

The next ~5 minutes were Dr. Morales and Ian preparing the operation (opening the Ellanse shrink wrap boxes and taking out the syringes, filling out paperwork on their end, drawing and partitioning sections on my dick, etc) as I laid on the chair questioning how the f*** I got to this point in my life. Then came the actually scary bit.

Ian pulled out a long needle with a clear liquid in it, and told me this anesthesia injection would honestly be the most painful bit of the procedure. Dr. Morales pinched my skin tight, and began injecting the liquid into my shaft while Ian assisted attentively. I'll be honest, the pain actually wasn't bad at all, with ~3 minor stings and one somewhat painful sting. After she was done with one side, they switched around to proceed with the other side, but by then I already couldn't feel anything.

After the anesthesia, Dr. Morales began injecting the 10 syringes of Ellanse. She moved the needle around liberally across my shaft under my skin. It was quite intense seeing the needle tip shift around and almost protrude out of my skin from the inside. Dr. Morales assured me that she was using a micro-cannula needle, which goes over or under veins and nerves instead of through them, so nothing would be damaged. After every syringe of Ellanse, Ian stretched my penis more out and used a small plastic roller to settle the filler in. Before I knew it, the procedure was already finished.

Dr. Morales finished up while Ian cleaned and disinfected me again. Afterwards, I stood up while Ian took another set of pictures. He then sat down and massaged the filler slightly, and wrapped my penis in self-adhesive gauze. Both Ian and Dr. Morales stressed that aftercare was extremely important, and to keep the penis in a lengthened state as much as possible. Ian gave me a device with a small metal ball and a loop string which is meant to go behind your glans, and the ball is meant to provide weight and pull your penis down for elongation. He also gave me some medical gauze, antibiotics, and ibuprofen. Ian instructed me to keep it lengthened and come back in 4 hours for aftercare instructions.

This is vastly critical for me as I am a chronic retractor. Oftentimes when I'm working out it'll retract to just an inch or maybe even less. So I made great effort to ensure that I followed instructions and tried to stay as lengthened as I could.

The overall procedure was quick and easy, Dr. Morales and Ian both were instrumental in easing my anxiety. They both displayed professionalism and friendliness, sometimes chatting with me but still focusing on the operation. Ian likes to hum and sing, real lovely guy :)

I learned they used to take 3 clients per day, but have now reduced to 2 a day because 3 was too much work. Most of their clients are the 30s to 40-year-olds, the oldest at 70. Ian has only seen ~3 college-aged clients in his time here. I feel pretty special!

In the returning visit just a few hours after, Ian showed me how to properly wear the device and massage the filler. He emphasized keeping the area clean and frequently massaging the area every hour to ensure the fillers are evenly spread throughout the penis. I was told I am able to shower tonight.

I spent the rest of the day wearing the device and walking around Tijuana, getting some food by the end of the night. I recommend Carnes El Potrero if you're ever around. It's a unique sombrero-shaped restaurant with some delicious options. I had the Mangus Potrero steak with some chicken taco salad and some other thing. I returned to my room and read up on Texas' Aftercare thread, using a wet rag heated in the shower water to compress and massage the filler around. (Turned out to be a bit of a risky idea as Ian advised against it due to the entry points possibly becoming infected). My dick looked pretty f***ed by this point, but that pill was still in me so I wasn't freaking out as much as I thought I would (see pics). When I became too tired and sleepy, I stacked two pillows on top of each other, and made 3 of those sets on the bed together in a triangle formation, providing an opening in the middle of the formation. I slept with the self-adhesive gauze on with my penis in the hole and with my body laying in the proned position, so it can hang somewhat loose and be stretched throughout the night.

March 6th: Not very productive day. Did fuck all and stayed in my hotel room most of the day. Saw Ian twice, which allowed me to update him on my situation and get any answers to questions, alongside picking up some more gauze. By 24hrs after the initial procedure (12pm of March 6th), all holes in my dick have closed and healed up except for one: a large entry point on the left side (see pics, circled in blue). This f***er wouldn't stop leaking red initially, then pink and almost translucent liquid. I thought it was a blend of blood and Ellanse, but Ian assured me it was all lymphatic fluid built up from the swelling. He gave me some more gauze and performed the massages in the clinic as routine, then it was nighttime again. I slept the same way for 10 hrs but forgot to take off the metal ball stretcher through the night. Ian said not to wear the stretcher while I sleep so I definitely made a mistake.

March 7th: Woke up with the stretcher pulling on my dick still, the back of my glans is very sensitive and somewhat inflamed from the constant pulling of the string loop. My balls certainly are inflated and way bigger than usual. I thought filler had migrated there and was kind of scared, but Ian assured me that it was again lymphatic fluid by my body's reaction to the swelling that's collected in the scrotum. Got some breakfast then went to Ian for another checkup. The first two days of massages were uncomfortable but tolerable, holy f*** it hurt so god damn much this time. I think because swelling peaked today but Ian had the same firmness in his massages, if not more. I was gripping the hell out of my fist to get through that, honestly it's been the part that hurt the most thus far. Certainly needed though; my penis is much more even and uniform now, I leave tomorrow and will be seeing Ian once more hours before I leave. I will continue to keep it lengthened and massage routinely for the rest of the night.

Holy sh** lads still can't believe I did this. Full results expected in 6 weeks, cant wait.

That's all for now, will update when I'm back home! I encourage any questions about logistics, procedure, anything to be asked in this thread so others can learn and prepare for themselves. Open book, always happy to help!

Thank you all!
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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 2 months 2 weeks ago #1308716295

amazing detailed experience! thank you for documenting your whole journey! It was a delightful reading experience. Especially the part where Ian sings, he sings a lot we can hear his lovely voice through the hall <3 Thanks for uploading your experience also with photos of the places you walked or stayed, we are happy that people get to see our Avanti Experience!!

Also if you or any of you guys reading this thread have a specific question about AfterCare, please ask it here! we are happy to answer you :D

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21 Year Old's Girth Enhancement Journey - Ellanse at Avantis 4 weeks 1 day ago #1308716986

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How is it going? Any update?

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