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TOPIC: 20ml HA experience

20ml HA experience 1 year 4 months ago #1308710641

After browsing this forum religiously for the past 3 months, soaking up all relevant information so that I could make the best and safest decision for myself; I went ahead and got HA filler in the shaft.

I never write on forums or typically anywhere online; but I wanted to make this post for anyone that was on the edge and thinking about getting this procedure done, and because past progress reports helped me to make this decision. This is probably the best money I have ever spent after years of struggling with confidence due to my Girth, avoiding casual sex and hookups.

The procedure was done by Dr. Maurizio Viel, whom some have heard of around here. Walking into the clinic I was fairly nervous, having read stories about unevenness, complications, performance issues. I was given a patient consent form as well as having my blood pressure and pulse taken. The consultation with Dr. Viel took about 5 minutes; I asked several questions I had that were concerning and was put at ease by his knowledge and confident demeanour. We also spoke about his method and how the procedure would look like; assuring me it was the best way to go for aesthetics. He took a look at my penis and noted that he couldn't inject all the way to the glans due to me being uncircumcised. Took a before picture and also showed me the filler that would be used; 2 vials of Hyacorp 10ml each. Paid a total $2800.

I was then escorted to a room where I had to unclothe in front of 2 nurses that were extremely professional. They disinfected the area thoroughly and the Dr. was called in very shortly after. He talked me through the whole procedure, firstly injecting a numbing agent and making a small incision at the base of the shaft. These 2 injections were uncomfortable although some small talk while waiting for the local anaesthetic to kick in made me relax again. Afterwards he began to inject the filler with a cannula through the small incision and at this point I couldn't feel anything and 2 minutes later we were done. Very easy. I got a small dissolvable stitch and a cotton pad to cover it.

As far as aftercare I was told to leave the cotton pad and keep the area dry for 2 days, wear loose fitting pants and let the penis hang freely for the next couple of days, as well as avoid masturbation and sex for at least 10 days.

That evening I had slight pain and tenderness in the penis, but I marvelled at the size. I was able to get an Erection the same night and I had more than an Inch in gain although some of that was due to swelling. The penis was completely uniform and thankfully reading the forum I knew to roll and massage until the HA had settled. I also took 1/4 a Cialis for the next 4 days to keep the blood flowing.

Now 7 days out, I am very happy with the result. I have around an Inch gain in Erect Girth.

I was slightly concerned with the HA used; Hyacorp, a filler that is very popular in Korea but thankfully it turned out to be great. It is soft and feels natural when Flaccid and hard when Erect. It's slightly softer when Erect and feels padded but it is more than enough for penetration and the size more than makes up for the slight loss in hardness. I'm sure no one would be able to tell the difference but me. There's a little bit more product on the left side of the shaft that gave my penis a slight curve to the right but I intend to go for a top up in any case where I will address this.

Ideally I would like to be at the size where I was right after the procedure as now with the swelling gone it's a bit disappointing when I've seen what's possible but I already expected that to be the case. The only concern I have is that the Dr. told me the filler lasts 6-8 months, which is significantly less than what I've read on here. Can anyone chime in with experience with Hyacorp?

So for anyone unhappy with their size, do your research, go to someone that absolutely knows what they are doing and has years of experience in injectable Phalloplasty and you won't regret it. Honestly a trip to the dentist is more uncomfortable than this. I'll never struggle with my penis size after this.

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20ml HA experience 1 year 4 months ago #1308710642

Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you happen to have any Before & After photos?

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20ml HA experience 1 year 4 months ago #1308710664

6 months or more can you say the same

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