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TOPIC: PhalloFill LA

PhalloFill LA 8 months 4 weeks ago #1308713813

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Just want to give my experience with PhalloFILL LA today. I went in for my second round. Only 4units today. Previously 4units. The Dr is very careful about adding too much at one time when uncircumcised. I do kinda wish I could have gotten 6units today, but this gives me the opportunity to come back later and get another 4 and keep these results even longer. I think normally if I lived closer, I would be able to get 4units, wait a few weeks, get another 4 and keep doing that until we get the achieved result. But I live far and I can’t always make a trip as often as I would want. This particular trip is 17 months after my first. My first 4 units is still noticeably there too. Hasn’t gone away a lot, if at all.

I was very happy with the clinic. Everyone was great, the doctor was great. He didn’t rush me and took time to talk about how the first procedure had been for me. Being uncircumcised, the only issue I experienced is that the filler is in the looser skin that can move around. So during sex, sometimes the filler gets bunched at the base. My solution has been to wear a condom to reduce the skin moving. It’s worked great, my wife loves it. My sensation is the same and maybe even a little less when i have to do that. Obviously because the skin is being held over the most sensitive area. I told the Dr my concerns and this visit we got the filler higher towards the head. I think this will help alot although I will need one more procedure to get it under that sensitive area. The filler is now at the base and middle. It’s understandable we can’t just go directly to that area I want, because we would be leaving unfilled areas. So I am happy to get this process started and come back at a later time to add more.

My last procedure, I really struggled with retraction. My guy was just not there as normally as it is. I thought I wasn’t going to be nervous at all this time, because I never have felt anything both times. But my body response is a lot of retraction. And the aftercare, he gives you a sleeve to wear. My last time, I could not get that sleeve to hold at all. It was a pain and I resorted to just manually molding as much as I could. I got the hang of it eventually and the result came out good. But i was scared when I left the office and saw all that bunched filler. But now, they got a new device for uncircumcised men, it’s a sleeve and a bulb that holds everything in place. I was skeptical that it could handle the level of retraction is get, but so far, it’s holding strong. First time I took it off to pee, I still molded everything smooth and then put it back on. Things are looking good and should get better. That’s all I got for today. I will try to keep everything updated. I do have my story on the first procedure here in this forum somewhere. Might be titled Dr. Gonzales uncircumcised.

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PhalloFill LA 8 months 4 weeks ago #1308713817

Congrats friend, looking great!

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PhalloFill LA 8 months 4 weeks ago #1308713823

Great visual of the sleeve, makes a lot of sense for big retractors/turtlers (like myself :dry: )

Thanks for the 2nd round update B)

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