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TOPIC: Avanti Derma JANUARY *Fourth* Round - PMMA Journey !

Avanti Derma JANUARY *Fourth* Round - PMMA Journey ! 3 months 3 weeks ago #1308715604

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3 Rounds (2019) I already had with Avanti Derma - Pmma

Now I had my Session 4 - yesterday. This ll be my Journey-Documentary.

C A S E: Empty Area
In all 3 sessions a pretty large area remained pmma-empty (or significant less pmma / squishy)

Potential reason: I had a history of FFT (2018). So maybe this could be the reason the filler could not settle there properly.
Arguments against this Hypothesis: a) There are tons of good reviews of people who got FFT and after that a good Pmma result. b) The even bigger argument: There are also Clinics who do FFT & PMMA togheter for example with BellaFill - intention: To reduce the total costs.

BUT - To be fair: Casavantes tells us already - People with history of FFT are not the ideal candidate. Otherwise on the website it‘s written a bit different.
„(…)Autologous fat transfer typically results in irregularities but develops a light degree of fibrosis that facilitates soft tissue fillers’ implants. These patients are good candidates for phalloplasty.“

Why I come back ‚so late‘ with my issue ?

In the years meantime I was not „unbusy“. I was loose-cut before and I wanted to become the ideal candidate. Patience & Effort: 3 Operation I had — To get the shaft-skin tight like I have it now.
Penile Webbing surgery (has also subtle effect on your shaft skin) + distal (low) tight-cut. This effort was in the years: •2020 / •2021 / •2023 (!)

@Tight cut Advantages:
A. You make it your doctor so much easier to install the implant with a tight cut. Also it‘s the recommendation of Dr. Casavantes.

B. Settle-Time of the Filler (the first days) Especially in my case (empty area) I want to reduce migration significantly with that tight cut. So the product stays where it has been injected.

C. Usage: Filler gets nice compressed while erection.

Why Avanti Derma again?

In all this years there popped up a lot of alternatives & new Pmma Options.
Why I decided to go to Avanti Derma again: The Service.

To give an example: ..(As I said -in all my 3 sessions this area remained empty/squishy).. Service: When In Session 3 -as part of the aftercare appointments- Dr. Casavantes saw that this area again could not hold any pmma. He suggested proactive (!) that I can come the next day again (costless!) so that they fill more in this particular area.

Beside that they really check everyday on you …. Especially Ian. ( Give Ian a tip… he deserves it! )

Please do not understand that other offices have bad services: I can only tell my experience.

Also: Especially in my case - I want that the carrier-substance gets absorbed fast - That the filler settles fast and stays where it has been injected. …And there is some evidence that the bovine-carrier with BellaFill takes longer to absorb / the filler has longer time migration-potential. So I think LinneaSafe is the better product when it comes to Penile Enhancement.

Why I tried it now again when in all that 3 Sessions the area remained empty?

Like I said it‘s not always about the office. Sometimes it‘s also about how qualified you are as a candidate. Now: With my (really amazing) tight cut „on point“ - the setting ll be significantly changed (old members here can confirm that) - especially regarding to my issue „filler migration“ - I can support that the filler stays there where it has been injected - in my empty area.
Also with a tight cut - for your doc it’s more legitim to (potentially) install more of the product cause your skin-mobility is significantly restricted.

( Explaining „squishy/empty“ : While Erection - When you touch the area - your thumb sinks - through the skin - on your original shaft. Contrast to my other areas: They feel like very hard rubber while erection. While flaccid this contrast between the areas is already noticeable - but it gets even much more obvious while erection. )
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