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TOPIC: Unethical business practices at Dr. Emer

Unethical business practices at Dr. Emer 1 year 7 months ago #1308708918

I went Dr. Emer about 3 weeks ago and the results seem to be ok but the overall experience was awful. From what one of the other members posted they definitely overcharged me. I paid $10,500 for 10mls of Voluma. I didn’t know this until after the I had the procedure done, lesson learned. They also tried to sell me about $800 worth of skincare products for healing and a $250 light for pain.

After the procedure the Dr. told me to come back in 6 weeks for a touch up. On day 13 I received a call from the coordinator (sales person) to check on me. I told her everything was ok but I would like to get a little more when I was allowed to. She said that if I came in that night for “filler night” I could get 10mls for $6500 if I allowed him to film. He was going to be leaving for two weeks to NYC and Dubai the very next day hence the urgency sell. She said the Dr. said it would be ok to do it early but the swelling may be worse this time. I agreed and went in later that Tuesday night for a 5:30 PM appointment.

I arrived at 5:15 PM, they took my payment immediately and left me in a robe with numbing cream on for almost 3 hours before I finally walked out just before 8 PM. The coordinator said she would honor the price for another day. I said fine but do not process the ACH payment until I come back. If you give them your bank information they will charge your account via ACH to avoid the 3% credit card fee. She said they already ran it and the 'accounting department' had already left but she would do her best. I knew they could stop it because the first payment took 3 days before it came out of my account.

They called the next afternoon and said the Dr. would prefer to do the procedure and not stop the payment. They were clearly stalling at this point. I told them no, called my bank and put in a stop payment.

On Thursday they said the payment hit their account immediately on Tuesday and they couldn’t stop it. The office manager said they approved a refund but I would have to sign a Separation Agreement that prohibited me from sharing my experience on social media. I told them the payment had not processed in my account, there was no service provided and no refund was due. I instructed them again not to attempt to charge my account.

On Friday they tried to debit my account but the bank rejected the payment at the end of the day. I told them that afternoon if they wanted me to sign the Separation Agreement and not share my experience they could apply the discount to my initial visit and refund a portion of my original payment. They declined saying “we should go our separate ways” again saying if I wanted a refund I had to sign the agreement. They thought they had me.

Unbelievable. I had no issues with them even after they overbooked me and wasted my time. I just asked them not to charge me for the service I didn’t receive. They tried to extort me so that I would not tell anyone how they operate their business. There are plenty of other doctors to go to for this, I would stay away from Dr. Emer based on my experience.

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Unethical business practices at Dr. Emer 1 year 7 months ago #1308708919

It is shocking to read these kinds of things. It reminds me of an experience I had with a dentist in cosmetic dentistry recently. Of course we know it is a business, and these people are in it for the money, but there should be respect for your customers (or patients as they call them).

Do these people not feel any kind of shame? I mean, you have to treat people decent. Quite frankly I am surprised these people are not afraid. In many countries in the world there are serious consequences the way you treat people. Maybe in the USA legal agreements and lawyers are the norm.

However, in many countries it does not take much to get someone arrested, thrown into prison or killed even. Dubai is definitely such a place. Many people want to earn money there, but to offend the wrong person verbally can be enough to end up indefinitely in prison.
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Unethical business practices at Dr. Emer 1 year 7 months ago #1308708920

I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal. I see a lot of Dr. Emer's newsletter emails, and he definitely markets a "Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor" image, whether accurate or not I don't know.

If you are looking for a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) procedure at a good value in the Southern California area (where Dr. Emer operates out of), you should reach out to Dr. Tsay. Voluma is a brand of HA and Dr. Tsay is better priced and has really good reviews in general. His 10 mL Special of $5,500 for PhalloBoards Members is 5,000 off from Dr. Emer's pricing. ( Dr. Tsay Directory Listing )

I'm not suggesting Dr. Emer's pricing is wrong or right, I have no idea what his overhead is like, but locally there are competitive options.

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Unethical business practices at Dr. Emer 1 year 7 months ago #1308708955

Thank you. I will consider Dr. Tsay. I think that price is for Lyft and not Voluma. I haven't heard much about Lyft except that it doesn't last as long. Do you have any thoughts?

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