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TOPIC: Dr Taj penuma implant

Dr Taj penuma implant 1 year 5 months ago #1308710089

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I been following this guy who got a penula implant. He belives he will go from 8.5×5.3 to 10×8. He says his erect length has increased immediately after op and belives it should continue to increase with time. How does an implant increase lenght btw? Will watch this with interest. From what i read on here about silicon implants from Dr Elist is that after time they need to come out and you're left with a shorter penis and nerve damage. When he was asked about the risks of needing it to be removed he said this new procedure doesn't have the complications like the old style. But then he said the new procedure is just a year old. So how could he claim that there will be no complications in the future with a procedure that just started a year ago.

I dont think link to his twitter worked. His twitter is nude spirit

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Dr Taj penuma implant 1 year 5 months ago #1308710092

I fixed the link for you.

Not sure how he gained that increase in erect length other than a pure miracle/anomaly of a case... maybe the implant forcefully stretched out his skin that otherwise wasn't being utilized, I don't know. However, the vast majority of reports over at PhalloBoards 2.0 AND the Elist subReddit indicate erect length being virtually unchanged, or even shortened. This tells you how anomalous his purported length gains are.

The Penuma Implant remains a very risky proposition, and heck, Dr. Elist (creator of this device) is potentially facing the loss of his Medical License which the Board of Medicine of California are reviewing now. Rigid silicone implants are super artificial, it's like having a dildo as a dick. There are countless reports of men who face serious complications from this type of procedure, which can be found at the PhalloBoards 2.0 link above and over at a Penuma Complications subReddit.

Obviously no procedure is without risk, but some come with a severity I consider unacceptable. You don't think these Penuma Doctors wouldn't pay me handsomely to delete bad reviews and bring them on as Sponsors? I could probably afford a Lambo with what I suspect they'd be willing to pay, even if it is just speculation. I wouldn't do it of course, I sincerely care what is presented to my readership. Suffice it to say, I've seen and read enough to know that the procedure itself is inherently flawed, and so no amount of refining or innovating will fix the problems that seem to occur over and over again.

My biggest concern with Penuma is how its long-term damage to unsuspecting men will have a very serious and negative impact on the direction of medical male enhancement. If the medical community as a whole only hears about the complications and botcheries, it will be hard to incentivize future Clinics from improving on what DOES work.

If you're reading this and are still on the fence about Penuma, go ahead and scratch it off your list. There are so many more effective and proven ways of increasing size, no need to consider something so obsolete.
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Dr Taj penuma implant 1 year 5 months ago #1308710094

Yes. Also people have to aware alot of complications that happen are not immediate. So you could be reading postive reviews from people who's procedure actually ended up being a disaster with time.

That is why i think he is abit naive to claim or belive
the "new" procedure that is a year old can be judged to have no complications. The people having it now are the guinea pigs. The final verdict is unknown on this procedure.

Also he seems very quick to big up the procedure and Dr. Which kinda makes me suspicious. But i know the guy from LPSG and had started other treads there so i think it is properly more on a current euphoric feeling now than a user connected to advertising for the dr. Time will tell how it will end for him. He regularly posts on twitter so if he does need it removed we will probably find out.

He also said he did not care about never being able to have sex. All he wanted was a monster Cock. He explains his reason on a u tube post. Not suprising he was bullied as a kid which gave him insecurities.

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Dr Taj penuma implant 1 year 5 months ago #1308710128

Forget about this procedure, it is just too risky. Sure some people had a bad experience with filler or dermal graft, but did you ever see a whole community dedicated to the grief of people who got it? No! Look on Reddit and you will find such a Penuma community.

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